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  1. Unfortunately you are moving to the literal worst place in Atlanta for golf accessibility. How old are you? Not sure how flexible you are on initiation but if you are younger there may be an under 40 option at Druid Hills. But my guess is that their waitlist is loooooong. I would also look at Golf Club of Georgia. About 45 min from downtown and has 2 courses and a nice new facility renovation. @jpthreesticksis spot on with Rivermont. Initiation is well, well below 30k and is full of really good players. I think members come and go more than more expensive clubs but it has been there forever and is a great starting point. All the money goes into the core course. Prepare yourself for an insane waitlist. My guess is that based on your $$$ expectations, every club in the $10k+ initiation fee category is going to be multiple years. Right now we have 100+ on the waitlist which is at least 5 years if the economy stays like is. Just be prepared.... Read the thread in the main courses forum and you will see everyone is full full full.
  2. GA here. Absolutely packed. We have a 5+ year waiting list right now. Has never been like this in the history of the club. Most members joining the wait list are under 40. Your friend knows whats up.
  3. How many drops are you taking a round? Are you losing 6 balls a round or is your course full of GUR? While I really don't care either way if i drop or place, I would overall side with the folks who would argue that the drop should change to place if the drop is resulting from a penalty stroke. You have been penalized already for a poor shot. No need to be penalized again. However no place if drop from GUR. Also, I have zero passion for this but understand the desire for placing.
  4. My thought as well. In my one trip to Scotland i found the "tall grass" to be very wispy. Hacking out of 12" fescue is a recipe for a lost ball and a torn labrum.
  5. We have not changed that much. We have started to police the guest play a bit, but not sure it was due to pandemic. We have golf and social classifications, and the socials members get 10 rounds per year at full guest fee, which is $140. Turns out there were guests playing 10+ rounds a year. That obviously stings the social members a bit. I think we are down to a guest can play once a quarter, but the main M/G and the one day M/G's dont count. (note, not sure how much policing there is on the social members either) And then there is always "board discretion". Like anything else in life, stuff should be looked at on a case by case situation. Guy lives 2 blocks from club and plays 10 times a year and is not a member? Pony up some cash dude. Guy lives 3 time zones away and comes twice a year for fri/sat/sun rounds? Let them play! We can have guests any time any day except Saturday, Saturday is 1 guest before noon and 3 after noon. Funny thing is now Saturday is one of the lightest tee sheets. Weird stuff man.
  6. Sounds like a blast. What is your travel companion situation? A 35 ft class A motorhome sounds big for 1 or even 2 people. I took the family on the Utah national park loop in summer 2020, and while a 32 footer was small for the 4 of us, but would have been big for the 2 of us. Did you consider a pickup truck towing a 5th wheel or trailer hitch smaller RV? Hope the road life is good for you. Ultimately my family was done RV'ing after 8 days. But we stayed in some really great RV parks and met some great RV people who LOVE the RV life. Make sure you update frequently on where you are so you get great invites to great courses.
  7. #1) I think they are entitled to relief. There may not be a reasonable stroke to play toward the hole, but there may be a reasonable stroke sideways or backward. If they would have to play backward anyway due to the wall, then that is reasonable and they should get relief. #2) No relief. I actually asked this question about 6 months ago, but it was a drain not a sprinkler head.
  8. Make sure you do not make this a financial decision. This is a golf decision. Hopefully you retired such that the money is not really an issue. Almost every person here who is a member of a full private will chant "Private! Private! Private!". Anyone who is not will say that they want the flexibility of multiple courses and private members are snooty. As @smashdnand @Abh159 have said, stay clear of a semi-private. You are just pre-paying at a public course. May semi-private members jump from place to place every year, so nobody has any skin in the game, so the course will ebb and flow. Most private members never get bored of their course. People who are not think we will, but we don't. We love it. But if you are in a retirement location and there are 17 good daily fee courses around and you find a group to move around, then that is a great option too if there is tee time availalbity. I know you say you don't want tournament, dining, social and all that, but that really is what enhances the golf at a private club. I will not say the golf takes a back seat, but the social aspect becomes a significant part of the experience.
  9. I played EH this summer. It is a nice, but LONG walk. No cart path but a soft crushed gravel and sand path. Significant distance between green and next tee, and a surprising amount of elevation change for a "flat" course. I was wiped after the round.
  10. Moving our course to walk only with caddie option would not be successful at all. First of all we are in Atlanta, where it is simply too hot and too hilly for many members. We have a very large senior population of men and women golfers in their 70's, and this would make it difficult for them. I will say many were able to walk the full course during the great golf cart quarantine of April 2020, but we had to flip the 9's to make it happen so some folks could walk 9. Our back is relatively flat compared to the front. There is 175 feet of vertical elevation change between 8 tee and 9 green. I am in my late 40's, play tennis and do cardio 4-5 days a week and that walk is a slog. We are a full blown private country club. We have a brand new wellness facility and 14 jam packed tennis courts. Most members get there exercise there instead of the golf course. We are on bermuda grass with wide fairways. The rough only gets really thick in the late summer where it gobbles up your ball, so don't really need caddies or forecaddies to look for balls. Then there is the cost. My son caddied last summer at a neighboring private club that does have a caddie program. He was pulling in $100 a loop and single bagging, and he is a 17 year old kid, not a "real caddie". While my family is doing OK financially, I am not going to drop $500 a month for a caddie, and we are on the low end of the income scale for our club. I am like you. I like to walk and I like to ride. I will ride this afternoon and probably walk Sunday morning. For me caddies are great a few times a year if you get the chance, but not for every day.
  11. So you don't use USGA handicaps, but you handicap the groups yourself. A bit different than the previous statement of "We've never used handicaps and/or given strokes in our weekend games." Would be interesting for you to blind draw the teams and use USGA handicaps and see where you land.
  12. I stand corrected. Great for them that they can sustain that model at such a value. Carts are generally run at an 80% profit margin.
  13. Every club will have a mix, and you just need to find your sweet spot. Our club has the Saturday morning 5 man wolf game of sub 7 handicaps. Exposure is ~$100 max if you are on the wrong end of bets. Most of the other groups are $20 entry and pays out for winning teams, birdies, skins, trash, etc. I am not sure if you consider this gambling or not. I don't as there is no way for the betting to get out of control, unless you consider a $5 press out of control. And then there are always groups that don't bet. Just need to find them. I have been to other clubs where there can be thousands on the line. I played "banker" earlier this year and had to sink a 15 foot birdie putt on 18 to only lose $150. That was too rich for my blood.
  14. Every course someone has mentioned so far I would consider "big name", destination, or national private clubs. My expectation is that there are no run-of-the-mill $75 daily fee courses that are walking only.
  15. I get your frustration, but this is how it works. All the time. Everywhere. The whole point of the WHS.
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