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  1. All you need to know is that the original TeI3 putters with no rubber/plastic around the insert, were done but Bob. That may mean nothing to many but it should if you’re comparing craftsmanship. IMO of course.
  2. May your new year be filled with birdies, eagles, and Alby’s! I have a few very nice items up for you tonight. PayPal only, shipped to verified addresses only. Please don’t go radio silent after accepting a deal. All that good stuff. First up is a club that needs no introduction. It’s been sitting in storage for nearly a year in my spare bag I keep in Florida for use when I’m there for work. Such a fantastic fairway head that you s still very relevant in the fairway world. Purchased from a well known tour club seller new, it still looks new. I don’t recall the exact specs, but
  3. Speaking of a “dickish non-response”, thanks for the example! You provided absolutely zero advice/ideas for the OP.
  4. You mean to say it works for you. Doesn’t mean it works for him.
  5. Get fitted for the proper shaft. It’s not the head.
  6. Ooops! Ever get tired of looking foolish? Apparently not!
  7. You should be in politics the way you can put spin on data like that!
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