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  1. Looking for Ventus (Velocore) Red 5S. New & Uncut. Thanks!
  2. Went to NC to visit my son and decided to leave the Scotty at home and play the Anser 2021 exclusively for multiple rounds. Man, really like this putter. Rolls great, feels great, all with great results.
  3. Ordered 8/1. 8/16 communication indicated all components (T100/KBS/Tour Wrap) in stock. 9/1 (T100) heads are back ordered until 10/16- looking at November delivery.
  4. Brooksy: Time to put down your megalomaniac megaphone.
  5. I'm of the opinion that if you remove 1 degree of bounce and it had that much (negative) effect on the performance, then the specifications of your iron build was likely a poor choice to begin with.
  6. Ive COMPLETELY resolved elbow and shoulder pain with stretch bands.
  7. All reactions/experiences are personal. But if what they reported is true, those 5-10 handicappers who think they can hit this consistently - to gain it's benefit - likely might be disappointed.
  8. So, in conclusion, a cutting edge (over priced) iron for highly-skilled golfers. The "Bay" going to see a lot of the these I'm afraid.
  9. So much respect for Salas. What touch on the greens.
  10. Or, as I did, gain a little offset while sacrificing bounce and bend the T100 1 degree strong.
  11. They suck, unless it's they're in a cart bag (imo).
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