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  1. I knew I should have stayed with my rookie pick of Patty Tavatanakit.
  2. Well @Stooch ... we're kinda like a broken record ... I am nearing the point where I just accept the fact that she will never improve her putting. I think you mentioned before, the quote attributed to either Einstein or Twain ... about the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, yet expecting a different outcome. The fact that she is going to left-hand low right now for her shorter putts causes me concern ... I think that she is grasping at straws. If anyone needed a fresh perspective on her putting, it is her. With all of the other aspects of her game,
  3. Jerry Foltz is the source material from a trackman session of Patty's.
  4. Yes ... but interestingly, Patty's ball speed is better than all of them. So, she is making consistently better contact (i.e.: smash factor)
  5. Lydia's comment in the press conference today was that she hoped people would not say that "Lydia's back!" ... she said it was much better to understand that this is the best she could be today and she is not the same person she was then ... older, more mature, leaner, stronger, etc. with more life experience. Not that she won't keep working at it, but her goal is to be the best player she can be today.
  6. Yes. It was like prime season conditions out there today. Little humidity, good roll, dry with hot (thin air), so yeah. But nonetheless, Patty was outdriving everybody this week.
  7. She said in the press conference that she refused to look at leaderboards ... her caddy Ryan did, but he never told her anything (didn't need to). She said if she had known how close Lydia was, she probably would have chunked her chip at 17!
  8. Knowing the way Lydia plays, she probably had some chocolate stored in there somewhere ... in a cooler bag!
  9. maybe they will test it for something?
  10. That will definitely get asked! She has not been looking at them, trying hard to look down, but her caddie has been checking it out!
  11. Hey guys ... if you were in the media tent after Lydia and Patty's rounds today, what would you ask them?
  12. Patty is not Ariya. Patty seems far more mentally prepared and strong. She seems to have that inner competitive fire. One of the reporters covering the event said yesterday that Patty gave them the Ben Hogan stare ... as if to say, "what a stupid question"! She didn't of course, but she didn't flinch from the thought of being the winner. But it's golf ... I remember Jean Van de Velde at Carnoustie after all.
  13. Another beautifully stroked putt ... centre of the cup for Lydia! Wow. Best Final round of golf in a major championship since Johnny Miller's 63!
  14. She's been doing that for a couple of years now. Left hand low on or about 10 feet and in.
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