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  1. Sent you a PM with the answers. So the quiz isn't spoiled for those who still want to take it.
  2. Interestingly, The Fried Egg released a podcast on this very subject back in November. Fried Egg Stories, Episode 11: Always Greener - The American Pursuit of Perfect Turf It discusses Augusta National's overseeding process, the evolution of golf course agronomy in postwar America, the expectation of the retail golfer in the 1950's and 60's for green grass, why Pinehurst changed from overseeding to painting, and the change in outlook regarding turf conditions and colors within the modern game.
  3. They would have made them in black, but I doubt there would have been very many of them. Possibly even a special order.
  4. That sounds to me like a line of Apex woods they put out I believe in '88 or '89. The soleplate was butterfly shaped with the club number near the back, just "Hogan" in script, and Apex below.
  5. Fairway lengths today are .75 inches lower than they were 50 years ago. Couple that with club lofts being 2 clubs stronger today than they were 50 years ago and you can understand the problem.
  6. Yep, never been that good a grammar, probably spend to much time on the driving range growing up. Displays like the 2014 US Open are a great start, but it's hard to convey exactly what is going on at a course on TV and have it relate back to those making comparisons with their home courses. Every superintendent in America come April knows they're going to get peppered with questions about why Augusta looks the way it does and why their home course looks so different, and that's been going on for 50 years now. While Augusta on color TV helped to create this problem, the solution nee
  7. Rather the promoting the assumed expectation that 95% of golfers demand wall to wall green, shouldn't the effort be put forward to educate players as to what factors really make for a great course and how best maintenance practices may not lead to perfectly green grass? Why pander to perspective of the uniformed when teaching them why would not be that difficult? I also found this quote interesting from Golf Magazine "It’s usually the case that parkland courses are well-manicured, and are full of man-made features like dug bunkers, ponds and built-up rough. Parkland cou
  8. Are you saying a course that "isn't green" is entirely brown or mixes of greens & browns but not entirely emerald green?
  9. Charleston Muni recently re opened after significant renovations and it looks awesome. Easy course to walk and will easily fall in your price range.
  10. Not everyone thinks this way, and this is a line of thinking that is changing quickly within the greenskeeping community. Places like the Vineyard Golf Club on Martha's Vineyard may be the poster child for more organic and sustainable maintenance practices, but more and more clubs are reducing their use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Part of this process is the embrace of less than perfectly green grass. Practices that lead to perfect, lush green grass also creates grass that is dependable on continuous watering and care. The grasses roots become short and the grass becom
  11. George Wright - Boston, MA Hooper - Walpole, NH Keney Park - Windsor, CT Highland Links - Cape Cod, MA Shennecossett - Groton, CT Cape Arundel - Kennebuckport, ME (There is a lot of great affordable courses in Maine)
  12. Zach, were you appalled at how Pinehurst looked for the 2014 US Open?
  13. You don't have to be a member at a CC to be a good junior golfer, but it does help tremendously. My brother and I grew up at a CC. During the summers we would be dropped off at the club in the morning and picked up in the evening. The members and staff all knew us and would call our parents if we stepped out of line. It was a safe space for us and we could practice and play a lot. I'd imagine that would not have been possible at a public course, as you don't have the same close relationships with those around you. That being said, even at a country club, I'm not sure if you would
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