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  1. Of all the times I played in Japan, the carts were "self driving" ... using an automated system that knew exactly where the cart was at all times. It never left the cart path so we grab our clubs and head out to the fairway after stopping the cart. Another thing about the courses was the maintenance. Where we played the "rough" was a very different experience than what many in Europe and North America are used to ... or perhaps even outside of Japan. But, the rough was manicured in the style of a Japanese garden. The grounds crew were using little scissors to trim the plants!
  2. Perhaps a stop along the way for some whisky tastings and tours?
  3. What is the meaning of your post? What are you trying to say? That Bianca was foolish for playing in the OIympics rather than an event hosted by Niall Horan? I am asking because I am not sure what you are trying to get at.
  4. Not necessarily ... if she is outperforming on the pair of measurable driving holes, then her statistical average would be skewed higher. Just like Lydia could be performing above her average of the two measurable holes. Without the data from every single driving hole (pars 4 & 5), it is impossible to know how accurate and how reliable these existing numbers are.
  5. In all fairness though, don't forget that they measure the driving distance on a limited number of holes and it is not an average based on every par 4 or 5 hole. So, it is quite conceivable that she is hitting the ball noticeably further without it being reflected as much in the driving stats.
  6. @Stooch and I have chatted about this on several occasions previously. In order to be a "good" putter she needs to get away from her father as her coach (at least on the short game side of the equation). As Harvey Penick used to say, if you want to be a great putter, hang out with great putters ... or something to that effect!
  7. That's because In Gee bought a second house in Lancaster, PA to go with her home in Dallas/FW !
  8. Edible ... that's a matter of individual preferance. Aroma/scent is such an important factor in how things taste ... so for a good many people, they simply cannot get close enough to a piece of durian to pick it up let alone eat it! When i visit my hometown, I stay at my dad's place, my aunt lived across the street and four houses down. Every summer there would be a big summer BBQ at their place ... about 50 people and she would serve durian. When she sliced it, I could smell from my dad's place! Some of the guests would get away as far as possible from the patio and head
  9. No, not quite accurate. At the US Women's Open, She played solid on Saturday, finishing with a chance of catching Lexi, but gave it away on Sunday (+4, 76), allowing Yuka and Nasa to pass Lexi. Today (Saturday), was the worst of the three rounds played (scoring wise). But, we will see how she handles the situation. She should have gained confidence from having been in this situation last month, so we will see what happens. As I say elsehwere, they still have to play another 18 holes.
  10. That would in part be because they are playing in a group tomorrow. It will be much harder then to resist the surge in emotions and pressure. I just don't think I can handle being up from 2:00a.m. to watch the full round! I slept most of the daytime today as a result!
  11. I cannot recall which hole it was, probably because it was in the wee hours out here on the Pacific coast, but Ariya left her 3-wood in the bag and played an iron off the tee ... leading to a situation where she was the first to play from the fairway.
  12. Only if she "hemorrahages" strokes to the point of finishing above par ... I mean, I think she could post a -2 or -3 round tomorrow and that would in all likelihood win it for her. So if 6ix was to post a -3 (68), Lydia would have to post a 62 for a playoff. Patty held her off at Rancho Mirage, and I don't think Jeongeun will succumb either . . . though, it is golf and that is why they play all four rounds.
  13. Now that it has persisted for a few seasons now, I believe it would be fair to term it as a mental fragility on her part to not come to terms with it. There is no reason that a professional player like her, who is so solid in her ballstriking, should not have worked that issue out over that time frame. If it is a lack of confidence - which it surely must be at this stage given the overall soundness of her swing, one thing can be certain and that is that she will never overcome that lack of confidence keeping that club(s) in the bag or worse, in the locker.
  14. Possibly. She did look a tad "shaky" today en route to 3-bogeys (she has 5 for the week). We'll see how she responds tomorrow. I am thinking that Saturday's round was her "bad" round. Even if she only goes 2 under tomorrow (69), Yeahlimi will have to go -7 under to tie and Lydia -8 under to tie. The only way that a chaser wins is if she gives up strokes and posts a + round (which could happen), but her game seems solid enough to avoid that calamity.
  15. Are you suggesting that he should also post "anti jinx" statements during the olympic golf competition . . . . . . perhaps directed at a pair of players from the Phils?
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