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  1. So ... who is this "egghead" and Apple Poster Child that you reference? To be honest, I cannot keep up with all of your little nicknames for everyone. It is daunting and overwhelming at times . . . and I've followed the LPGA more or less since the year that Nancy Lopez came on tour and won ROY/POY.
  2. That's because they charge you the Vancouver guest rate! Tell them you are a local and you get the local rate. I still have mail from an old address in the interior, including Kelowna and it works everytime . . . from Osoyoos all the way to Kamloops.
  3. Not sure who the players are that you've referenced in the first two, but Alexa Pano already knows that she is not permitted to play Stage 3 as an underage player. From the Palm Beach Post:
  4. In the interview, Bianca does say that she would be willing to give up 3-4 yards in distance, for better approach shots, proximity to the hole, short game and putting. Then goes on to say that it is completely "doable" as she has the luxury of hitting wedges and short irons into the greens more than most. I must say that she seems to have matured a fair bit since last year when she was the doe-eyed rookie, blinded by the bright lights of the LPGA, particularly the KPMG and the Drive On at Lake Reynolds. Yeah, for sure. Lydia's strength has always been her approaches and her short game . . . maybe that is something for Bianca to consider . . . all she has to do is relocate to Lake Nona from SoCal.
  5. FYI An interview with 2021 US Women's Open Champion - Yuka Saso and her fellow LPGA compatriot and Olympic teammate - Bianca Pagdanganan. They chat about their Olympic experience, Rory McIlroy, the highs and lows of their season on the LPGA, and growing golf and women's golf in the Philippines. Yuka also shares a few thoughts about Sunday at Olympic Club and how she approached the back nine with Lexi, her putt to win on 18, and her playoff with Nasa. Bianca shares her practice plans for improving her game (short game around and on the greens) and she contemplates the idea of giving up a little distance for better results with her putting and approach shots. All in all, it is nice to see or hear them in a relaxed social setting. Here is the full podcast: https://bit.ly/Podcast-Shows Twitter Video Card (1080 x 1080).mp4
  6. And that is one example of how women's golf has evolved. 260 yards and greater are so much more common today.
  7. She is a "bomber" off the tee ... but she has fallen on some "hard times" as far as her results go. She was far more consistent a couple of years back, but I really don't know what has transpired with her game.
  8. Depending on the results over the last few events, I believe that it is possible for Jin Young to become World No.1 . . . again depending on results. But, I am not certain . . . @18majors keeps a better handle on the Rolex Rankings and point distributions and might be able to shed some light on that. ______________ Of course, I replied immediately without reading the remainder of hte thread . . . so @Argonne69 seems to have it covered!
  9. I would agree with your point. She would have to be considered for the POY if she wins two of the next three. To win the Annika award she had to play better than Nelly. But, scoring average would also have to ne one of the metrics considered as well -- and she currently trails both Nelly and Jin Young.
  10. I suspect that this will become known as the Brooke Henderson Rule . . . as Phil, JT, etc. mentioned yesterday (Wednesday), they know of no one on the PGA Tour that plays with a 48" driver (including Bryson who said he dabbled with it but didn.t adopt it). Furthermore, Heather Daly D'Onofrio of the LPGA could not name a single player on the LPGA other than Brooke, mumbling something about possibly a couple of others (with no names provided). As for Brooke's dispersion with the 48" driver, she is pretty consistent with it in terms of finding fairways. She was pretty long before se went to the 48" driver, but we will see how she handles it. Unfortunately, it seems that the 48" driver will be prohibited in all LPGA sanctioned events - which is what Brooke plays. She may be able to use it at the CPWO because Golf Canada is not obligated to follow the R&A nor the USGA as it has its own rule making capacity, but for all intents and purposes, it still effectively results in a de facto ban because I cannot see her using the 48" driver for a single event.
  11. I haven't formed my opinion yet and am keeping an open mind. There are a few events left to be played so we shall see how they play out. I tend to lean towards favouring the major win/Olympic gold combination, but Jin Young is sure making it interesting.
