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  1. One valuable shot to learn, the 50-yard chip 7-iron with 30 yards of roll. The ball has to be on the ground before it gets to that front slope. Firm fast fairways and greens, lots of wind, you need to let your imagination run wild. I once used a putter from 60 yards out because the terrain made a wedge shot nearly impossible, and it worked out great. I think its fun to try non-standard strategies and shots. And as @SNIPERBBB says, understand that you're unlikely to score as well as normal
  2. Yes, yes, yes, probably not available, and yes. Mid Pines is my personal favorite course in that area. Tobacco Road is a complete departure style-wise from anything else in the area, definitely worth a play. If you want two additional courses, those two would be my suggestion. I like the idea of playing a really good course twice on the same trip, as opposed to "collecting" as many different courses as possible. You'll almost certainly understand how to play #2 much better your second time around, it might be a lot of fun to do it that way. Or consider playing #4 a second time. I
  3. I'll add my opinion to others, MidPines is my favorite course in that area, you get the classic Ronald Ross feel, and the price is in the right ballpark. There are lots of good restaurants at a wide variety of price points and styles. It might depend on where your lodgings are. In Pinehurst Village I really like Pinehurst Brewing, Lisi in the old Theater Building, Eliot's on Linden is a very short drive, or Maxie's for a sports pub feel. Just on the other side of the big traffic circle is Ironwood, very nice. In Southern Pines I really like Chef Warren's and Chapman's
  4. I didn't get a chance to respond yesterday, but the email I received specifically says there will be no review of the test, and inquiries about specific questions and answers will not be discussed. Understanding that the same test will continue to be given throughout the year, its understandable. When (or if) in-person workshops return, I'd hope that the previous practice of discussing the test immediately after its given will also return. I took a bunch of the quizzes on the USGA and R&A websites (and on a few others that I found), and I learned really quickly that its critica
  5. Hahaha, thanks, but being around some of you gentlemen (and ladies I am certain) helps me to understand how much more there is to learn.
  6. Well it took 9 days, but I just got my results....I got 92! Exceeded every expectation.
  7. Ahhh, we understood differently. I thought he was playing EH at 3 on Saturday, and LLB on Sunday morning, and was considering playing both days at LLB instead.
  8. A little nit-pickey, but you don't "save money" by playing the higher-priced course. IT could be better value, but its not saving money.
  9. I think there's a potential liability issue for courses that allow barefoot play. Chemical exposure, stepping on sharp stuff, etc. But I remember Sam Snead saying he practiced barefoot, maybe it works for some people.
  10. Congratulations! My wife and I are also looking at Pinehurst as a retirement destination, where did you decide to buy?
  11. Talk to your pro or committee about invoking a local rule allowing Lift Clean Place. Or look around your feet for visible water when you take your stance. But you should be prepared to move the ball a long ways to get complete relief from Temporary Water if its as wet all over as you suggest.
  12. I can confirm this, I ordered 2 dozen early last week, and got them on Friday.
  13. same as your friend, look at the options, and decide to play it as it lies.
  14. Agree with the others, looks like his nearest point of complete relief is to the right. This is why you should NEVER lift your ball until after you decide where your relief is going to be.
  15. Read the part after the bold, you can only replace a club if its damaged by something other than the player or his caddie. If it breaks in the normal course of play, due to the player hitting the ball, you may not replace it unless the Local Rule is in effect.
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