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  1. Here's a "good" mis-hit. I see LOTS of wrong stuff. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZft485b8FI[/media] The left foot is too far forward (it doesn't feel this way looking down at them). The takeaway looks OK until I get to the top, then there's this little "looping" thing before the downswing. Maybe this is occurring because I'm starting with my hands and arms instead of my lower body (waist). Out of sequence, yes? I think the downswing is out of sequence as I mentioned and my belly isn't facing the target early enough? I noticed that on a good-looking DTL Speith iron swing I can se
  2. Videoed a bit today at the range so I'll go through those and upload. I think I got some "good" mis-hits to look at. I did notice that when I thought "wide" or "sweeping" as you say, the strikes were acceptable.
  3. Yeah, it feels "thin". The sound is different than a pure strike, too.
  4. Yeah. Guess I was just looking for a quick fix to work on. Ah well. I'll throw up a video of the swing soon.
  5. When it feels like my swing is "almost" right, the trajectory is low and the ball travels about 10 to 15 yards less. When the swing feels "right" it soars and drops nicely. What are some swing faults that could be causing this?
  6. I found that with the line on the ball, I can use a routine that lets me find the line first from behind the ball, then I can take some practice strokes to think about the speed and then I can just put the club down right behind the ball and swing without having to think about the line again. Yep, this is the method I presently employ and it's been successful for me to a degree. The issue is occurring during the initial aligning of the ball's line to the target line. I feel like if I align with my right eye open only, the ball goes left of the hole. Ball is not too far forward and swing s
  7. Yes, this is the method I'm speaking about. But it's when I'm lining up the ball from directly behind it that I've been experimenting with using left, both, or just right (eyes). When i use just righty, the ball misses on the left side, etc...
  8. So I've been missing putts beyond two feet. Always to the left. The further the putt, the further left the miss. I'll mark the ball, clean it, align it, stand over it, second-guess it because it feels left - but then tell myself not to believe my brain when I'm standing over it. I pendulum the rock and it goes left. This has been happening for about two weeks. Today I noticed that when I align the putt after marking it, I close my left eye to do so. Thinking this may be defeating the purpose, I try with both eyes open but get similar (if slightly better) results. Just for kicks, I line i
  9. I actually have an R7 SuperQuad. I thought about using it and removing the weights but didn't want to because of the 10.5 loft.
  10. Thank you, Stuart. Good technical info. The boy is 10yo, plays with the First Tee, has had a couple of lessons and has lots of camps under his belt. Nothing competitive yet, just friendlies. He hits his current Top Flight driver (getting a bit small for him) about 80 carry and it usually rolls out to 100, I believe. We tested a USK 42" driver and it added about 10 yards to each distance with less dispersion and a nicer sound. I will keep your advice top of mind, for sure. I do NOT want any inadvertent bad habits. I may give it a go and if it doesn't work out, just chalk it up to an exper
  11. Yeah, we've got the Top Flight driver. That's the set he's growing out of. We're looking to get into the US Kids Ultralite 54" set and it doesn't come with a driver. I thought it might be a fun project to supplement that set with something "special".
  12. I'm thinking of building a driver for my junior golfer. Rather, acquiring the parts I need and having a clubsmith do the dirty work. Am I correct in assuming that I will need... 1. A driver club head that will accept an adjustable hosel 2. Said hosel that is the correct size to accept... 3. A junior flex shaft 4. And an undersized grip
  13. Folks, good things are happening. I shot my best ever today. Scored a forty walking 9. 14 putts. Using the PURE strike. I only miss hit a couple of short irons. I flew the green second guessing a couple of times, then started hitting them with the new distance. I sure hope this sticks! R1 driver Callaway Steelhead XR irons w/graphite Reg Titleist NXT
  14. Wanted to update this post as I feel I've LEVELED UP! Drives are 260-275 and either in the fairway or on the edges. My driver is next level for me. I'm really feeling the hips clearing, the right elbow dropping and the swing is changing from outside in to inside out. Tempo is leveling off. Swing is peaking a few inches past the ball. What a feeling! Long irons are straightening out with the same hip/elbow/swing path/tempo stuff as the driver. Divots are in front of the ball, as I'm rehearsing the club head motion down just after the hips start the downswing and it's helping me pure the sho
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