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  1. All of these devices for measuring swings without a ball cost less than a new driver. Which is the most accurate? SSR, PRGR, Swing Caddy?
  2. Bring back the adapter! I can't help myself from continuing to try different shafts looking for the perfect combination. Sometimes I just get bored and want a different feel. It's soooo much easier to screw a new one in than it is to pull a glued one out. Companies are just trying to save money...
  3. I have two mint CB sets in my garage. They feel great! (I bought the second set as a back-up because I liked the first set so much.) My only issue is they aren't terribly long. I know that's not something I should be too concerned with, but my Callaway X-forged feel just as good and are a full club longer. So for the sake of my ego, I use the Callys.
  4. I've been playing golf for 40 years and have had lots of sets of blades and "players cavity" irons. There is ABSOLUTLEY distance loss. I would say one full club...half from weaker loft and half from less lively impact. Blades do give you more consistent distance, but it's also consistently less.
  5. LOVE 1. Adjustability 2. Dull (non-glare) finish 3. Weight higher in the blade
  6. Chip2win


    I appreciate the advice, but I would like to point out that many professional golfers "dip" or "squat" or whatever you want to call it on the downswing including of course Mr. Woods. However, they put in a lot more practice time than I do and can time the move better. Except for the occasional fat shot, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
  7. Chip2win


    Great ideas guys! I've also been looking at the Ping I210, but I have trouble shaking my bias in favor of forged clubs. I think they are phasing out the Srixon Z785 to get ready for the next model.
  8. Chip2win


    I am relatively tall and have an upright swing. I also drive my legs down to impact. All of this causes the miss to be FAT. So I need all the help I can get. I love my Cally X-Forged irons, but I'm getting bored and drooling over the new Mizzy JPX 921 Tours. However, I've been down the road before (twice) with Mizuno and we don't get along too well. But, like a repeated bad relationship, I'm sure this time will be different. Or should I make a more different choice?
  9. I'm happy for you. It's a joy to find the right equipment to fit your swing. So don't read the following... If you look at Callaway's player irons, like the MB for example, for each 1/2 inch longer, the lie is 1/2 degree flatter. So the 2 iron at 39.5 inches has a lie of 59.50. If you follow this same system into the hybrids, a 2 hybrid at 40.50 inches should have a lie of 58.50 degrees. But it doesn't. It's 57 degrees. So the players hybrids are ALREADY 1.5 degrees flat. If you ordered it 2 degrees flat then you are almost 4 degrees flat which is A LOT. If it works for you GREAT. Ho
  10. I hate to be a downer here, but shouldn't the lie of the club strictly be determined by the number that places the club precisely flat on the ground at impact. You don't want the toe or the heel of the club impacting the ground first because this could cause the club to twist.
  11. I've always wondered if you couldn't just grind down the hosel a little (i.e. shorten it) to reduce weight. Theoretically it might push the sweet spot slightly toward the toe, but don't blades already have the sweet spot a little "healward" to start with? It might move it right in the middle! Also, it looks like these blades have reasonably long hosels.
  12. What a massacre! How could he? I can't look. LOCK HIM UP!
  13. My old Epic SZ is a 9 degree, but I have it set up at 10 degrees. The Mav I tested was a 10.5 degree regular version.
  14. They had them at our club for demo purposes. I don't know how. It's not available at retail yet. I liked it so much I wanted to keep the demo club, but sadly I had to give it back.
  15. There is one other point I would like to emphasize. Feel is super important to me. It's just got to feel good or I have no interest. Epic Flash didn't feel good to me. It felt hard and the sound was like nails on a chalkboard. Epic SZ feels awesome. Mavrik feels awesome too.
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