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  1. I made the change 4 months ago. All my misses were left and I had to really lean the shaft forward to counter a hook. Handicap has recovered to where it was now. Felt really awkward for first few weeks. Also felt weaker but distance is now about the same. Glad I did it as I can now fade the ball and can still draw/hook on demand. It has also allowed me to stand closer to the ball at address and be more consistent with impact between toe and hosel. Hasn’t helped with hitting fat or thin though.
  2. Royal Canberra allows it and puts up a sign if the greens are too wet or frosty to say don’t do it. I’m a fan. Greenskeeper reckons it’s better than everyone rolling around the fringe.
  3. Did he tell you the name? Nope. Assumed 925.
  4. Got fitted by the Mizuno rep in Australia last week. He said September this year.
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