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  1. Just recently tried to purchase shoes and shorts from Adidas. Order was never processed, but they put a hold on my card for a week. Hours on the phone with Adidas and my bank.
  2. Explain to me adjusting head wait for loft adjustments. I typically just adjust head wait for fine tuning swing weight with length/grip/shaft modifications.
  3. I've always loved hybrids. The Adams Pros were terrific. I retired the Adams and purchased the G425 (4) Hybrid - looking for a 175-180 yard replacement club. The problem is, the G425s fly too damn far. But so straight and versatile! Unless I take my foot off the gas, the G425 (4) is flying 185-190. (So now I'm looking to purchase a 5 Hybrid). One other footnote is that I'm getting so much distance from my G425 5 Wood, it's rendering the G425 3 wood obsolete (it might get benched).
  4. What Rose lost (besides confidence) in prize money, no doubt he made up in a signing bonus. He seems to like the MP-20s, eh?
  5. "because there's no chance I'm letting him put sky marks on my woods" F**KING LOL
  6. Just bought the Hoofer from Carl's - arriving Weds. All Hoofer colors (5 way) are in stock at Carls'
  7. What's incredible is the level of success (i.e. great talent) Lexi has enjoyed considering her history of "non physical" health issues.
  8. I played the KBS Tour (S) for 8 years. Really liked the feel, but they did balloon. Moved to $ Taper (120-S), soft stepped 1X, and love them. I've lost alot of swing speed in the last 10 years (I'm 61), but absolutely love the $ Tapers.
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