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  1. There are simply no detailed greens maps available because Augusta hasn't allowed anyone the access required to make one. The Masters hasn't overruled the Rules of Golf, they've simply made sure detailed greens maps aren't readily available. The player is still allowed to make his own map, subject to size and scale limitations. And the PGA Tour has no interest in going outside of the Rules of Golf, they won't prohibit greens books as long as the Rules allow them.
  2. Augusta cannot disallow them, because Augusta follows the Rules of Golf, but Augusta has never allowed anyone access enough to commercially produce one. Augusta provides the players with yardage books, but no detailed green-reading information. The players are free to make their own, if they choose, and can arrange the access.
  3. Its called "clearing" because that's the feeling that someone had when his movements produced consistently successful shots. This terminology has been around for decades, long before anyone really understood exactly what happened, and what should happen, in a golf swing. Unlike today, when there are lots of tools to analyze every movement of every part of the body, in the 30s and 40s and 50s they could only deal with feelings, and naked-eye observations. And we're still stuck with the terminology from those eras.
  4. If you are logged in to GHIN, you can do a Golfer Lookup. Once you find specific people, you can Follow them, so you don't have to go through the Lookup process again. The software is set up to allow searching in other countries, but as @Newby confirmed, the various national databases haven't been linked yet. However, the lookup feature isn't available unless you log onto your GHIN account. I see that GolfCanada lets you do it without logging on. I don't know why either organization made the choice they did.
  5. I think you will eventually be able to follow them, knowing just their name and location or home club. The golfer look up feature does have the ability to search other countries. But I just tried to run a search in Ontario Canada for the name Smith, and came up with no matches. It may be a while for the national databases to link up properly.
  6. This may be better said in the reverse. When you rotate properly, your swing shallows properly. When your hips stall, you get steep.
  7. Actually, in reading the actual words of the OP, this thread is about the reason the announcers keep saying the same thing. In my experience, the announcers keep repeating the same old "conventional wisdom", whether its true or not.
  8. I really don't see anything in the rules about a "reason" for starting the round with fewer than 14 clubs, simply a blanket permission for adding clubs to get to the 14 club limit, with a couple of specific restrictions.: The player is making a choice to put himself at a potential disadvantage for 9 holes in order to obtain a (pretty small) advantage on one specific shot. The Rules specifically allow him to add clubs. The discussion of the "spirit of the rules" reminds me of an old thread, in which one poster argued that taking relief under Rule 19 when it was possible t
  9. I just a few minutes ago finished listening to one of the USGA "Night School" sessions, specifically about Rule 5. I'm fairly sure the answer is D.
  10. Danny Gatton is probably my personal favorite guitar player. He did a bunch of instrumentals, and most of them are brilliant, a wide variation of styles and genres. This has one of his best solos, starting at around the 4:00 mark:
  11. I'm with @Soloman1 here, I have yet to see someone here I'd choose NOT to play with. I appreciate my inclusion by @Hawkeye77, but I don't want the job of keeping anyone else in line, its enough to keep myself from screwing up.
  12. 8.1a(5) you can't remove dew, frost, or water on your intended line of play.
  13. From everything I know, he's likely to do a really good job. That position should be primarily the public face for the USGA, and organizational duties, with the details of rules, handicapping, research, competitions, etc., left largely to the experts in each of those fields. Big picture stuff. I think Whan did a great job with the LPGA, I think he has credibility with manufacturers, and as someone said earlier, he has a talent for disagreeing without being disagreeable. Give it up on that front, its just not going to happen, particularly with the WHS. If anything, I'd expect postab
  14. This is the 6th at Lahinch, Ireland. I like the look of the single player with his bag. We made this trip in September 2004, and had some rain every single day for a week.
  15. This is a guess on my part. I believe a lot of really good players learn fairly early in their golfing lives to swing from inside to out. The guys who will never get good swing more out to in, the ones who have a chance swing in to out. They tend to hit draws, and mistakes end up being hooks. Once they develop enough swing speed, they then learn to eliminate that big miss left, to they learn to hit a fade as their default shot. The "hatred" of the left miss is a remnant of their developmental stages, when their big misses were the wild hooks. And of course the commentators have to sa
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