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  1. I don’t see PXG in play for the big baby. I don’t believe for a second that Parson would put up with his crap. That’s also the exact thing B. Douchebagdeau needs. Let him go do it on his own.
  2. Yeah…. I can’t see Cobra getting rid of a professional like Schomin. They should give him a raise for putting the big baby in his place!
  3. Let’s be real for just a moment…first - most golfers are better off with cb’s than they are with blades you’d have to be a spineless moron to go into a fitting wanting to get a set of blades only to be talked out of, or “shamed” enough to give up. we talk about “growing the game to hopefully increase the $’s for courses to continue to exist. These stores and fitters that are “shaming” folks (still hard to say because it’s just so dumb) are doing it out of the fact that most golfers will enjoy the game more and continue to pump money into it. I have no issue with that, nor should you. Guy
  4. Do you really believe that RF was shamed into moving from his blades to cb’s? im more of the opinion that he wanted and needed a change because his blades weren’t making him any money, but that’s probably just me. some folks are capable of making decisions on their own without being “shamed”. Too bad there’s no shaming in posting threads that are shameful.
  5. I’ve been bagging 52/58 for many years. PW is 46
  6. That’s why you need to be in the short grass.
  7. Dump the push cart and hang that bag proudly on your shoulders! I find it easier than pushing a cart. Start carrying 9 holes at a time until you can do it with ease. I’m mid 60’s and started carrying after recovering from a major stroke. Best thing I’ve ever done (walking, not the stroke) for my health and game.
  8. Mizuno went the wrong direction when they started adding Boron to their metal and lost their sense of what made them great IMO. I bought a set of 921 forged in May. Played them for a few rounds and sold them. Bought a set of Zx5/7’s and I wouldn’t trade them for an entire bag of Mizunos. to each their own.
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