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  1. Just back from custom shop Left handed Scotty Cameron champions choice buttonback Newport 2 with double sight lines on flange. Cameron cord grip and Scotty custom shop sticker 34 inches std lie and loft Sold
  2. One of the best putters odyssey has made along with trihot. Nice sled brother
  3. Have a limited USA lagp putter shaft 105 355 diameter 275.00 shipped
  4. I almost asked for the exact same thing. I would be willing to bet you could have a sound slot cut. I am curious to see what you find out though keep us informed
  5. Well it sold for asking so I guess it wasn’t
  6. This is not a limited release PLD like the prime Tyne. This is custom one off putter made directly ping Wrx dept. retail was 1400 and some change
  7. Up for sale a little gem. Ping PLD Tyne double bend carbon steel with preworn patina. 35 inches 2 degrees flat. Ping pp58 midsize I got this and another PLD when I was out in Arizona a few months back. Letting this one go. Not looking for trades 1400.00 shipped
  8. Was one of the nicest guys I e ever had the privilege of conversing with. He started me down the custom road. Peace in the hereafter sir.
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