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  1. plant Tree, grow links type rough and Augusta bushes and he is destroyed. If we had US open layout and rough he will be leading.
  2. One thing for sure Bryson would get destroyed if he plays links golf. The whole bomb and gauge wont work with the kind of rough there. I guess US open and the pga are easy picking for him. Augusta has already shown how he will get found out when he gets lost in the bushes. I have very little respect for US open and PGA lol I can see why ball bashers like Bryson and Kopeka do well there.
  3. At not delivering when it comes to Majors - 6 years in a row, in his prime and zero majors
  4. Oh yeah another one for the list of Rory excuses He has a kid He got married He does not practise enough He bulked up too much He has too much money How about the trruth which is the most hyped player and not as great as people think he is?
  5. We are ion the six pack generation - looks matter more. Bryson does not think like the average sheep he is his own person. The others want to look cool and pocket their millions doing so. Hell even Kopeka tried the whole 6 pack thing. Good luck epecting to see Rickie, JT, Wolff, Rory etc try and bulk and gain 30 pounds of fat.
  6. Only 2 players I can see doing this and being successful are Koepka Finau
  7. Thats what they said about Spieth, Rory, Rickie, Day and DJ 3 years ago.... howmany majors have then won since then ZERO!!!
  8. Please someone explain this talk about injury. This is one of those annoying internet rumours that have zero substance. What about this swing will lead to injury.
  9. EDITED MY OP! After reading about his plans to go to a 48 shaft driver I have completely changed my mind. I think he will win no less than 14. I speak from personal experience of someone who has used a 48 Shaft and gained 30yards+ minimum. And thats without custom expertise that Dechamp will be getting. I can see him driving 360 - 380 yards and overpowering every known course. He will dominate for years to come. No amount of crying by the likes of Rory can stop him. His driving is on fire his putting is getting better and better. He will win more majors
  10. I remember when the golfchannel first showed the big break and other cool stuff. it was fun back then -
  11. DeChamp is number 5 in the world http://www.owgr.com/ranking He will jump Rory and Justin and be number 3 before the Masters and Rahm after the Masters Meanwhile Rory, Koepka and the forum is having a melt down haha! Loving this!!
  12. sonnygolf

    2020 US Open

    Hahaha De Champ Epxress shut up 90% of golfwrx. Its gone all quiet on the forum - HE IS THE NUMBER 1 PLAYER IN THE WORLD FACT!!!
  13. I said!! The De Champ Express is coming!! Laughing at the comments here. Masters fave too
  14. sonnygolf

    2020 US Open

    That was the worst day of golf. Zero wind and boring. I pray for a looooot of wind final day. BD has got this in the bag.
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