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  1. What was you launch angle?.Were you hitting the center of the face with your shots.?If you go to the trackman charts you can find optimum carry and optimum distance with your swing speed and give you a better idea of what distances are possible,
  2. Any new on when or if ping will make a low spin version.
  3. Tom Wishon a club fitter does a video and has written articials about the ajustable drivers, with I believe would answer your questions.
  4. Think the 985 will be coming soon.read that somewhere.
  5. That was one of the reasons I switched.Figured I would be better off trying to hit the center of club face and have the weight there.Found the 45 was closer to the heal.Also like the touch thinner top line and a little thinner sole and shorter face length of the 785.Little more slick in appearance .the main reason I switched was to go to the modus 105 stiff shaft being about 15 grams lighter than my kbs tours I have been playing. Didn’t mind the looks of the 585, but did not get much more distance or forgiveness so I stayed with the 785 series. Won’t be for a few more months till I can play.Too cold here now.
  6. Nice.I ordered the 785 with the modus 105 stiff shafts.The haven’t arrived yet.I think they are taking a little longer because I heard the head office for Canada for Srixon has just moved to Quebec,Montreal I think,from Vancouver. I played the 745,765,and soon the 785. All 3 series have been great but each one has had suttle changes I preferred.This 785 series seem to have the cavity backed weight more centered .I found the 745 a little closer to the heal and the 765 a little closer to the toe. The 65 and 85 are more rounded and the 785 are a little thinner top line and sole and a touch smaller in length of the face. Also I and trying out a 105g shaft weight with my new ones.I also like new and shinny so cant wait.Suppose to arrive next week.I be playing simulator golf for a few more months up here in Canada.
  7. What is your next club down after the stretch 3 wood? A Ping g 19 degree hybrid.
  8. Added a g400 stretch 3 wood 13 degree set at 12.Really love my g25 3 wood but needed a 3 wood for more distance off the t.Really struggling with my driver theses days with consistency. Keeping the ball in ball in play with little distance loss has help my game.
  9. I hit them both today on the range today,the tour 65 stiff and the Alta cb 65/stiff.I could not tell any difference in the 12 gram weight different .The tour felt a bit stiffer and a looked a little thicker in profile.I was hitting the g400 stretch 3 wood and from my range time still leaning towards the Alta cb 65.I be playing the tour tomorrow for the first time so maybe since I have played the Alta for a good week I am getting use to the feel.
  10. Bought the G 400 stretch 3 wood because I been struggling with my driver.Ordered the tour shaft and the stock tour shaft Ping sends is the tour 75.I found it heaver and stiffer than my Blur shaft I had in my G25 3 wood.I switched out the tour 75 shaft for the stock Alta shaft and am really liking the shaft.Thought for sure it was lighter but checked the weight and it’s the same weight as the tour 75. I think it feels lighter because it’s counter balanced and a bit more wip in it. My Tour 65 just arrived today.A few swings in simulator, but I will get to range tomorrow and play Sunday and see how I feels. Had my stretch 3 wood set in 12 degrees today and was getting great heights with the Alta shaft.Hope the tour 65 gives me the same flight.i think it’s around 10 grams lighter. Hopefully I know by the end of the weekend which shaft I will keep and return the other one.
  11. Mine just arrived today.ordered mine with the tour shaft and the shaft was on back ordered and took a good 3 weeks for it to arrive.I demoed the g400 stretch around a month ago and had no problem launching it off the fairway in nutural setting.Today I set it at 12.5 the lowest setting, but have not reached a verdict yet.I will and hit the range later this week and adjust the setting for optimal distance. The drives I did hit off the t went good distances .probably over swinging a bit today and not sure is the fade was the more open club face when set down 1 degree or my swing..Always like new toys in my bag.
  12. Have mine ordered .Took one out and demoed it on golf course with the tour shaft.Great feel and distance when hit on the numbers and had no problems launching it from the fairway.Want to use it as a driver replacement for now, and when my driver becomes more reliable it plays as a longer 3 wood than my current 15 degree.
  13. I hate giving up on a club as well.If I could take my range ball flight with my driver I be in business..My driver still in the bag and my stretch 3 wood has been ordered.I have always been after more distance especially with with my driver.This is probably the first time I am taking less distance for more consistency and center fairway shots.The driver has always been my favourite club to hit but had the best score of the year hitting the demo stretch 3 wood.Every days a new day in Golf.
  14. Been playing the Ping G, LS driver for the last couple years and I have been struggling with consistency.I go to the range and I hit it super, but then I go and play 18 and it’s not fun. I demoed the Ping G400 stretch 3 wood yesterday and gave up a few yards, but hit so many fairway.Had no problem hitting it off the fairway and with it 13 degree setting was getting better distance the my G25 3 wood.I not kicking out my driver yet,but will swap my G25 3 wood and be hitting the G400 stretch 3 woodoff the t and fairways.
  15. I find the companies on a 2 year new release cycle like ping and Titleist hold their value better than others who seem to release new every 6 months.Its always much cheaper to buy used equipment,guess it depends on your finances and priorities.Very few clubs every increase in value and after a few nicks and tics in those shinny irons....
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