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  1. any of you find the originals fit a little small? i'm traditionally a 13 and finding my new OG to not be as long as expected given their wider base.
  2. Thanks guys...I definitely feel something different. As soon as I put the clubs down wearing those shoes they felt longer and more heel on the ground. I played 3 times last week in them and I was consistently fighting the left shot. It was starting in a complete different window than I'm accustomed to. I am committed to wearing trues because they help my feet with the wide toe box. I've had a few foot issues that require me to do so. I don't mind bending my lie angles if necessary, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy! I'm definitely a feel player and a little off is noticeable to me sometimes. I'm sure I'll get used to them sooner than later.
  3. I picked up some originals and love them. Only thing is as soon as I switched to them i really started struggling hitting it left and a bit heavy at times. My previous pair of shoes, ECCOs have about 22-23 mm sole. these Trues are 6.5mm total. Does it make sense that 16 mm of difference would have that effect on how I'm delivering the club face to the ball? That's about 0.63 inch difference.
  4. Hey guys, all of my prices are OBO and include shipping to the Continental USA only. Anywhere else and we can talk. 1) 10* Ping G400 LST with mint Accra Proto TZ5 55 M5 Flex (extra stiff). The head has seen about 5 rounds and the shaft just 1 round. It plays 45 inches and comes with head cover. Asking ~~$395~~ SOLD 2) 9* Callaway Rogue with Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 6x. It plays 45 inches and comes with headcover. Asking ~~$275~~ $265 3) 15* Titleist 917F3 with Oban Kiyoshi Purple 85 05 Flex (extra stiff). It plays 42.5 inches and comes with headcover. Asking ~~$225.~~ $210 4) Aldila Synergy Blue 60x with TM tip. It plays short at 44 inches long installed. Asking ~~$50.~~ $40 5) & 6) Srixon z785 3 & 4 iron with Project X 6.0 and play half inch over standard. Standard Lies and lofts. I ended up playing the z785 in these. Asking ~~$100~~ $90 each.
  5. that's the one thing I'm worried about w/ the OG...they have zero drop. the others are about 4-6mm according to their site. Has anyone had experience w/ the other and their cushioning?
  6. Hey guys, I tried to find a discussion on True Linkswear brand but I'm still having some issues with the new search features. Have any of you been wearing any of the current offerings? I'm thinking of getting some Knits, Originals, or Majors. I know the Originals are the "zero drop" shoe of the bunch. How have the knits held up under playing? I have some pretty big foot roll when I swing, so I worry about them holding up long term. Also, has anyone come across and good coupon or discount deals anywhere? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, only played 27 holes with it...in excellent shape. Asking ~~$235~~ $225 shipped. Thanks!
  8. 42 inch Odyssey V-Line Arm Lock. Have used a couple of rounds. Asking $215.
  9. it's not there...here's my ad. Thanks for doing that. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1752904/cleveland-rtx4-raw-set-w-custom-black-shafts-adams-mb2-3-pw-odyssey-o-works-marxman-red-matrix-b#latest
  10. Lug nut isn't showing up on an ad I created on March 4. I wanted to close it but having trouble.
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