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  1. Ordered 8/1. 8/16 communication indicated all components (T100/KBS/Tour Wrap) in stock. 9/1 (T100) heads are back ordered until 10/16- looking at November delivery.
  2. Brooksy: Time to put down your megalomaniac megaphone.
  3. I'm of the opinion that if you remove 1 degree of bounce and it had that much (negative) effect on the performance, then the specifications of your iron build was likely a poor choice to begin with.
  4. Ive COMPLETELY resolved elbow and shoulder pain with stretch bands.
  5. All reactions/experiences are personal. But if what they reported is true, those 5-10 handicappers who think they can hit this consistently - to gain it's benefit - likely might be disappointed.
  6. So, in conclusion, a cutting edge (over priced) iron for highly-skilled golfers. The "Bay" going to see a lot of the these I'm afraid.
  7. So much respect for Salas. What touch on the greens.
  8. Or, as I did, gain a little offset while sacrificing bounce and bend the T100 1 degree strong.
  9. They suck, unless it's they're in a cart bag (imo).
  10. I'm looking to build some Vokey wedges with the S Tapers (115g R+) 9 iron shafts. I was surprised when I weighed the 2 raw 9 iron shafts (that I ordered directly from KBS) that they were 116.4 grams + 116.9 grams. Not that I care about a .5 gram difference, but shouldn't the tolerances be tighter, AND why are they not 115g - what am I missing?
  11. If you're a "better" player, I don't understand why you would purchase the T100s, unless as others have suggested, you have a particular wedge setup that you don't want to disrupt. I mean, has it be shown that the extra tungsten in the T100s provides meaningful differences in dispersion?
  12. Subjective, I understand, but has there been a consistent reporting of the T100 feeling softer/better (whatever word you care to use) than the T100s?
  13. +1, here. Ventus Velocore 5S.
  14. And to think the mighty Titleist can't even support pre-orders with retail just beginning to fit and order for the masses.
  15. Don't like the shape personally. And there does appear to be way too much grooveless blade at the toe end.
  16. Azinger seems tired, disinterested, unimaginative, and painfully repetitive. Besides that, he's fantastic - and miles better than Faldo.
  17. I won't be "the guy" that calls you out for being a lightweight.
  18. It's confounding how the T100 irons have misrepresented on many media outlets with respect to Tungsten inserts. The T100 8-PW has Tungsten in the toe and heel, just not as much as the T100s.
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