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  1. Was one of the nicest guys I e ever had the privilege of conversing with. He started me down the custom road. Peace in the hereafter sir.
  2. Have a new Hoofer tour bag that’s just been sitting in my office. Clearing some stuff out. 275.00 shipped lower 48 states
  3. I’m with you. Ping guy for my woods but Pxg irons are hands down some of the best irons I’ve hit. Loved my gen 3 and my gen 4 have not disappointed as well
  4. I’m a under armour git a lot and Peter millar but I’m a big boy. I’ve always had issues with the footjoy being baggy as well but found these ran pretty true to size not like their polos at all. Not bulky at all they fit like a lot of my under armour pullovers
  5. New Footjoy hoodies are amazing. Wish they made more than three colors. Medium weight lots of stretchability https://www.footjoy.com/men/golf-apparel/base-mid-layers/lightweight-hoodie/001HOD.html?dwvar_001HOD_color=25262
  6. It’s a Tyne for me and the rest are not even close
  7. Came today after slight delay. Pictures do this thing no justice at all
  8. Face milling he asked what ball I played tp5. So got some of those balls and started rolling with all different face types. Asked how fast of greens I played on and how I wanted it to feel off the face. Was between flat face and light milking decided to try flat face with the option to mill face later if I changed my mind. As far as mines go it’s pretty much whatever single double triple line dots whatever you want is an option
  9. I already told Jeff I will want a Anser 2 wide as well so I can go back and forth. Any hosel you can think of they can go with.
  10. Short putts were so easy when we did the long putts for weight things got a little nervous. All I could think of was please don’t let me putt this off the slab!!!!
  11. So about an hour and a half once we got started. I told them I was wide open to what the fitting suggested as putting has always been my weakest part of my game. I came away with a putter that was about as opposite as possible to what I was gaming so I’m very excited to get it out on the course. Jeff said he would ha e it to me my next week!!!!
  12. I saw ten of Bubbas new PLD Anser wide. I wanted to take one home with me so bad!!!!!
  13. I cannot tell you how awesome of an experience it was. I had a smile on my face the rest of the day!!! My putter is supposed to be done Friday so I’ll post pics when I have it in hand
  14. And done!!! Guys I don’t even know where to begin. Just an all around cool/awesome experience. Jeff and Alex were beyond awesome!!! They found something that in 25 years of playing had never realized and Instantly got me rolling the ball better. Was very cool to see myself on camera and to actually see all the numbers that go into the stroke. The number of PLD putters possible is a great selection and I will tell you Anser wide and Anser 2 wide are now available and super cool. They were in the middle of making Bubba backup Anser wide putter so got to see his being made. for me Tyne double bend carbon steel with patina flat face and sight line on top. 35 inches 4 degrees flat 3 degrees loft. I haven’t putted with a 35 inch putter in over 25 years turns out 34 was too short and did not have my eyes properly over the ball. I cannot recommend enough the fitting or have the cradle fitting done!! Jeff and Alex know their stuff. I will forever be a lifelong Ping fan and this was amazing some pics I could snap of the slab and some of the lefty PLD putters
  15. I’m in!!! I had to sign a non disclosure agreement so I am not sure how many pictures they will allow me to take. I will ask Jeff when we start.
  16. Tomorrow is the day!!! Will update with as many pictures as they allow me to take and how it goes.
  17. Always with the sauce. I’d kill for a tour issue connection into odyssey. A white hot two ball ten slant neck makes my mouth drool just thinking about
  18. Can be done remotely. I was going to be in Phoenix anyway so thought it would be a cool experience
  19. Guys picked this up after reading the thread on here. Looks great but I am clearing out the putter closet slowly for my trip coming up naked Odyssey RSX milled number 7 34 inches std lie with headcover 200.00 shipped obo
  20. Spoke with Jeff and he told me I don’t ha e to bring my putter which I was a little nervous about so now just counting down the days. I have to move my wife into a new condo the first couple days then it’s free time to explore
  21. I present to you pure sex!! Don’t even bother with this putter if you haven’t had sex with two chicks or dudes at the same time. It’s that bad a** DASS welded plumbers neck qb6 at 34 inches with multi color lamkin deep etch. To my knowledge it’s the only left plumbers neck out right now. 1200.00 shipped obo
  22. Confirmed with Jeff today the 13th at 12:30
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