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  1. So salty....or is that the taste of the tears streaming down your face?
  2. Demo'ed my club's 15 degree Sim2 today. Wow, what an absolute bomber. I played a few practice holes and hit driver then 3-wood for a side-by-side comparison. It pretty much kept up with my SimMax off the tee (within 10 yards or so). Took it back to my simulator at home to dive into the numbers: 163 mph ball speed, 274 yard carry, which is insane for me. It's so long it doesn't really fit into my bag. If the 5 wood is anywhere near as good, it could be the perfect fit for my gapping.
  3. BillyBob's has aftermarket weights, but they're currently out of stock for a few weeks.
  4. Thought I'd go the Titleist TSi route, but after comparing the two in my simulator Sim wins (by a lot!) I could purchase the heads alone or with a shaft I'd prefer stiff Tensei white.
  5. looking for a TSi2or3 3w and 5w. 15 degree and 19 degree is preferred. Tensi white stiff would be ideal, but any stiff or x in standard length.
  6. Curious why your friend had to apply heat to pull shaft, I thought these had an adjustable sleeve? Interested in both, just wondering.
  7. Not really loving the swingweight of the Sim2 (D5). Just seems a little heavy to me (202g vs 195g) Waiting for aftermarket back weight options. Other than that, I much prefer the deeper face and the sound.
  8. Dropping the back weight will reduce swingweight as well. But it'll also reduce MOI and lower the spin a little.
  9. Today was a good day, 10/14 fairways. He's definitely trending in the right direction, and he'll always be one of my favorites to watch; his ability to pull off shots (chip shot on the 18th today) is entertaining.
  10. Playing length is 44.75”. It was not tip trimmed, just butt trimmed 1” short as an experiment (ala Ricky Fowler’s shorter driver”)
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