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  1. I know it’s a long shot, but thought I’d try here before ordering and waiting 8-10 weeks for delivery. I would also prefer the Alta cab graphite shaft. Thanks
  2. I lost my list my rangefinder at a golf course I don’t play often, and no one turned it in. Left it on a Par 3 hole, at the tee box. Looking for a Bushnell V4, Nikon Cool shot or something similar. If you have one you want to sell, please PM me with what you have and price. Thanks!
  3. 6.7 index callaway epic 15 degree, and I have it on +1, so playing at 16. Speeder 565 reg flex shaft
  4. I've had two sets of eye 2's over the years, and never recall a U wedge. The sets went from PW to a SW. I could be wrong, but I believe the U wedge came about in the G series of clubs.
  5. 90-100 is perfect for my u wedge, and pw is good from 105-115.
  6. AP1Fan

    Steve Jones

    Orville Moody
  7. I'm RH and LE dominant, and always thought I putted well with a SC Laguna. I recently picked up a SC select squareback and my putting from 3-5 feet has improved considerably. Haven't looked on the SC website yet to see what the differences are between the 2 putters, but I'm wondering if the squareback has less offset. Will be interesting to see what the differences are,
  8. Per our PM's I will take the Mavrik driver w/head cover, Thanks.
  9. I bought a set of ping 700’s off eBay. Lots of pictures that showed them in like new shape. I was and still am very happy with them.
  10. Does this use a proprietary tool, or will other manufacturer's tools work?
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