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  1. ProAms have to really suck for the Pros. I played in a ProAm a few years ago with Tom Byrum and he really sucked. Disinterested, distant, and shot 80 (at best).
  2. Yes The Hzrdus shafts are stout. FWIW, with a SS of 98-100, my Hzrdus shaft specs are 5.5 (tipped 1 inch).
  3. For every order that gets cancelled by frustrated customers, the build cue gets absorbed by orders that have been returned due to shoddy workmanship.
  4. Often. I just gently file the metal down/off.
  5. My conclusion is that as I have more difficulty hitting it off the deck it has diminished it's overall usefulness when I can hit 5W/4H off the tee.
  6. Trees live in "colonies". They protect each other (and the surrounding property. I live in the northeast and am all too familiar with the most problematic species - pines - as they are dominant and structurally weak. You "excise" pines in a colony, you're f*****, as you've screwed the inherent value/protection of the herd. I'm in the Boston area and I know of many (very) private clubs that have undertaken what you've described. It's almost an epidemic to get back to the "black and white" pictures that hang in the men's grill. For some, it's been a great move. For others, it's been a disaster. I know all the tree guys (with all the big equipment) and there isn't a tree they wouldn't love to cut down.
  7. Check and double check the build. I gave Mizuno 3 swings at meeting the spec requirements and they couldn't close the deal (after an initial 7 week wait).
  8. Fairways hit. Not a stats guru, but GIR increase with higher fairways hit won't be linear, but impact will be meaningful.
  9. Mizuno, and many others, are excluded from the promotion.
  10. Are they on sale now?
  11. Honestly, that's tough to read. The knockout punch is the "fitting fee".
  12. What's the expectation of head size for the i59s? Larger than Blueprint and slightly smaller than i210s with progressive build?
  13. "Thin to win" as my ball embeds in the back bunker.
  14. Any updates on Ping delivery lag time?
  15. "Work around" (LOL) My bet is over 50% of the builds right now are not spec. And of those that are "pushed out the door", 90% of the recipients have no clue about their bastardized build. I just happen to be the "difficult" customer.
  16. This was the third attempt with Mizuno to get the build right. Just punted. Got better things to do with my time (and $$).
  17. S Taper (120) Soft Stepped
  18. What do you need to know? I have the build request.
  19. Very long story (and not pretty), but here's the question: if you requested a specific build design which included the soft stepping of KBS S Taper (120) shafts, is it acceptable/appropriate to mix/match with S Taper (120) HT shafts to accomplish the desired build? Having spent an hour on the phone with KBS, my takeaway is the builder (Mizuno) was lazy and the HT's aren't an appropriate for my SS (98-100). Informed responses would be greatly appreciated!
  20. No, unless you're not holding anybody up behind you.
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