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  1. I had zero idea what sub forum to place this. I am looking for the cheapest way to dvr live sports. I want to get rid of cable but need to be able to watch golf whenever I want to.
  2. Bought the new Ping Heppler Tomcat 14. Love everything except the shaft. Tried buying a KBS CT Tour but 2 issues the Ping is .355 and the KBS .370The bend of the double bend KBS didn’t match the bend of the Ping. Any ideas? Any way to turn the head into a short slant instead of double bend? Then the shaft would be straight and my options are huge.
  3. Played here today with their Facebook promotion. Some greens have been softened and some penal areas removed but other than the new 18th hole it was pretty much the same course. Short Course was meh IMO. Six holes around 50 yards each. Greens today were crazy firm and fast. Thought I was playing at Muirfield Village.
  4. Another vote for Elliot Golf. His covers are simply amazing.
  5. Anybody know what year this CS ball is from the side stamp?
  6. So I picked up a demo Ping Heppler Floki putter from Edwin Watts. Come to find out the slant neck where it enters the head is loose and wobbling. Does anyone know how it is attacked? Epoxy? Welded? wondering if I can fix this myself.
  7. Have sought one of these for a long time. Always check when I’m in a Play It Again Sports. Today was the day! $10
  8. Wish the bag bolt was just black. May seem petty, but the blue is ugly.
  9. What does this do that say taking a XStiff Program 130 shaft and tipping it a ton doesn’t do?
  10. Any idea when single straps for player 2.0 bags will be available?
  11. I honestly use both. My HC is registered through the Grint since I don’t have a physical club. I’ve used GolfShot since the beginning.
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