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  1. In net stableford, zero points corresponds to get double bogey, which is now the limit everywhere. I believe that's where the idea came from, for inclusion in the WHS. I don't think that @Newbydoesn't understand the process of determining the "most likely score", he's just saying that the concept of using it is completely outside the handicap culture in much of the world.
  2. As @Sawgrasspointed out, in the United States we're required (not allowed, required) to post fourball scores for handicap. The decision of which scores must be posted has been left to each country, at least for now. I can understand the view that only individual competition scores indicate the true ability of the player. As you say, other formats, particularly match play and fourball (stroke OR match play) allow decisions to be influenced by factors outside of the individual player, particularly the position of the opponent or the partner, or the status of the match. There's also
  3. When you try to (begin to) unify six different systems, the best way to build a consensus is to adapt portions of every one. Several systems have used some type of daily adjustment for years, and apparently they've seen enough value in it to want it included in the WHS. The impact is relatively small, so it certainly shouldn't be objectionable to anyone. As @sui generis says, why should you bother to worry about it?
  4. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss - Gone Gone Gone
  5. For a given score, a higher Slope means the resulting differential is closer to zero. For a given Handicap Index, a higher slope means the course handicap is further from zero.
  6. Its a solid golf course, used for the Skins Game back when Fred Funk and Annika Sorenstam played. I understand that it has struggled financially, I don't know what shape its in, but when I played in January 2020 it was just fine. A friend owns a second home there, and we visit every year, so I've played it pretty much every January for a few years.
  7. Still the Girl in the Band - Deana Bogart
  8. I think that because both the previous USGA system and the current WHS use only the players "better" scores to calculate the Handicap, the system must favor the lower handicapper in the long run. Just as a generality, the higher the handicap, the wider the variability, so the higher handicapper's average score is further from his handicap. If each player has an average day, the better player's net will be slightly lower than his opponent's. I have to believe that that trend, true for total strokes, would also also result in an edge in match play between those two players. I won't arg
  9. Half a Boy and Half a Man - Nick Lowe (and his Cowboy Outfit)
  10. Tiger was a bit more likeable, but his length advantage got people to try to "tiger-proof" courses. Bryson isn't quite so likeable, and has broken with the "old way" of gaining distance with his massive strength gain, so he's looked at differently. As a separate factor, social media didn't have nearly the reach in 1997, when Tiger won his first major, as it does now.
  11. My very generalized impression is that Palm Springs is the older end of the community, and as you go southeast you see new and newer developments. That said, there are nice communities all along the area. There seems to be no shortage of good grocery shopping, or anything else, really. Indio is also one of the older communities, and has seemed to be more "working class" than the more golf-oriented communities along the western side of the valley. My experience is limited to a half-dozen visits to a friend's second home, always in January. His place is in the Golf Club at La Quinta communi
  12. I'm not sure that the relative logic of the buying habits of the public are really important in the discussion of the Equipment Rules, and potential changes to them.
  13. Yeah, that all makes sense too, its the right combination of launch and spin for a particular speed, and lots of things go into both factors. But the article also talks about players using launch monitors to learn the right angle of attack. The vast majority aren't going to change their swing to improve the angle of attack, they're going to buy a new driver. They're going to get fit at Dick's, not at Club Champion. And that driver needs a bit of loft to get them close to what they need.
  14. That campaign wasn't aimed at top players, but at the rank and file, the guys who buy almost all of the golf equipment sold. For most non-elite players, the best distance is achieved with relatively high launch angles and relatively low backspin. Those players don't have the clubhead speed or technique to use really low loft drivers effectively, they need a little help from the equipment.
  15. That's what all successful businesses do. But I do agree, the financial impact on ball and club manufacturers isn't a barrier to any changes that might be made.
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