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  1. So you don't use USGA handicaps, but you handicap the groups yourself. A bit different than the previous statement of "We've never used handicaps and/or given strokes in our weekend games." Would be interesting for you to blind draw the teams and use USGA handicaps and see where you land.
  2. I stand corrected. Great for them that they can sustain that model at such a value. Carts are generally run at an 80% profit margin.
  3. Every club will have a mix, and you just need to find your sweet spot. Our club has the Saturday morning 5 man wolf game of sub 7 handicaps. Exposure is ~$100 max if you are on the wrong end of bets. Most of the other groups are $20 entry and pays out for winning teams, birdies, skins, trash, etc. I am not sure if you consider this gambling or not. I don't as there is no way for the betting to get out of control, unless you consider a $5 press out of control. And then there are always groups that don't bet. Just need to find them. I have been to other clubs where there can be thousands on the line. I played "banker" earlier this year and had to sink a 15 foot birdie putt on 18 to only lose $150. That was too rich for my blood.
  4. Every course someone has mentioned so far I would consider "big name", destination, or national private clubs. My expectation is that there are no run-of-the-mill $75 daily fee courses that are walking only.
  5. I get your frustration, but this is how it works. All the time. Everywhere. The whole point of the WHS.
  6. Congrats! Had my first one this year as well. Great for you that it was a good shot. No one wants one on a skulled shot off a rock wall. Course gave me a signed flag with all the info on it as well. Why have not not framed that thing yet?
  7. If you have not done a "major" trip before, you cant go wrong with any of the options that have been brought up. I have been lucky to do to the following over the past few years: Scotland (OC, Carnoustie, Murfield, Kingsbarns, Crail) Pinehurst (2, 8, 2 again) Streamsong (Red, Blue, Black, Red) Sand Valley (SV x2, Mammoth x2, and played Erin Hills while up there) Pebble (PB, SB, SH, Cordevalle, The Preserve) Bandon (all 5 coming up the weekend before Halloween) Everything above has "prestige" so I will check those boxes for your buddies. Every trip has been awesome in every different way. I would (and will someday), do everything again in a heartbeat. If the wives are really letting you guys go for a week, head to Scotland. That is my option #1. Pebble is all it is cracked up to be, especially for a first timer. Pretty easy to get to but still lose a full day in travel Bandon is arguably the best single destination anywhere in the world, is a royal PITA to get to, especially from NC. You will lose 2 days just on travel. SV is awesome but also hard to get to, 4 hours from MKE airport. Only 2 courses unless you add EH. My advice to you, with a toddler and an infant, would be to would be to stay close to home with quick travel, and maximize the time away. Streamsong is perfect. You can play on arrival and departure day. Courses are awesome. All 3 are totally different. Everyone has a different favorite. I love Blue, my friend loves Black, the magazines love Red. My kids are 17 and 15 and I only started doing these trips the past few years. You can't do everything in one year. Start small with the kids where they are and build up to the bigger ones. Hoping to head back to Scotland for 50th (it has been 18 years since I was there)
  8. Is "overhanging" the key word in this scenario? Overhanging = 10 sec, not overhanging = "no limit"?
  9. That was my assumption. Thanks for the references and clarifications. Cheers!
  10. Then why does the ball on the lip of a hole that falls in after 10 sec count as a stroke? I struggle to see the difference.
  11. So... 9.3 says we played it correctly. 9.4 says if he had marked and then it moves, he replaces. It seems addressing the ball has little bearing unless he thinks that the act of addressing the ball caused it to move. If he did not, proceed under 9.3 or 9.4 accordingly. Knowing this, do players who's balls are on the edge of a ridge or slope sometime not mark their ball with the hope that it could move closer due to natural causes? We have all had the situation on a false front where someone says "Better mark it quick" for the situation where it may roll away from the hole. And the only other nuance is if the ball rolls by natural forces into the cup, that counts as a stroke, rigjt?
  12. Had this happen to a friend this weekend during he end of season competition. Pitch shot stopped about 15 feet above the hole. We all though it would roll back but it did not. As he was taking a practice swing, the ball rolled about 6 feet down the hill generally toward the hole. He had not previously marked and replaced the ball nor had he fully addressed it. We did not see any outside agency move the ball. It was windy that day but did not notice a significant gust or anything out of the ordinary. He was already out of the money so we did not spend too much time determining the correct course of action, but we thought he should play it from the new position. He made bogey and likely would have made bogey from the original position. Did we get it right? What if he had marked it? What if he had fully addressed it? At the end our assistant pro agreed, but he did not sound that confident.
  13. A few years ago some bird enthusiast busted the Masters for piping in bird sounds to the audio feed. Apparently a specific bird only makes a specific sound in Maine in fall (or something like that). I think they stopped but would not be surprised if it is common. FWIW, I have only heard the Masters story 6th hand. It may be urban legend.
  14. Not saying it was a bad investment or not worth it, but given the 3 options, I would not spend the money on a "ghetto club". Just my opinion.
