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  1. You nailed it! This is the monster the pathetic pga tour has created.
  2. My ego won't let me play that bag. I must atleast have a 4iron. I respect you OP. You are a better person than I am. I hope to mirror you bag one day. After all, golf is about the least amount of strokes to the hole.
  3. Vokeys > Clevelands not even close. Trust me I wanted to fall for Cleveland hype but there are better wedges.
  4. OT quesrtion but why did Bones and Phil break up? Did the media even go into detail why such a long term successful partnership broke up.
  5. No one is every ging to break that 142 consecutove cuts. - its an unbelievebale record.
  6. Thats baloney The top 3 most popular ping irons ever Png Eye G25 G425
  7. This is very good to hear. I have been stuck trying to work how out how I can play 3 wedges. Glad to know its working for you. I am def doing this too
  8. I feel for you OP. All these years having to go through this. The truth is its neither. Its the shoulder. One piece takeaway triangle with the shoulders. The golf swing is all about the shoulders.
  9. Can you blame him? It's all about timing with the hands - just like the old days and now he is driving it better than ever. “I was trying to go away from using my talent and my hands and trying to sort of do it all with body turn and try to make it very mechanically efficient. But I came to the realization that I’m pretty good with my hands, and I’m pretty good at matching it up" https://www.golfchannel.com/news/rory-mcilroy-back-atop-tours-driving-stats-wgcfedex-st-jude-invitational
  10. What a snowflake spoilt cry baby.
  11. You say not bad for a Sunday bag. What else do you need to put in the bag on the other days of the week? This is the prefect size bag imo. I don’t understand why people carry clubs in monstrosity that is your typical tour bag.
  12. umm... sorry you are out of touch most PW are 44. lol No thanks to the ridiculous jacked up lofts.
  13. Do people still care about this cash grab gimmick lol
  14. The likes of Rory, Brooks, Speith, etc have failed so far. Morikawa looks like the most likley person to deliever. The guy is only going to get better. Might even win double digit majors.
  15. Shame his putting is lousy. I lost touch the number of times he was putting from inside 15ft and not even getting the ball anywhere near the edge of the hole.
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