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  1. This is really hard to believe. I don’t want to start anything, but wouldn’t you believe that an 8 hcp can hit the middle of the clubface more often than „occasionally“, and thus see this phenomenon more often than once in a while? But let’s say that it’s really just happening on those 1 out of 50 swings where you absolutely, perfectly flush it, still, that would be a major design flaw if those shots went 20 yards further! There‘s lots of discussions on „occasional fliers with SGI irons“ on here, and I can’t have an informed opinion because I don’t own any. I’m just thinking this would be a real head scratcher if you get great forgiveness, but get punished badly on a great shot. I like the rest of your advice, and really don’t want to move the discussion towards that problem, it’s just very tough to believe.
  2. It started showing for me too, a couple days ago. Anytime I go to the forum website on my iPhone, there’s a random ad at the top. I’ve also inadvertently clicked on it because muscle memory. Annoying to see this! I’ve been enjoying the ad-free forum experience. Granted, there have been ads on the bottom of each page for a while now.
  3. It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but W/S makes kind of a hybrid bag, hard top, soft bottom. I almost bought it. Look here
  4. Looks right to me. My Tour Edge adapters look the same from that one angle.
  5. SKB‘s are sturdy, but a pain to handle. Softcases, stiff arm, unscrewing wood heads, putting socks over every other iron head, tangling 2-3 towels over the clubs is better IMO. If I was a Tour Pro with a big bag, I‘d even put the irons in with the heads in the bottom (grips up).
  6. Last summer, I played with an older club pro (67), and he hit a lot of 3W off the deck, as we played a long course and he joined the rest of the group on tees he usually doesn’t play anymore. I had been struggling with this club for a while and asked him for advice. He said, „swing easy and just shallow enough to brush the grass, the hot face will do the job“. I still don’t carry 3W , went to a 16.5* 4W, but this dude had a very pedestrian looking swing and never hit his 3W offline the whole round. Played 2 over on a tough track, too. So, best of luck with the new acquisition, but if it doesn’t work out, maybe go the 4W/3HL route. It seems to work for many.
  7. But admittedly, they’re very well known for their woods and less so for their irons. I was surprised to see that John Daly had a full bag of TEE at the PNC tourney. He came from Ping i200‘s, that’s quite an accomplishment to get him to play their irons. I’m curious how the C 721 irons feel and play. I had the EXS 220 driver (loved looks and sound, my new Cally Epic Max LS is just longer) and still have two EXS 220 hybrids that I love. Plus a CBX 119 2H that’s an absolute rocket launcher. TEE makes great stuff, but the irons are kind of unknown.
  8. Anybody asked Will Zalatoris? Should be a 64* wedge or so for him
  9. Dr, 4W, 3H, 4H, 5i for me. The 4H has been very consistent for me, but I’d love to be able to use a 4i. The truth is, the 4H is just more reliable, plus really useful out of the rough. The one spot in the bag where I let reason prevail.
  10. Funny you come up with this thread now. I’ve just ordered new wedges, and it’s a bit of an experiment, too. I’m getting a 46*, replacing the set PW, because I always wanted to try this. Then a 50* and a 54*, but no lob wedge. I want to make the 54* my primary short game club, plus make room for a longer club. The other big change: going to DG X100 from S400 in all of them. After learning on this forum that more flex will increase backspin with wedges, and because I need lower flight, this is what I’ll try. Let’s see how it works out. Ordered Mizuno T22, currently in the T20 and a New Level gap wedge. Will report back.
  11. My opinion is pretty anecdotal, but I just came back from a range session with my good buddy, who has received his P770 with Modus 120S shafts. I was pretty underwhelmed with two things, compared to my New Level 902 Forged: - feel on slightly thin strikes; a groove too low and they feel and sound pretty harsh - topline is thicker than I thought Good points: - good distance retention on those thin strikes - good feel on flushed shots - great looking, apart from that slightly thick topline I was also genuinely surprised I didn’t hit them longer than my irons, even with the helping speed slot and foam filled ones (7i to 4i). They are exactly the same length, but I have DG 120 X100 shafts in mine. Very happy I chose forged cavity backs, so my conclusion is, the ZX7 would probably be my favorite between those two.
  12. Not much to add, but I found Bernhard Langer‘s short video very helpful as a starting point. The principles are obviously the same.
  13. 50* GW, thanks to Kilograms and Meters, you fat lards!
  14. Seriously! You and I don’t know ANYTHING about their relationship, characters, history, life circumstances and everything else. I would never advise divorce or any other move on that level. That’s shooting from the hip, and just downright bad advice! OP is likely turning to this community because of their expertise in golf club/country club etiquette. We’re not marriage counselors here. How can one seriously go where you just did, with how little we know about the people and the incident, and on top of that, told to us only in writing by one involved party, on a golf forum? I really hope you’re joking. No hard feelings, but, NO.
