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  1. A quick and interesting read on Yuka, Bianca and the increasing popularity of golf in the Philippines: https://bit.ly/Yuka-Bianca
  2. that's due in part to the fact that Muni's fans in Communist China cannot access Instagram or other forms of Social Media because of the strict regulation by the central government.
  3. It would be if you could see them without the masks. The smiles would light up any concert hall.
  4. Too funny ... I remember thinking that at the time too. As an aside, Chantel McCabe, was at Torrey Pines for a preview of the USGA US Open and had her photo taken with the trophy. She was wearing white gloves to hold the trophy, not unlike the Hockey Hall of Fame personnel who handle the Stanley Cup. She had a question or two enquiring as to why she was wearing the gloves and Chantel, being the hockey fan that she is, responded that she was superstitious and did not wish to directly touch the trophy! She truly repped her hockey roots!
  5. I rarely have expectations about a player in golf. As we all know, there simply are too many variables and golf is just too finicky -- anything can happen, and often does! I always had a good feeling about Patty Tavatanakit (I used the full name for the benefit of @Stooch) ... I knew she had a heck of a game to back it up, which is why I picked her last year in our "rookie contest". Last season for me was a let down ... but nowhere near as much as it was for her. I picked her because I had been following her at length at UCLA and on the Symetra Tour so she showed signs of b
  6. True enough, but I suspect that if Patty T. continues her top notch play, she will just become known as "Patty". Her name in Thai is ... Panchangorn Thawatchakit, and she is referred to as "Pro Meow" ... I will be communicating with my Thai colleague soon and will seek additional clarification on this tidbit of Jeopardy info.
  7. That might not be such a bad idea though ... it would potentially start to improve the calibre of the LET. Shanshan played the LET before she came to the LPGA.
  8. Based largely on the strength of the field. Beat better players more often and the world ranking points increase.
  9. I misunderstood your point then. I was thinking that you meant that the only way to get onto the LPGA is to play the Symetra Tour.
  10. Okay ... play Commissioner for a day and share with us your ideas?
  11. @Stooch ... I tend to agree with you guys about that, but, one cannot and should not downplay the benefit of the JLPGA, LET, KLPGA etc. in the development of LPGA calibre players. The Symetra Tour simply doesn't stack up comparatively speaking ... and financially, you need a big sponsor or own source of wealth to participate on the Symetra ... whereas one can cover their expenses and more on the KLPGA & JLPGA.
  12. My last post was more about Muni turning pro too early ... in many ways, she is a beneficiary of Covid in that it has given her an extra year to work on her game ... a reset of sorts and part of the reason why players need to carefully consider the timing of their turning pro.
  13. I think the difference is that she more likely hits more Greens in Regulation than you do ... but who knows!
  14. Patty is my pick to win at Siam Country Club in Pattaya! Regardless, she should be contending anyway. The gap between Minjee and Hannah Green is growing closer ... if things continue as they are, then it will only be a matter of time before that happens ... (of course not everything will continue as they are )
  15. And I thought that it would evoke more of a Lawrence of Arabia memory . . .
  16. These are popular here too ...and many wear them in the rain too.
  17. These events will start taking on a "bedouin" theme ... if these are widely adopted!
  18. I do realise that, but do they not do a shuffle of the priority list soon? OR is that pushed back or postponed this season? I suppose my thought is that she turned pro three or four years too early. She was a teenager at USC like Patty was at UCLA. But she is not blessed with physical gifts like Patty or many of the others ... she is very short off the tee (relative to the field), and her entire game is based on putting ... or at least it used to be. Here - 2021 is her best year (arguably): Ave. Distance Driving 123rd Green
  19. And she's still not in that many events. That's the point.
  20. Look no further than Muni He. She turned pro while just into her second season at USC ... and while she did okay in the Symetra and Q-Series, she never got the priority she needed. Now she struggles just to get playing opportunities ... mostly by virtue of sponsor invites. She is only 21 years of age. She had that one glorious summer at the US Women's Open and decided that she liked it enough that she should go pro. It most definitely helped her that she had a NIKE sponsorship (which appears over now) and she has a couple of others still to help pay the bills. But, she rea
  21. Was it nesting season? Cause they can be fierce at that time of the year!
  22. @Argonne69 ... but I believe she was sponsored from Mizuno's parent organization in Asia and not Mizuno North America. Mizuno NA will show her as a staff player but because she is "sponsored" be the parent organization. I could very well be wrong about this ... but, I do have some recollection of this from last year's Janet Lin / Mizuno NA debacle -- Mizuno NA said they do not sponsor any women professionals.
  23. This is extremely popular among Chinese and Korean women. They wear it to avoid exposure to the sun. They do not want their faces to become tanned for cultural reasons. These are sold for golf purposes by Alibaba on their market place website.
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