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  1. Hey all, I’ve got a mind RH 2019 Bettinardi Queen Bee #6. As you can see by the pictures this is in mint condition with no noticeable marks or dings or wear to the finish. There are the usual very faint brush marks on the sole but nothing that I would consider an actual scratch. This measures 34.5 inches and comes gripped with a 15 inch Bettinardi Lamkin deep etched corded grip that gives this putter a bit of a counter balanced feel. It comes with the original headcover that is also in mint condition. I accept paypal payment only, please no gifting. Shipping is free to Continental US. Ple
  2. Just the Titleist TS2 16.5 4-wood fairway left. $150 shipped. I have a buyer for the shaft is someone wants the head, headcover and wrench for $120 shipped.
  3. Hey guys. Shaft - $40 shipped Head/headcover/wrench - $120 shipped If that works for both of you I'll shoot you my paypal.
  4. I found the wrenches for the Mizuno St190 and the Titleist TS2 fairway so those will be included!
  5. Hey all, I've got everything for sale here, it’s time to reload for 2021. As you can see by the pictures all these clubs are in great shape. I am fortunate that my golf course is clay/black dirt based with no sand so my clubs hold up well. I also always keep my clubs clean and wipe down after every shot so that helps with wear/tear and obviously living in MN our seasons are painfully short!! I accept paypal payment only, please no gifting. I won’t split up the wedges or the irons but if you want to buy more than 1 of the 6 items I have for sale I will knock off $15 for each additional i
  6. Hey all, Hoping I can get some help. I have a friend who got his hands on a mint condition Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver that he wants to try out. It didn't come with the tip/sleeve however and when I search the interweb it's a little confusing as to which tip I should purchase. I can't seem to find any that say they work on the Flex 440, in fact many sellers of Vapor tips say specifically "This tip will not work on the Vapor Flex 440". But then I watched a Rick Shields video of him testing the Flex 440 and it looked like he took a shaft out of a Vapor Fly Pro and put it right in the Flex 440
  7. I think he'll finish comfortably in last place. And I'm ok with that, I think if he can play 4 rounds and not break down in pain that would be a tremendous success. Hopefully this is just the start to him rebuilding his game and stamina and will be a starting point to him building back up to being a great golfer again.
  8. Thanks, very little info on the new sink hd
  9. 1. Tim "Rock" Raines - Hall of Fame 2017 2. Gerry James - Long Drive Champ 3. Golf Digest said that it Reverses Aging Thanks for the opportunity, I'm at the age now where I really need something for stretching and this thing looks awesome!!
  10. I’ve got a set of wedges for sale. I’d like to sell as a set but I’m willing to split up if necessary. Please do not make any trade offers, I’m only interested in cash. I will be shipping USPS Priority mail and you will get the tracking info through Paypal. When making payment though Paypal please do not gift. I bought these wedges midway through last season so I estimate they have 15-20 rounds on them with very little range time. Just couln’t get used to the 3 wedge system so going back to my tried and true 2 wedge setup. I’m very anal about the condition of my clubs so these were alw
  11. USGA INDEX: +1.4 GOALS: Win Club Championship. I am 38 years old and have been lucky/fortunate/blessed to have won our club championship 11 times which I'm extremely proud of. But with age, our 1st child and a 40+ hour a week desk job the game had eroded some and became less consistent compared to my glory years and for the last 5 years the youngins have been beating up on me. I rededicated myself last year and I was extremely close this year losing in the championship match 3&2. Don't get me wrong, I want to show the young bucks that I can still bring it but my main motivation is to
  12. Just reviewing the post here. Just an FYI that there are a couple rain drops that made their way into the pictures. They are not marks, imperfections.
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