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  1. Lol no guy had them hardly played them at all. Been sitting in a closet for years
  2. Up for sale Ping isi coppers 3-lw black dot jz stiff shafts with cushinsofystepped one time from Ping. New cp2 midsize grips on the 4-lw 500.00 obo shipped new Pxg battle ready mustang. 33 1/2 inches lamkin sink grip 300.00 shipped
  3. I did my shafts aftermarket and the cost was way more efficient and I was able to build them out exactly like I wanted. I’d recommend that buy the stock and have them build them after that fact if you can
  4. My gen3 are the t****. I love them wanted something easy to hit but still looked and felt good. Check and check. Top it off they are long and consistent. Like others mine are standard traditional length with project x Liz shafts. Pure sex!!
  5. Any desire to trade sim max head for my spider chalk I have listed would throw some cash in as well
  6. New spider x chalk still in plastic. 33 1/2 inches new golf pride tour cord blue star grip. Sold shipped obo ping g425 10.5 tensei orange raw stiff 65. Ordeeed from ping at 45 inches 410.00 shipped
  7. Rand new Scotty Cameron X5.5 just back from custom shop. Redone blue paint fill with blue jackpot Johnny cover and new superstroke claw 1.0 grip. 34 inches 700.00 shipped obo
  8. You know they will be at some point and time
  9. Have a Toulon Atlanta brand new carpet rolled only. 34 inches stroke lab shaft has 20 gram weight. odyssey dfx putter grip 300.00 shipped obo
  10. I call this one the panty dropper. Impregnated two cart girls just from looking at it
  11. I may be in the minority here but I think the gen 3 look so much better. I can’t say a bad thing about my gen 3’s
  12. I have gen 3 irons and I’d say they are as good as anything on the market. Feel is amazing distance great and dispersion is on point
  13. Tried these on today and really pretty comfortable shoe right out of the box. Tried the Ecco h4 though and never went back to the Spieths
  14. You are who you portray on social media and the guy comes off as a ******. I’ll say what I please as I fought and drew blood for this country sir. I’ve earned the right to voice my opinion
  15. Guy seems like a tool box. His fanboys or inner circles are douchebags as well. You couldn’t give me one of his putters.
  16. Up for sale Bettinardi Tour DASS BB0 naked 35 inches rolled carpet only 1300.00 obo added ping PLD prime Tyne slightly used. 34 inches Sold obo shipped
  17. Lol. What I’m selling for is what I’m in it for. He said someone else offered 350.00 but never got back with him. If I wouldn’t have snagged a couple tour Bettinardi I’d be messing with it. Have too many putters as it is
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