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  1. My course is closed to here in NJ and expecting it to be closed until May. Therefore I bought a rukket net and now debating on a putting mat.
  2. mallrat and everyone else I think you have convinced me to go the artificial route. Thank you for everyone's insight.
  3. Since there is not much else to do I am thinking about building a home green or 2 in my yard. Thinking one for putting and one for chipping onto. I've pretty much decided on real grass. Is it best to start with seed or sod? Where do I buy either of these? Located in North Western NJ. Any other tips please feel free to share
  4. Funny you say this my club just sent out an email asking for everyone to leave the flag in and do not touch it. Also, they covered all the ball cleaners and removed the water jugs.
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Ill look into how to take care of the Browning. The vendor had them marked for sale for $300. I offered $150 and we settled on $160 plus tax. Next time I'll do a little more research. This was literally just walking buy and bought them.
  6. I'm high handicapper and just bought the same clubs(mp-32). Everyone always talk about blades and I wanted to see the fuss. Picked them up used for $170. I know I suck and won't play them in our weekly game but will screw around on the range and by myself with them for fun. Once I realize I should have never bought them they will be for sale here haha
  7. I apologize if this isn't the right section for this post Went to a local golf show and they had a bunch of used vendors. Ended up getting a set of Mizuno MP-32 3-PW. They cost me $170 out the door and are in good condition for the age. These are my first blades. Did I get a good deal? Was this a good choice? By the way these are literally because I should never play blades but want to try to for fun.
  8. Thank you. That's new since the last time I ordered dress pants. I'll have to try a pair.
  9. I admit I have thunder thighs therefore I wear athletic cut pants. I really like Bonobos athletic fit dress pants. They don't make the same cut in golf pants. Does anyone have experience with any other pants with similar fits?
  10. I'll third Callaway pre-owned. Some of the best customer service I have ever received. Also, the clubs are accurately described.
  11. No idea about the golf but Nashville is a great city. My favorite by far.
  12. Worst purchase- TM Gapr Low 2 iron Second worst- Titlist Driver I bought off the classifieds that snapped playing the second round with it. The round happened to be in a year long match play event. Driver snapped on the 5th hole. Best purchase- Matching Callaway MD 4 Tatical Wedge Set, Mizuno MMC 3 iron
  13. I do not know about their golf pants but bonobos athletic cut dress pants work great for us big thigh guys.
  14. @mattw387 I fully plan to play on Friday. I made a tee time (3) months ago. I'll let you know how it is.
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