  12. The LPGA has a points based system for the official POY. But there are additional Player of the Year honours from organizations such as the Golf Writers Association of America, etc. . . Kind of like the Baseball Writers Association andhow they vote on the Hall of Fame (but on an annual basis and not for the HoF).
  13. Okay, what if JYK was to win just the CME? Or perhaps the CME and either the BMW or the Pelican?
  14. And as we wind on down the road . . . there are two "paths" you can go by for 2021 LPGA Player of the Year. The two favourite choices are: Nelly Korda and Jin Young Ko (all stats below are as of October 12, 2021) Who would you choose for Player of the Year and why? Nelly: 15 - Total Events Played 3 - wins (1 - major KPMG Women's PGA, Gainbridge, and Meijer Classic) 8 - Top 10's (including 3 wins) 69.07 - Scoring Average (1st) 42 - Rounds under par (2nd) 31 - Rounds in the 60s (T1st) 1 - Olympic Gold Medalist Jin Young Ko: 16 - Total Events Played 3 - Wins (Cambia Portland, Volunteers of America, Cognizant Founders Cup) 10 - Top 10's (including wins) 69.38 - Scoring Average (2nd) 43 - Rounds under par (1st) 31 - Rounds in the 60s (T1st) T7 - Olympic Games
  15. Big question, isn't it! We will see how the LPGA handles it! Brooke is the only player that I know of that plays with the 48" driver. I suspect that they will leave it for the LPGA . . . Brooke practically turns her 48" driver into a 46" driver when we factor in how far she chokes up/down on the grip!
  16. Yes, there is a very large Japanese - Canadian presence in British Columbia, but it is of the older generations that have lived here in Canada for 100 years or so and their descendents. There are not very many here that have immigrated from the younger generations. And, because of the internment during the second world war, much of the Japanese Canadian population was dispered throughout places like the East and West Kootenays or even further east. Otherwise, as KBong noted, there really are not many that still live in Metro Vancouver and actively play golf.
  17. C'mon now . . . Point 1) -- you really don't care, but disingeniously seek a back door ally in 18 Majors -- you're just having a little fun with that . . . but also, Mike was in an interview that was attended by all of the media so it was no secret. 2) . . . in 2014, Brooke was a 14-year old teenager. No qualms about her being hurt and stung by it . . . I would not judge any 14 year old by not being able to or willing to participate in an interview. On so many initiatives, Brooke is called upon more often than not and more than nearly any other LPGA player to attend media events, show up at Girls Golf, First Tee, junior golf initiatives. I say that having attended many of the media events and it is safe to say that she is consistently the most well attended player in those media events on Media days . . . only Nelly recently has matched Brooke for attendance in those media events. And I specifically am referring to the MEdia days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays).
  18. The sisters are a good set of players . . . however, if she decides to Qualify and indeed does qualify for the main tour, I would not be surprised to see Atthaya Thitikul win ROY in 2022.
  19. By the time of 2018, Whan's thoughts had changed significantly. He spoke in an interview (I believe it was TSN that produced the telecast that year for the CPWO), that the LPGA Tour would be in a terrific spot if more of his players were like Brooke ... in terms of her willingness to attend media briefings, interviews, attend junior golf events, etc. Indirectly, he was throwing a bit of shade at his American players, even if it was unintended.
  20. I thought it was a conspiracy to keep @Argonne69 and I from winning! But all kidding aside, I believe that it was A. Lim Kim and SYR that came through for you yesterday! My players were: 1, T4, T13, T19 . . . good week and congrats @jumpcut @Sharrow!
  21. I suppose so, but SYR has been a leading ambassador for the LPGA for much of the past decade and such a classy individual.
  22. Poor So Yeon, she simply doesn't get the respect. She's tied with Annika for the most consecutive rounds in the 60s, but is not cited on most lists. Let's see if JYK can break it in Busan at the BMW event.
  23. And is going to a wedding tomorrow and Brooke will have her agent on the bag for the weekend. We'll see how that works out.
  24. @Argonne69 Actually, they told Jin Young that she would have to participate in this event if she doesn't win this week! It seems it was motivation enough! She's a good sport for playing along! https://fb.watch/8v04Wv7XDd/
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