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  1. Two heads I purchased and just never used. first is an AW head, std loft and lie. Hit maybe 4 balls with it and decided on staying with the hybrid. Looking for $100 next up is a ZX5 4 iron head. std. loft/lie Again maybe hit 4 balls and decided to stay with my Tour Rack RTX raw. there s some cosmetic only damage to the back side (see pic) from a wayward torch flame during removal. Absolutely no effect on playability. Looking for $75 Add a 4 and A to fill your set of 5-P ZX5’s!! Take them both for $150
  2. GAPR. easiest hybrid I’ve ever used, and I’ve tinkered with a LOT!
  3. Many professional skiers have.
  4. Yeah, I’d like to know the name as well. Seller has no idea how lucky he got
  5. (Parentheses) ”quotation marks”
  6. Listing these again. Purchased from here a year or more ago, just Beverly got around to building them. My loss is your gain, as these are in pretty much great condition. NIKE VR Pro Combos. One of those sets I HAD to have, that I personally never played. Set is as follows: 8-P are CB’s that look like they’ve seen 3 or 4 balls. NO bag chatter. FACES LOOK NEW. 4-5 are (I believe) the pocket Cavity’s 6, 7 are cb’s. The 4-7 faces show very little use, but there is visible bag chatter on the soles. I can only assume that the top of the bag (8-P) was replaced with blades. 4-7 was in the bag, but didn’t hit a lot of balls because the faces look too good. There is a small square of lead tape in the cavity of 4-7 covering someone’s initials. Asking $250. Shipped/PP’d PM w/questions. thanks!
  7. He just needed to lose the stupid hat, and it worked!
  8. Only one problem, special ops never have to let you know how great they are.
  9. Reed would be my LAST pick for anything, but especially combat. You absolutely have to have trust in your teammate/squad (combat). I wouldn’t trust Reed as far as I could throw him.
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