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  1. I think I'm moving forward with the Big Moss putting green (Admiral V2). Anybody have any discounting angles on Big Moss greens?
  2. Ping G410 Plus (10.5) Driver Head ($OLD) (Head Weight: 203g with 12g head weight) Purchased directly from Ping. One trip to the range (20 balls hit max). Perfect Condition Includes: - New Ping G410 (14g + 16g) Head Weights - New Ping G410 Driver Head Cover Price: $275 including Shipping (CONUS + PayPal) $OLD Ping Redwood ZB Putter (100% Milled Head - 303 Stainless Steel) Purchased / customized directly from Ping. In excellent condition. Only blemish is very small mark on top of putter head – blade is perfect. Feel is a
  3. (Final Price Reductions) Ping G410 Plus (10.5) Driver Head (Head Weight: 203g with 12g head weight) Purchased new 2 weeks ago. One trip to the range (20 balls hit max). Includes: - New Ping Tour 65 (Stiff) shaft with Ping G410 Adaptor (Weight: 117g). Tour Wrap 2G Black (Standard) Grip. $old - New Ping G410 (14g + 16g) Head Weights - New Ping G410 Driver Head Cover - Ping G400/G410 Torque Wrench Ping G410 Plus Driver Head Price (including everything noted, less shaft): $295 including Shipping (CONUS + PayPal) (Price
  4. He's asking about the Black and it's awesome. I play the 5.5 (tipped 1") and it's solid, smooth, and flat out performs. Put that pig into the Ping Max and don't look back.
  5. Ping Eye 2 Beryllium Copper! Not even close!
  6. I'm really enjoying the trajectory of the Modus 120 (Stiff), but for the life of me, I can't get used to the weight (reduction) change from the KBS Tour (120 Stiff). Honestly, I have no sense of the club and where the ball might go until it's well off the clubface. I'm switching out to S Taper (120 S) and will also take a look at the Nippon Modus 115s when they come to market. I have a quick transition with an ever-aging driver SS of 100.
  7. Brand New (less the plastic) Ping G410 Plus (9 Degree) Driver Head- directly from Ping. $OLD
  8. You need a favor to get the swing weights "balls on". Anything length under standard is a challenge.
  9. Looking for feedback as to which spins more / flies higher: G400 9 Degree or G410 9 Degree. I sense it might be close if the ball speed is a little higher with the G410 ( if, indeed, that's true)
  10. I'm really struggling with my timing of the Modus3 (120) - very interested in the heavier 115 - it is heavier (with a different bend profile), correct?
  11. If the difference in caps is 8, the 8 strokes are given on the "8 hardest" handicap holes.
  12. What would be some recommendations for low/low shafts for the G425 (10.5) max. I'm using the Hzrdus Black now and it's performing superbly (and they're cheap after market now).
  13. Laid my eyes and hands on the 921 Tours today. Really nice. What was surprising is that laying the Tours next to the MP-20 MMC's, the Tours, to me, look slightly more game improvement.
  14. It will be interesting to see how the swing weighting works out for those requesting D3+, especially on shafts cut under standard. The feedback I'm getting is that they're not going to meet those specs (at least not now). I'll be holding off on my order until late winter.
  15. Any feedback from Mizuno on their (un) willingness to meet certain swing weight specs. I reached out via a well known on-line vendor, who ran my specs by Mizuno, and effectively, they said "no go". I was looking to purchase the 921T, -1/4 at D4.
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