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  1. 10 balls and I know if I like it. 5 rounds and I know if it fits me. Sometimes, you want to love a club but she doesn’t love you back. Other times, you learn only after a couple rounds how great she really is. My Tour Edge EXS 220 hybrids were not love at first sight, but are slowly becoming my secret weapons. Glad I gave them some time.
  2. I had a couple range sessions and played a few rounds and found out that the EXS 220 doesn’t like heel strikes. Immediate distance drop off. Is this the same with the C721? My old Mizuno JPX 900 took those mishits better, but anything close to the middle, it’s no comparison, the Tour Edge is filthy long.
  3. Haha, same here! Thanks mom! Congrats, and I’m jealous about your own private D1 golfer . Sounded like you own him, how you worded it. Well, this is a tough course, so that score is pretty good! Which tees did you play from? I broke 90 today with an 88 at a course that’s rated a little lower (=easier), and I’m happy with that score. I’m in my 4th season and played ice hockey for 20 years, so I’m somewhat talented, but it always amazes me how low some „newbies“ on here are scoring. I‘m practicing a lot, and have started to practice with a plan, which has translate
  4. The „PRACTICE“ stamped V1‘s I bought for a while felt and played like the real ones, but they’re usually used, as well. At least from where I bought them.
  5. Recommend the Tour Edge Exotics hybrids, too. The CBX119 has a smaller profile, so looks great but less face to hit the ball with (perceived). Can be intimidating for a newer player, but absolute cannons when hit flush. More reliable and just as long as my 3W. I have a 16* of those and the 19* and 22* EXS 220. The latter are a little bigger and thus confidence inspiring, go a mile, easy to flight low, are 130$ new and (almost) a current model with great shaft options. Fantastic bang for the buck and not one of the big brands, if you’re into that (I am). Srixon
  6. I’ve learned to hit them at a medium trajectory. My 16* and 19* have slowly become very reliable options off the tee. One thing: I prefer a slightly heavier shaft in my hybrids (not necessarily stiffer) than in my woods, or they become hook prone. This helps lower the flight, and that’s win-win for me.
  7. Two things: what scores are you shooting typically? In the 90s? Counting every stroke, no mulligans, no 8 ft gimmes. Honest question. Be aware that you can’t skip the time it takes to learn from your mistakes and ingrain changes to your technique. I’ve been playing the guitar for over 30 years now, and there were a couple people in my musical circles who picked up the guitar to impress girls or to „be cool“. They all thought they could just copy the things I did and skip the basics. It doesn’t work this way and that’s ok. Be patient and honest with yourself, cherish the fact that
  8. Interesting, my 220 (9.5*) w/Hzrdus Yellow is the lowest launching driver I’ve hit so far. And I’m a HL/HS player. I just wish it went further on mishits. Hitting the occasional low spinner that drops out of the sky (mostly with crappy range balls), which was not an issue I had ever encountered before. Other than that, best sounding and most powerful driver ever, and looks amazing.
  9. I’m a 19 index, which is a realistic representation of my skill level. Breaking 90 consistently is my goal. Worst: 106 in February 35 putts, 7 FIR, 3 GIR. CR/SR 71.1/139 PB there is 92 ->Culprits: tee game/irons Best: 90 in April (PB there) 35 putts, 10 FIR, 6 GIR. CR/SR 69.3/133 If I can get down to 30-32 putts and get the ball in the fairway more often, I’ll break 90 easily. I’m in my 4th season and feel that I could be better, but I’m probably doing ok for a normally skilled person.
  10. I’m currently playing the Vice Pro in „Neon Red“. I love the color, it’s easy to spot from a distance, but harder to track in the air. I’m not hitting massive slices or hooks (usually), so no problem. I like that I know right away which one is mine when our group walks up to the landing area. It’s the one out front, ha.
  11. The top contender for worst name has to be the Dixon‘s. I mean, Dixon Fire, Dixon Earth...how could that go through marketing?! I heard they come out with the JDM version soon, the Dixon Yomama... If I get warned now, it was worth it!
  12. It will go shorter due to shorter shaft (=less ballspeed). But it should be easier to hit, flies higher/lands softer, can be flighted low and will actually be usable out of medium rough, which are the reasons I replaced my 3W with a 2H. For me, it’s the safe option off the tee on narrow holes, but goes longer than the typical 3H/3i that most people use in that scenario. I have a Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 at 16* and love it to death. Absolute rocket launcher, plus it’s a fixed hosel design and a pretty small clubhead. I get asked all the time „what is this sorcery?!“ when I’m not much
  13. Nothing to add here as well, except now I know where New Level got their inspiration for their 902 Forged irons- it’s pretty obvious to me!
  14. Any comparison with the EXS 220? I love mine, but always looking for the holy grail... The EXS 220 looks very nice, and the C721 ridge is not what I would like to look down at at address. But if it performs...
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