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  1. I play the DG 120 in X100 and love them, but have the exact same issue when it’s windy. It’s a swing issue (for me), violent downswing and a flip/cast at the bottom that puts a lot of spin on every shot. Swing works fine in normal conditions, so I refuse to blame the shaft. I have to agree with @Alan Pllu, after trying everything, clubbing up A LOT (2-3 clubs) and hitting a 3/4 swing relaxed punch shot is the ticket. Neutral to low ballflight that just pierces through a strong headwind and still has enough spin to not fall out of the sky, and will easily hold greens. It’s a fun shot that can easily be practiced, and it beats the workaround looking for a different shaft. After all, it’s not always windy where I play, and I love the 120 X100 except for this issue. To the OP, if you’re playing in these conditions very often, a different shaft might be a good idea anyway.
  2. Lefty: not sure. Guess not. Didn’t read that, sorry. 8th place: was referring to Bryson‘s Long Drive Championship endeavors, but that one flew over everyone‘s head (pun very intended). My 2H goes a lot higher than my 3W, I love that it still carries a lot longer than my 19* 3H. It’s magical, really. Flighting it low is easy, too. Going to put it back in the bag, now that I think of it.
  3. To add to the discussion: the Tour Edge CBX 119 2 hybrid (16*) is an absolute cannon and easier to hit off the deck than a fairway wood. It’s longer than my 15* 3W at times (not off the tee, though), looks fantastic and is just plain cool in the bag. Beats the utility iron out of semi-serious lies, too. Find the right shaft and this could be the ticket. And congrats on 8th place, pretty impressive, man!
  4. This seems to work well for me, too. I’m very competitive and at the same time super analytical about the game. I love picking a strategy to conquer a hole, and it has trickled down to planning out every single shot prior to hitting, but concentrating ONLY on the next shot. This might sound like it takes a long time but no, I just have this routine where I go through my options when I walk up to my ball and pick the one I’m convinced is the best. Initiate pre-shot routine and it’s go time. I’m always convinced that I picked the right club, so it’s only a matter of execution. Rinse and repeat for each shot. It’s astonishing how this takes my mind off of the „hope I don’t screw this one up“ thought train I used to jump on. I have lowered my scores from low-mid 90‘s to low mid 80‘s just by doing that. And loads of practice heh
  5. Very solid advice from hammergolf. There’s tolls on the highways, but they are very reasonable. I second the Lisbon comments, it’s a magical old European city well worth spending a day in. Coimbra, on the other hand, was surprisingly dull. Really just a boring town
  6. Oh that’s gold! Or of him cutting open the new Callaway balls.
  7. You gotta give it to Tiger, that’s commitment! Getting in a serious car accident just for the PR, mad respect!
  8. Yeah you can go find a new society, because the way this one works is definitely not for you. Jeez man, I even understand your opinion and respect it, but the sense of entitlement…luckily, there’s plenty of iron manufacturers out there, so you can take your pick. I really hope your post wasn‘t meant as it read…best of luck brother.
  9. Rental car it is. I’ve been using a great (German) website that consolidates all the suppliers and weeds out the bad seeds. The prices are ALWAYS lower than on the respective websites, as they are buying bulk rates. They work all over Europe. www.billiger-mietwagen.de
  10. There’s a lot of good courses in the south, I just haven’t been there, yet.
  11. Thr beaches are stunning and the climate is great for golf and vacationing. West Cliffs: pretty spectacular, albeit a little forced on the whole „links golf“ theme. There’s no rough, you’re either in play or the ball is gone (apart from the „native areas“ aka fairway bunker complexes). Loads of fun holes, great views, but not the most naturally embedded course- still, my no. 1 course in central Portugal. Praia d‘el Rey: good resort course, worth playing. Winds through the resort and its villas. Well maintained. Royal Obidos: didn’t mean play it, don’t remember why. Bom Successo: they had major greens maintenance going on, so didn’t play. I heard it’s a failed resort project and as fake as it gets- the course might still be nice, I don’t know. Played West Cliffs 3 times and Praia 2. Chrck out the Marriott Praia d‘el Rey, it’s a good hotel right on the most beautiful beach. Go to Lisbon for a day or two and play Estoril. Can be noisy when there’s racing practice on the nearby circuit, but it’s a great old school course.
  12. I second this. Their slightly bigger shape instills confidence. They are definitely draw biased and the 22* is a secret weapon for me, from different lies. Sound great, too. However, the 19* is slightly harder to hit flush for me. Don’t know what it is, but when I rush a swing with the 22*, it still goes the distance. The 19*, not so much. Have to keep solid tempo and then it goes a mile.
  13. The Mizuno T20 feel great and spin a lot. Very precise and looking sharp, too. I‘m probably going for the T22 in the „denim copper“ finish, they look fantastic. Regarding grind options, BV still is king. Also, they hold up longer due to being cast. Heard great things about the PING Glide 3.0 as well.
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