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  1. Have a set of Ping glide 3.0 wedges with limited blackout project x Lz shafts. 50 degree has been used a few rounds 54,60 have not been used Black dot std length 50Ss,54Es,60Es 375.00 shipped obo Up for sale new set of Ping G425 irons 5-pw with ping G710 4 iron all with project x lz 6.0 shafts. New Super stroke stech grips. Black dot std length 800.00 shipped obo
  2. Hit mine yesterday for the first time project Lz shafts 5-pw. They feel better to me than my i500’s I had. I know feel is very subjective but to me they feel fine. I think ping has done a wonderful job of making a gi iron look compact and clean looking
  3. Lz shafts are a huge back order right now. They were able to fill some early orders but if you order with Lz now you’re looking at a may ship date. Will be pretty much across the board with every vendor. Companies are still playing hell trying to get components in from over seas
  4. Up for sale nice combo set. I500 5,6 iron retro lofts. Blueprint 7-pw power spec lofts. Project x lz 6.0 shafts 1/4 inch long orange dot. Brand new limited edition white superstroke s-tech grips. 700.00 obo shipped
  5. I second this. Delilah is the best!!! my headcovers she did for me
  6. Specs really are not that much difference than the stiff
  7. I stuck a 6 graphite design iz in mine sr flex cause I’m not a Wrx super human. Absolute piss missiles with it. Ping is a player in the fairway game for sure!!!
  8. I think what it’s gonna hurt is all the guys doing welded necks and upselling them on eBay
  9. I left Cameron years ago but the X5.5 lefty will bring me back. Hard to fault the looks on this bad boy for sure
  10. https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/putters/phantom-x?&sc_src=email_912451&sc_lid=60850521&sc_uid=A7OJn2APEe&sc_llid=313903&utm_source=Emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PhantomX-2021-Launch&sc_customer=1296368
  11. I’m going to take a look at the g425 in person today. I like the idea of retro lofting them to match better. Not sure why but I really think this might fly!!
  12. Have the blueprints coming just need to decide what to try and combo them with. Will you keep you guys updated
  13. I know I know you’re reading the title I and you’re like this kat had lost it!!! But think here. 4,5,6,7 irons really give you some forgiveness maybe a little extra pop if you need it. Really from that distance maybe you’re just trying hit the green not firing right at pin. 8,9,pw power spec blueprints. For your scoring zone going for tucked pins forgiveness not as much a factor here looking for more consistency. 10 handicapper reasonably good iron player. What say the masses.
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