  15. As others have said, join the semi-private club, especially since you have referred to it as resort style with multiple courses and other amenities. if you where joining something like where @lefthack joined, i would go with the sim, but as long as your membership comes with decent access and they don't nickel and dime you for $50+ every time you go out, it is a no-brainer.
  16. The larger one will have 3 straps on the outside to cinch everything tight, so I would not worry about floppy. Mine is so old I am not sure which one I have. I assume it is the "standard" one. For me there is always a need to have extra room if I need to stuff my shoes, toiletries or other swag, as I try to only check the clubs, and carry on the suitcase.
  17. @sui generisI must admit, I was expecting the rules gurus to shun the use of binoculars. My expectation was there to be a comment on how officials were there to provide rulings, not track balls in the air. Seems like there could be a time when an official is covering several holes, and a competitor might say "you watched his ball off the tee, why did you not watch mine".
  18. I find the discussion around Spyglass fascinating. Played it for the first time this summer and I loved it. Way better than Spanish Bay. While holes 2-5 get the "OMG we are on the coast" discussion, I think the rest of the course stands on its own. Is every hole perfect? No, but it is still a great course. It belongs on the list inside the top 20.
  19. I enjoy playing with others I have never met. Never had a bad experience. Have had a few "interesting" experiences, but never one that has turned me off. I will say the courses I play solo outside of my club are generally resort or vacation style locations, which generally are not riff-raff. (Yes I know there are exceptions to everything so lets not get off track on it). Have not played a $10 muni in a long, long time so I have not had to get paired with a stereotypical guy wearing a tank top, blasting rock/rap, smoking weed and getting hammered off of Natty Light while driving the cart on the green and playing in 6 hours.
  20. What @2bGood is saying is that the push cart has compounding damage to the course, especially around greens and high traffic areas. I did some quick math and here is the additional turf impact to the course on a 500 yard par 5, assuming walking in a straight line from tee to green. 500 yards 6,000 feet 72,000 inches 216,000 in^2 per wheel assuming 3" wheel width 648,000 in^2 per wheel assuming 3 wheeled cart This totals up to 4,500 ft^2 of additional turf impact per hole per push cart (on top of the person walking). Will you see ruts made from push carts? Probably not. Will you see compacted turf in high traffic areas? Absolutely.
  21. My experience for individual sports like tennis/golf/swimming is that the "Coach" is really more of a team manager. Setting lineups, managing schedules, running practices. They generally have some basic knowledge of the game but are not expected to provide skill based instruction. The most you would likely provide to individual players would be course management and strategy tips. You would not be expected to provide instruction unless there was something very, very basic. Teams sports like baseball/basketball/football have more "real" coaches. We had a tennis coaching crisis a few years ago and my buddy and I almost stepped up to volunteer (both kids on the team). We are both decent tennis players but are not qualified to teach strokes, but could help with strategy, lineups, and court position/management. edit: Live in Georgia. parents/community can coach but need a teacher sponsor who "should" attend all practices and matches.
  22. While don't want to say that any of the courses here don't belong on a list, but every course wanting to be in a "top 100" or "best in state" will wine and dine the course raters. I don't think they are paid directly, but they for sure get the complimentary red carpet treatment with golf, dining and accommodations. I once asked our GM why we were not rated above some lesser courses on some "best in state" lists (IMHO of course). His answer was that getting on that list can be expensive and time consuming, and we did not need the recognition. We have a multi-year waitlist and a full tee sheet, so right now being recognized in even local golf publications is not important. I have never played We Ko Pa but I know several who have and from what I heard, everyone thinks it should be on this list. Honestly this is true in any industry. Does anyone think that Oprah's favorite things are actually her favorite things? No, each product pays to be promoted by her.
  23. Interesting math to show that a push cart has 7x more impact to the course. I would venture to say that the likelihood of significant damage is not that great, but I will say that at our course, you can see in the Bermuda grass where push carts have been, but not where full size carts have been. Granted you see it a lot where full size carts would never go, like between tees and the start of the fairway. But the push cart tracks are very obvious throughout the course. Not sure if this is considered some sort of damage or just cosmetic. My guess is a bit of both. I am headed to Bandon Dunes at the end of October and while I will probably have a caddie all my rounds, I am interested in seeing these wide wheel push carts that they encourage to roll ONTO THE GREENS. As an aside, I have started walking more the past few years, and probably walk 90% of the rounds in the fall/winter (summer too hot). I tried several push carts and at the end of the day I found it easier to carry, perhaps due to our course being fairly hilly. Pushing a cart up the hill or holding it from rolling down is awkward and generally uncomfortable. However I can see it being a breeze on a flatter course.
  24. Yes I would have brought it up, I am also not a DB. Why the heck did someone else not bring it to the golf staff? Who informed him? Why did they not protect the field? Seems like a failure on the staff, the player, the partner and everyone else in in his flight that probably knows him.
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