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  1. New in the plastic limited edition Ping Hoofer Tour bag. Those who know know. 485.00 shipped lower 48
  2. Ordered glide 3.0 gap wedge yesterday. Told November 1st so sadly it’s all across the board. I think that’s why you see the value of used clubs creeping up here lately
  3. You still can go out. Runs around 1400 to 1500. To me to be fitted by some of the best in the world and have a putter custom made for you off that. 1500 seems like a steal
  4. so the guy who joined on Monday wants the guy who’s been on here for over ten years and is a great seller to show him proof. Man you hang around here long enough you see it all
  5. Ha!! Added as a “conversation piece”.
  6. Interesting. Lots of conflicting information. Curious to see what comes to fruition
  7. What do you expect. They are atleast 500 retail overseas. You want something early you have to pay for it700.00 seems reasonable for an early release
  8. I got one coming. These things have been harder than heck to track down. My ping rep wrangled 3 somehow and we sold the other two in less than five minutes
  9. My buddy was able to snag me a g425 head so I’m letting my g410 head go. 275.00 shipped lower 48 ping g410 10.5
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