  15. Great advice! Divorce her now. More time for golf!
  16. Welcome back to the best game of them all! I started only 4 years ago and am hooked for life. Great taste in irons, you must still have some game. What was your last index, if I may ask? Also, great pun if it was intended
  17. Consider going 4H (22*) then 5i. Judging by the PW loft, your irons are pretty strong lofted. I’m doing the same and have forged irons with a 26* 5i. Wedges: be honest, how much use does the 60* get and is it a confidence club for you? I’d go 50-56 with a high bounce 56 (14 bounce). For tight lies around the green, go 50. For bunkers, soft lies, all around chipping, use the 56. Opens up a spot on the top.
  18. This driver is insane! Backstory: I became curious about the 2021 Epic line because my good buddy bought an Epic Max and has been hitting absolute bombs with it. He came from a Cally GBB (the green one) and it's no comparison. All of a sudden, he was hitting it way past me, when we usually had the same length. Really annoying. So I did the WRX thing and gifted myself a new Epic Max LS, because I've always been high spin, which also hurt my distance. Got the 10.5° head with the MMT 60 S shaft. I'm a 17 index and at around 102-105 mph clubhead speed. I have now played three rounds with it. Weather has been cold, around 3-5° C / 37-41° F. I'm absolutely stunned, as I'm hitting this thing longer than my previous drivers in warm weather! It's crazy. I come from a Tour Edge EXS 220 which I love for looks and sound, but man o man, it can't compete with the Max LS. Before that, I had a Mizuno JPX 900 and it was hot, but unforgiving on low face strikes. I feel like I'm cheating with this Max LS, it's so much better. The shaft is comparable to what I had before, but maybe I'm getting more kick out of it as well. It's just such a big difference. The MMT feels good, pretty smooth. Could be a touch stiffer. With the Max LS, the main things I've noticed are high and powerful launch and great forgiveness on low and toe strikes. I hit a couple where I could feel the head twist (toe hits), and both felt terrible but went only marginally shorter- unbelievable. You know when you think "that's a bad one" but it still goes the distance- never had this happen before. When you hit one in the heel, they spin up and go shorter with a fade, but that's to be expected. The sliding weight really makes a difference in the flight/shape, and I'm still experimenting with it. The one downside: I'm not a fan of the sound, the EXS 220 was gorgeous in that regard and the Max LS just doesn't do it for me. But I don't care. Looking forward to playing a round with my buddy, I haven't told him yet and would like to let the Max LS do the talking...hope that works out heh. I have never been so enthusiastic about a new club, but this thing is a game changer for me.
  19. I tipped an Evo III 569 regular driver shaft 1.5” and it plays stiffer than stiff, launches low and feels fantastic. My buddy has one in his 5W and it feels the same. They are still pretty expensive and the stiff versions are hard to come by (661). Great shaft.
  20. Well, I guess I have to live with that loss for now. I’m sure it’s a swing fault (I’m a 17 index) but after fighting the slice and over the top/casting for a few years, now I’m blessed with a hook that flares up now and then. Weight in the toe gives me more confidence right now. I’m getting lessons to fix that. I was just impressed with the impact of that 13g weight position and it’s helpful on colder days, when I’m less flexible. As with anything, it’s not the tool, I realize that.
  21. I just got a new driver and have been experimenting with the sliding weight positions. It’s very interesting and pretty subjective, so as a regular player, I recommend testing it on a launch monitor, if possible. Our ranges have Toptracer, and it’s pretty good for launch and flight numbers, but not for spin. I can see clearly the different results for different weight positions, and have dialed in an anti-hook setting. Much easier than using lead tape. I’m a fan of the sliding weight idea. What’s interesting, especially in the Winter, is the day-to-day tendencies in my swing. I had a persistent fade this Saturday on the range, so I put the weight to the heel position and it produced a small draw. Yesterday, I was more loose (little less cold = less layers of clothes) and my shots were overdrawing. Weight set to toe position, voilà, back to my usual draw shape. Impressive. This was with a Cally Epic Max LS.
  22. I’m playing a two ball, best ball match with my foursome tomorrow, it’s about 3* Celsius here in Switzerland. Really looking forward to it. Won the last best-of-three and now we’re switching partners. I’m paired with the weakest player of the group who just came back from an injury, so it’s basically me against the two better players. I’m gonna kick their asses. There’s two courses in my area that are mostly open during wintertime. I even played in light snow last week (not too pleasant). Most public courses are using wintergreens here. Of the two I mentioned, one is closed when there’s ground frost and the other one is always open. Still, the latter has the better greens, so it really doesn’t hurt them as much as I’m being told by the front desks of all the other courses. Anyone know or has experience with this? Is this just an excuse or are greens suffering from play in sub-zero temperatures?
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