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  1. I've never stayed there but we did talk our way into the pool area after a round at Black Bear and thoroughly enjoy it. Great post round bar as well. I suspect it's a worthwhile getaway. I've played all the courses except the 9 hole. Ballyowen is my favorite followed by Wild Turkey. Both of those courses are top notch. Blackbear is OK but also significantly cheaper. At your handicap, I'd avoid Crystal Springs (the course, not the resort) as it's been featured in top 50 toughest courses in the country. I'm a similar hc (18) and shot a 109 there LOL. Other reviewers are right about the signature cliff hole though, it's worth playing just for that. If you go into the round knowing you might take a beating it's not too bad!
  2. Thanks - at this point Silver Fox has been agreed upon but took some convincing seeing at it's $213. Looks like Red Tiger is $286 so it would really take some arm twisting on my end. Is it that much better or is Silver Fox in general not worth that rate but RT is?
  3. Thanks for the feedback and interesting note about Osprey. Any other courses you think we should consider?
  4. Hi everyone - headed to FTL in January with the guys. We have two days decided on (Jacaranda East & West, Plantation Preserve). We're struggling on the last day and wanted to get everyone's opinion between: - Trump Silver Fox - Osprey Point - Emerald Hills - Anything else you guys can suggest
  5. Tony- did you ever get this figured out? Headed to Scotland in August and wondering if I need to start tracking my handicap on another system?
  6. Hello everyone - headed to Scotland in August with the family. It's not a golf trip but the wifey and MIL are giving myself and the FIL two days to golf in St. Andrews. Does anyone have lodging recommendations (2 rooms)? Hotel or B&B both work.
  7. Still waiting to hear! Anyone on the east coast of the states hear?
  8. Yep, I guess it is pretty clear as day on the FAQ page. Oh well. I emailed them and asked to remove one of the applications and they said "Thank you for letting us know. We will get back to all applicants with the result on the 31st October 2019". Sounds like Halloween is the day.
  9. Hi all- quick question. Before submitting my application I took a look around to see if submitting under two different leads but the same players would disqualify me (2 some, one with me as the lead, father as the other and vice versa on the other app). Couldn't find anything that told me otherwise so I went for it. Just came across an article that says this is a no-no and easily detected. Really hoping this isn't the case but wanted to ask here. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking into booking a January trip for next year. I know this is a broad question but are most courses in the $100-$150 range or are we looking more in the $200 range?
  11. Jacaranda is beautiful so you're all set there. If you can somehow get on PP, make it happen but Deer Creek (little north) is also very nice. Never golfed Emerald but I hear good things (it's a bit of challenge and long).
  12. I'm in the same boat! I always think about upgrading but nothing seems to feel as good as the M2 16. I'm wondering if I'll eventually need to buy a new M2 LOL
  13. Playing Grand Cypress New and both OCN courses. If you have any reco's, fire away.
  14. Has anyone played here recently? I'm hearing the greens are a mess (bumpy, patchy, spray painted) and we have a trip booked for March. Thinking about moving/cancelling but didn't want to make any rash decisions.
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