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  1. I do not know for sure any tipping information on either shaft. Both previous owners told me they have NOT been tip trimmed, but I am not able to verify that. Only trade interest would be for a Tour AD XC 7TX or HD 7TX, ideally with Titleist adapter. Thanks for looking! 1) Accra Tour Z X475. M5 flex (X-stiff). 44" grip to tip. 8.5/10 condition. Very minor scuffs from regular use but above average shape for its age. Worst blemish is pictured below. Brand new Tour Velvet midsize. $125 shipped OBRO. GONE 2) HZRDUS "Hulk" Smoke Green Small Batch, 6.5TX 70g. 44" grip to tip. 8/10 condition with similar minor scuffs and one scratch that is pictured below. Brand new Tour Velvet Midsize. $210 shipped GONE
  2. Second the AD DI hybrid or driving iron shaft. I play the latter untipped in a tmb 2i and, for what it’s worth as a pretty high SS player, haven’t felt it to be too soft or whippy.
  3. Not interested in trades, hoping to get this to someone who will play it! Really great shape overall, only blemish is a small grouping of ~3-4 dings on the outer toe side of the crown. Not obvious at address, but they're there -- priced appropriately given the rest of its condition. Headcover is 9.9+/10 condition as pictured. Asking $175, which includes Paypal fees and shipping to the CONUS.
  4. GLWS and hope you still find some time to go hit em! -a PGY-5
  5. Just one tonight -- no trade interests at the moment. GD Tour AD GP 6x, measures barely under 44", titleist tip. Standard size tour velvet 360 grip. No defects, a few really minor scuffs if you look super close. I'd call it 9.5 out of 10 condition. Measures between 24.5" and 24.75" from the tip of adapter to the first ring. Looking for $195 (includes shipping CONUS and PP fees) OBRO.
  6. I think most companies are pretty good about this. I cracked an M3 and the M5 they sent to replace it in the span of about 4 weeks a couple of years ago during normal use and TM didn't even ask questions about it. Can't imagine I was the only one.
  7. Hot take, J40 DPC >>>>> CB > J15 CB > the rest
  8. The Ping Tour will probably feel significantly stiffer than the Alta at the same weight/flex rating -- might be worth trying the R flex Ping Tour and see if you like it. I expect the same would be true for the HZRDUS black and yellow. "Quickly" may be relative, but there are usually a fair amount of G400-tipped shafts (including the above manufacturers) on eBay with USPS Priority shipping available. Might pop into a couple of pro shops in your area and see if they have any of their demo shafts for sale or available for you to test.
  9. The Tour AD GP (untipped) has a lot more feel than I remember. Just went back to testing one after playing the Hulk for a year, and it definitely has a good kick in comparison.
  10. Got too excited for the Kiyoshi black thinking it was driver length would definitely be buying if I had a TSi fairway. Great prices, GLWS!
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