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  1. Hey @Argonne69 ... would it be possible for you to summarize the Total Driving and the Ball Striking stats (i.e.: how you calculate and what they measure?) It would be helpful to someone like me who would dearly love to have it as a "footnote" to your data posts so that I can remind myself. If Brooke keeps driving the ball as well as she is and maintains her current form with her irons/approach shots, I expect that she will claim another win or two this season just as the percentages will start to align for her a couple of times.
  2. Matilda can hold her own with some of the best on tour ... I think her biggest challenge is putting together 4-good rounds. I wouldn't be surprised to see her start making more Top 20s and Top 10s in the next 12-18 months.
  3. That's a great point ... someone posted the piece about the LPGA wanting a betting deal so that they could use the money to invest in real time data. Now that brings me to the point that was raised here about Arccos ... it would not take much now for them to implement this kind of technology to record shot data ... they just would not record club data ... but we'll see. Maybe the market is lucrative enough to acquire Shotlink for each event.
  4. Well, let's hope it is nothing too serious and that she only wants to mentally focus and prepare for other upcoming events. She is a talented enough young player that she should have a good career ahead of her. Now as for our contest ... I have been upset with myself since day one ... I hesitated between picking Patty as my Rookie or Yealimi ... as you know, when you and I started the rookie contest last year, Patty was on my roster as my first pick ... but I hesitated this year because I was not certain where her frame of mind was and whether she would need another year under her
  5. Well, for what its worth there are a few of us in this thread that are Asians too ... I think so long as it stays at this level (more of a scholarly like discussion), then fine. But if it deviates quickly, then yeah, it should be stopped/shut down, etc.
  6. Gen is a heck of a person. Classy individual and I hope she gets some great results in the WAPT so that she can be ready for the Q-Series. Here is an interview with her last May: https://bit.ly/Lost-inTranslation
  7. Do not confuse Ontario's situation with what is happening in B.C. ... we could very well hold the CP Women's Open as scheduled. Most of BC will be fully vaccinated by mid August/End of August ... and they are talking about restrictions for most things coming off in the summer. That means that the CP Women's Open could be held with limited spectators ... the LPGA is still in a bubble type of environment, though not as strictly as last season ... so lets just wait and see. IF they cancel the event, then I suspect that they will do so in July ... they simply will not fill open spo
  8. I completely understand, as I always remove my watch prior to playing. I cannot stand having something on my left wrist, particularly as it is my lead hand in the grip. Though, I recall that there was a player (i cannot remember if it was PGA or LPGA) but they used their watch as part of the pre-shot routine ... to calm them and focus on some aspect of the shot or something ... I apologize, it was about 4-5 years ago ... it may very well have been about the staying in the moment and keeping your swing thoughts simple ... kind of like Ariya's big smile/grin before making her shot.
  9. I would think that if it is configured properly, the Arccos system would also provide data on Proximity to Hole which would be phenomenal data.
  10. Well the concept was that Arccos would partner with the LPGA, so I suspect that the "subscription" part of it would be included. Here is the Podcast Links: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1354720/7663666-talking-lpga-and-the-2021-season-ahead.mp3?download=true It's around the 40:00 mark
  11. There was some discussion about Shotlink and a few other things on various other threads, so I thought it would be more efficient to create one thread for all discussion on LPGA tour stats (everything but the Ballstriking that @Argonne69 has already put together on another thread). So regarding Shot link data or better data from the LPGA, I distinctly recalled something that the LPGA was trying to do or musing to do with Arccos Golf. Plus we had a good discussion about it with Beth Ann and Sophie Walker on a podcast show segment about what they would do if they were commissioner
  12. Last season, Whoop sponsored the entire LPGA. So, perhaps not all of the players are wearing them.
  13. There was talk about the LPGA doing something with Arcoss golf for shot data. Not as fancy as Shotlink, but better than the current system.
  14. Well this didn't age well! All kidding aside ... Ariya shot the lights out today.
  15. We'll see. They've got till July. British Columbia is already 48-50 % vaccinated (1st dose), saying the 16 weeks interval could be shortened to 6 weeks.
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