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  1. pm's exchanged and i will take the 580xd tour. great communication here folks! do not hesitate!
  2. i just picked up a j33r (420 head) 9.5* loft for $99 brand new w/nv 65. Got it, opened the box and the baby was wrapped in plastic and all. Nothing better than the fresh sweet smell when you open that plastic folks. all in all, a very solid head - a modern day 510tp for me
  3. still have mine, have them for over a year now and have no intention on switching. Possible shaft change but that's about it. Love the feel and flight of these. Removed the paint fill for that no-nonsense, classy look.
  4. next callaway ad.... "Callaway FT9....DO THE NASTY"
  5. thanks for the reply and info. much appreciated and i will look into.
  6. Did something really stupidGreetings Fellow WRX'ers! Been a long time since I posted (dont you just love how life gets in the way of golf?). Anyways, I've had a set of the bstone j33cb's for over a year now and decided to get artsy with my set during the cold winter Chicago months. I've removed the paintfill in the cavities of the heads with acetone, but in my haste, some of the acetone remained on the ferrules and actually ate away and deformed some of the ferrules. I think it looks horrendous and I would like to get them fixed. I belive the heads will have to be removed, new ferrules installed, and the heads re-epoxied into place? If so, what kind of coast am I looking at here? would a shop charge me the price of a reshaft? DANG IT!
  7. ah reading this brought back some great memories. its a journey well travelled. You either have it in you or you dont. 14 years later im still loving it as much as my first day at the range. what a great community we have here.
  8. my opinion, and soley my opinion. sim boosted to try and sell you pricey clubs. seen it too many times and whats worse, seeing someone fall for it and buy the clubs...only to see them being traded in weeks later.
  9. i can recall seeing a select few of these 580xd's and 540xd's back in the day that had the ion plated mitusbishi shafts in them. I recall seeing this particular "hank kuehne" version as well as an "el nino" version. if memory serves me correct they were desiganted as a Tour S flex and were in the 80-90 gram weight range with a high kick point.
  10. just got called up yesterday from Chicago after taking the written back in May 2006!
  11. no prob! have a good one! long live the 580xd tp
  12. other members here and ebay. your best bet is to post a Wanted To Buy add. trust me, ive been on the hunt for quite some time to find the ideal one and the pickings are slim and i would be willing to fork over some serious dough for one as well. anyone else have some info on where to obtain this classic club? i had one about 2 years ago and dumped it cause i had an itch that needed to be scratched. still kick myself to this day for getting rid of her! :russian_roulette:
  13. $500+ to get my hands on JHR's brand new 580xd tp !!!!! come on man, let it go please!!!! :cheesy:
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