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  1. I think your choice to play 3-person teams is the best choice, with 15 players. When its impractical to do that, I've seen competitions where each of the (very few) 3-man teams have a 4th player chosen at random from among the other teams. Its far from a perfect solution, since neither the team nor their "unknown partner" know what each other are doing, but it evens the situation a good bit.
  2. Those folks have apparently never played the reasonably traditional courses like the Old Course at St Andrews, Carnoustie, Prestwick, Ballybunion, Lahinch, and dozens (probably hundreds) more where the locals are almost always seen using trolleys.
  3. Yes, which makes using Aimpoint a little easier, no worries about accidentally touching the line of the putt. I still wont purposely walk on my own line, but now there's no penalty if I do.
  4. It sounds like you've hit balls into Penalty Areas, as defined under the Rules. If its a watercourse, its a Penalty Area, even if its not marked. I agree, its better to have them clearly marked, but its not necessary under the Rules.
  5. Well I hope you both go, and post some feedback here. I won't be there until mid-November.
  6. But the rules are stupid, they make me shoot high scores!! I want lower scores, its critical to change the rules, because I know I'm not going to actually improve my playing ability.
  7. You really should (must, according to the Rules) post those 9-hole scores, as long as you're in the USGA areas. If a 9-hole score get too old without being paired, the system simply drops it from your record.
  8. What was wrong? If you read the rules, Section 3.2, it is the responsibility of the players to provide accurate handicaps and to know where the strokes fall. The players should have verified it on the first tee. If someone had a handicap on the card that was higher than it should have been, and didn't correct it, 3.2c(1) suggests that player should have been DQ.
  9. That's my understanding as well. It seems that both the MiniVerdi and the Champion hold up really well, and are nearly grain-free. The greens seem to stay pretty fast and almost completely free of ball marks and foot damage, even when I've been in town at Thanksgiving, what seems to be "dormant" season for the grasses.
  10. Do you know which grass they used on the greens?
  11. I've no intention to argue this, I simply don't have enough experience to know. To me, the best thing to do is to ask before you play, in the pro shop, or the starter. Knowing that one place will prefer exactly the opposite procedure to what I consider normal, I'd rather ask and get it right from the first hole on.
  12. I've read the same thing as @sui generis. In Australia, in particular, its my understanding that many clubs prefer to have the trolleys rolled across the teeing areas and greens rather than concentrate the traffic around the fringes of the greens and the edge of the teeing grounds. At my home club, we usually roll trolleys across the tees, but never on the greens.
  13. I prefer prompt play as well, but to say that you simply don't care about offending others is absolutely the wrong attitude to have. You can walk ahead while still being considerate of the other players in your group.
  14. I haven't been to Southern Pines, but I remember when MidSouth changed over to Champion Bermuda for their greens. When they opened, they putted perfect. They were kind of hard, but rolling the ball was really good. I expect Southern Pines to be just as good.
  15. I'm with you on this one. In the USGA system, with no formal attestation process, this is our duty to one another. Each individual needs to encourage (require) playing partners to post accurate scores. And with the phone apps, its really easy to do over a pint while settling bets.
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