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  1. > @RobS14526 said: > This might propel Tiger to an endorsement deal with Buick! LMAO. Who else feels like they took too much Viagra?
  2. Since the comeback tiger has won the tour championship and his 18th major!
  3. > @TheMoneyShot said: > Cool Runnings may never come back around here again... Him Lowheel and all the other haters need to BEND THE KNEE!
  4. Tiger vout to send this M o t h a F U C K E R back into version 1.0 BIATCHESSSSSSSSS
  5. https://www.masters.com/en_US/scores/track/hole_view/index.html?pid=8793
  7. > @Skuller said: > It was bound to happen... regression towards the mean always wins.
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