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  1. I won't get into specifics, but Beau Hossler is complete tool. Almost Aspergery. His caddie basically gave me a shameful "sorry dude" look during the practice round. That's all I'll say, but needless to say, I'm not a fan. Jordan Spieth and Jason Day are as nice IRL as they seem in interviews. Followed them for the day at a practice round in Boston at the Northern Trust (or Deutsche Bank?).
  2. Did anyone notice if Cam was on the range with him today? Hopefully he's listening to the whispers (Duval, et al) and will bench him permanently. Cam's teaching style/methods - with his gimmicky training aids - probably fuels the voices in Jordan's OCD head.
  3. So far not impressed with ESPN+. Laggy stream that keeps buffering (and I'm sure as more people tune in it'll keep degrading). It's almost unwatchable. Just ran a speedtest on my end...I'm showing 90mbps.
  4. Major Airline Captain here. You're completely wrong....
  5. I have the MMC/MP20 combo so I'm not in the market....otherwise I'd take them off your hands. Although if you have a #2 HMB I'd purchase asap as I need a driving iron. GLWS.
  6. Winn Dri Tac LT (less taper) midsize. Love the tack and the soft feel. Bonus is it's only 43g, so it's easy to manipulate swingweight issues.
  7. Gotcha, thanks. I was just wondering if it was part of a set. I'm assuming you can use pvc, abs type pipes? Or does it require something beefier like galvanized?
  8. beautiful, you definitely kept them in good shape; pride of ownership right there. You're the kinda guy I'd like to buy a car from!
  9. What is the feedback system?? I'm assuming it's only for buy/sells?
  10. Just ordered some, can't wait to see the finished product!
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