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  1. I dont think Tiger cares anymore. When he played the PNC with Charlie they asked him about this game and he said the most profound thing he has ever said in his career "I DONT CARE ABOUT MY SWING..I am only interested in Charlies game" There you have it folks! Tiger is done in the sense he no longer has the hunger or driver for the game. Dont get me wrong he will still compete but his new passion and project is Charlie. Jacks 18 Majors mean nothing when it comes to his childrens needs. So yeah its over for him! People that are goal driven need a project o
  2. He can be the GOAT! worst case scenario for him is best leftie of all time. Was very impressed by him
  3. I watech Rugby not a sport were men wear womens pants, shoulder pads and kids helmets.
  4. Mods time to close the thread. He is playing better golf than the likes of Rory , Thomas, Folwer.
  5. The more wedges you have the worse your wedge game will be. You will not really know how to work clubs - three quarter shots etc 3 wedges max. That's what the pro's do - unless you are Phil at the Masters.
  6. Umm.... and who do you think buys these clubs for junior players. Yep their parents who are used to irons. Once these teens start earning coin they ditch their standard 4 - 9 irons. I have seen the trend. Also, they wont have a choice OEM's dictate the market. This is why I said in 20 years because most teens will then be adults with their own kids buying mini hybrids for little sam.
  7. It will only stop once Irons are extinct. Why will oems sell irons for $130 per iron when they can sell you hybrids for $260 each? This is the plan folks. Woods & Wedges baby.
  8. These are the .00005% of the market. They mean nothing to OEM's. its all about the younger gen. This is where the money is. Young people want new tech. They distance, they want strong lofts. Everyone under the age of 20 uses 5 wedges now. And also many of them use hybrids. Most people under the age of 20 only carry 4 irons max. 6 - 9iron. With stronger lofts in 10 years they wont need irons. The change is coming. Pros and elite player will have to pay 50% more for their irons. Great strategy for OEM's. Squeeze out the golfwrx ho's, join the new movement of Woods & Weges or
  9. Woods, hybrids and wedges will be standard set. It's more money for OEM's. Even the older generation using players clubs and hybrids will have to make the changes or pay premium for Irons set. Either OEM's are going to be making more money. This is the trend 5 years 42 PW will be the norm 10 years 38 PW will be the norm 15 years 34 PW will be the norm 20 years 30 PW will be the norm The branding of clubs will shift - irons phased away and done with. The change is coming, embrace folks
  10. Silly question I have Ping G25 and have my lofts and distances dailed in for many years. And wedge set up has always been 52 / 58 set up. These 2 clubs are my bread and butter. With the pathetic jacked up lofts is out of question playihng 52/58. The OEMs want us to spend more money as we have to buy more wedges. tThe only option is me going for players clubs. There are lots of people who dont want players clubs and happy with their old set up but stumped because of the pathetic OEMs and their bs.
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