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  1. Old man Phil becoming the oldest player to win a major at 50 Tiger with a busted body winning the Masters and also first time winning from behind The so called hottest player since Tiger, Rory not won a major since 7 years ago and now ranked 30th Rory Spieth, Day, Brooksie, Rickie long spells of years of not winning and only now down winning weak field tournaments once or at most twice a year Bryson the most hyped player since Tiger with the media saying he has changed the game of golf and exposed as a gimmick. The worst PGA scoring average (69.78) since 1991 even
  2. I did not think another Ping G series will match the lofty heights of G25 but it looks like G425 has a claim on that. Which has been more successful in terms of play and popularity? I might have to stock up on 2 sets of G425 irons. I wil buy a brand new G25 for the price of a G425 right now!
  3. I like how Saudi is shaking up the sports world. They already now is F1, about to host the biggest boxing fight ever. And now going to shake up golf. lol Got to respect their huslte. Personally I have zero interest in this rubbish I am not their target market and only watch majors. Will love to see the big players jump but also expelled too. I bet Anthony Kim is kicking himself now. He would had jumped for the $30m a year lol
  4. You won't pay attention to what I have to say but here goes anyway. Change to plant based diet and do some dry fasting. Yeah research the topics with an open mind. Time to learn the miracles of diet and fasting . I wish you the best
  5. Divorce the wife Rory. Marriage is bad for your game.
  6. You came at the right time if you were looking for jacked up lofts - PW - 39 is going to be the norm very soon!
  7. Stop trying to damage his brand! lol
  8. Its a huge myth that Rory does not work hard. He works perhaps harder than 99% of the golfers. In the gym, on the range, practises all day every single time. He was like that as a kid - he will spend 15 hours a day and they had to drag him off the course. He is very deidcated and into the whole fitness perfection thing. When Rory says winning is not everything - that just him trying to take the pressure off himself. Deep down its bs! He WANTS to win badly. You better believe that. Lets stop trying to make him a John Daly or some rock and roll guy out partying. He is a golf nerd
  9. Lookkig forward to a fat Rory and more distance.
  10. He got married and lost his balls - needs permisson to play golf and has to be back homme before 3pm
  11. Only people worth watching are and I enjoy their game 1 - Tiger 2 - Bryson 3 - Brooks 4 - Spieth Golfers I find boring and easily forgetable Rory DJ Rahmn Thomas
  12. Dont say that according to many here his game went down hill because he got married Its not like he has kids - all he did was marry which in many peoples eyes = less golf . I guess these guys also reduced their working hours when they got married too lol
  13. How does getting married change priorities when they had been dating the same person for years before they got married. You dont just stop doing what you are doing because you signed some overrated piece of paper to say you are married.
  14. I;d burn that Ping hat Hovy is wearing - wtf is that? Its like Ping just wrote ping on a piece of paper and stuck it on his hat
  15. Is it really true PXG poched Ping staff? That will explain Pings new improvement in asthetics
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