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  1. Why would you suggest this here? This is as unproductive as can get. He asked a specific question. I‘d be interested, but would never buy GPS chipped balls for 18 bucks per ball. If it’s in the water or somewhere I can’t retrieve it from, knowing where it is doesn’t help one bit. If your device worked with any ball, there’s a lot of scenarios that this would be helpful in. 150 would be my limit.
  2. So do you play heavier balls, too? Holy mother, those are some crazy specs and I applaud you for trying something extreme and succeeding with it! Serious question, do you start feeling the weight at the end of the round? And do you have a deliberate tempo or a violent one? They look friggin‘ awesome, don’t leave them in the trunk!
  3. TEE EXS-220 or Pro Wilson D7 (too OEM?) Maltby KE4 ST-2
  4. Really interesting numbers! You’re right in that it is almost a knee-jerk statement whenever these irons are mentioned. I’ve had the DBM Forged for 2 years now (stock lofts) and they are launching high for me with X100‘s. It’s mostly a beautiful high ballflight that I enjoy for it‘s stopping power, but not so much in high winds. It’s really noticeable for me. And I came from MP-33 w/S300‘s, which are 1-2 degrees weaker (but have a higher VCOG). I think part of the „problem“ is my flippy swing, and for others, the low bounce and pretty sharp leading edge- even if y
  5. New Level PF-2 ->thin topline, small offset New Level 902 ->a little more of both, but just a great design Mizzy MP-20 MMC ->what the others said Check out Maltby‘s offerings, too. Underrated and affordable.
  6. 6‘3“ here and would struggle with standard length and lie when I started out. Hunched over, back hurt, felt uncomfortable. Embarrassed to go get fit with an absolute beginner‘s swing, so referred to Ping‘s charts for height and wrist to floor measurements. Landed at +1/2“, 2* up. Liked it ok, but short clubs felt too short. Made a 3/8“ increment build, starting with 7i at +1/2“, and it‘s...well I expected more, but had a swing crisis at that time and now left unsure, and moved on to a regular 1/2“ stepped set Just bought new irons at +1/2“, 1.5* up and hope it works.
  7. Funny to read this thread. I just received my New Level 902 irons, and they are definitely inspired by the TM 300‘s. Great design, and good to see it still works today!
  8. 47* PW seems to be the magic frontier here. Lots of players irons with a 46* PW out now, but 45* is becoming more common. I have a set with a 48* bent to 47*, and two others with 46* PW. Gaps are more important to me than the actual lofts. A 50* would be pretty noticeable, but as many have said: club up and shut up. I’m comfortable in the 46-48 range.
  9. I received mine today. Eric sent me a personal message and apologized for the long wait. Shipping took just 3 days from Scottsdale, AZ to Zurich, Switzerland, amazing. They look incredible in person, the build quality is awesome and I couldn’t be happier. Will have to wait for the snow to melt but at least I can go to the range and hit them off mats. The customer service is unparalleled, Eric answers within minutes and is super helpful. A CEO thanking a customer personally for their business, that’s just incredible. Fan for life here!
  10. I’d give it a couple more tries and re-evaluate your findings. I had a pretty embarrassing thread on here last spring, when I lengthened my MP-33‘s and had a day for the ages on the range. Just 1/2“ longer and lies adjusted, and I hit them so much longer I couldn’t believe it. It was crazy, and I could prove it, too, as I was on a closed range (lockdown) and literally walked out and collected the balls- so I stood next to the distance markers. Whatever I was on that day, I wish I coulda preserved it. Of course, it evened itself out the next couple sessions and while I hit them be
  11. I edited my post as I read that later. Also added some thoughts while at it Please read my post again.
  12. I hit my DBM 7i 155y and have X100‘s in them. They do launch high and that shaft counters it a little. However, the shafts tend to get heavy towards the end of a round for me. I have no problem loading them, as I have a quick transition and driver SS of ca. 102-105. Also have a flip/cast which is not a good fit with a high launching head and costs me distance, but I get along well with them. S300 might be a good idea, if you like the DG feel. What I would do differently if I had to order them again: GW builds them at a D0 swingweight, and I would ask to go heavier, at least D3
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