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  1. Any interest in 4-G JPX 850 Forged plus cash? Also have the 850 JPX 3 Hybrid if interested. They are 0.5" longer as well
  2. This happened to me as well and since I am from Canada with Canadian credit cards, I got charged exchange rate fees on both the purchase and the refund. So I actually lost money on the transaction. I was fairly frustrated and messaged Budget Golf. They were AWESOME to deal with and made it right in no time, and apologized for the inconvenience.
  3. I feel like this is a small time where us Lefty's are missing out. Unless someone has seen right hand gloves too???
  4. Just bought 6 Wilson clubs, 1 driver, 1 fairway wood and 4 hybrids all in with shipping just over $80. Man they put on some sweet deals sometimes!
  5. B5G4B did you get the last JPX 900 driver?? Doesn't seem to be coming up anymore. They don't have the hybrids in stiff shaft anymore either!! Incredible deal! I missed out!
  6. I wouldn't say no to a code at this time if anyone's offering. Thanks team!
  7. You're killing me here thought I was settled with a bunch of stuff I just ordered but this is almost too good to not do
  8. I'm looking for a set of Irons right now and recently got fit for the jpx 900 with kbs tour 120 c tapers. How do the j15/dg pro XS compare to the mizunos and kbs? They seem to only be available in regular or x-stiff online now. Apparently I need +3/4" on standard length as well so stock shafts may not even be an option. I'm worried my game is not good enough for these but love the price!
  9. First time on the site. Interested in the kbs shafts how do I send you a direct message?
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