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  1. You think Vessel or anyone will do a Ryder Cup bag release?
  2. 1300.00 and it can be yours. Just need to do the PLD fitting with a ping account. They will custom fit you from the factory Jeff is amazing and they go above and beyond
  3. I saw that yesterday. They were charging 5.00 less and you paid for grip they would install it for free
  4. What do you care what other people do with their money or their equipment. Scotty Cameron has made a name for himself even casual golfers know who he is. People are going to flip stuff because there is a market for it. At the end of the day play what you want and don’t worry about what other people are doing
  5. I have maybe a dozen covers from Delila. She does an amazing job every time. She even just did a custom one off for my mini driver
  6. Superstroke must hate money. They would slay it with that Cantlay grip
  7. Bettinardi welded neck hive 6.0 with stability polar shaft 34 inches with ping grip. Will throw in your choice of teal lamkin deep etch or Bettinardi superstroke pt grip. Sold obo shipped lower 48 Custom My hi toe wedges raw. 54,58 heads only. One round played no range time. Starting to rust as you can see. 300.00 shipped
  8. Ping i59 pxg gen 4 i don’t see what the huge uproar is
  9. Dude what are you even saying. They look fine
  10. Delila girly golfer.com can do one for you as well. She does amazing work
  11. Weird. you just joined and you’re trying to sell some irons in the Tour release section no less.
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