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  1. It is simply AMAZING. A community effort that is always evolving and improving the physics of the game to make it as realistic as possible.
  2. Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian. Thank me later. I have no clue why anyone would buy a club glove over one of these other than tradition.
  3. Mine isn’t here yet. Anybody know how long the fat section is vs the skinny section? I play putters at 31” and was curious if I would have to cut from the tip end some so the diameter would work for the grip.
  4. Good luck. I have asked Billy Bobs golf to make them since the 400s came out. They do aftermarket PING stuff for adapters etc but why they don’t want to make $$$$ by reverse engineering some basic tungsten screws is beyond me.
  5. 1. Club Champion Nashville 2. To heighten the feel of my current putter 3. Firm
  6. Sorry folks. Looked and didn’t see them.Apologize for wasting time.
  7. Ping has done a “limited edition” hat for both this years Masters and PGA Championship. I was wondering if they would have a US Open hat. Haven’t seen one pop up on Ping site.
  8. Have done some research and want to make sure of something. So if I understand correctly, 1/2 inch of tip equals 1/3 flex. Correct? So if a regular flex shaft for say 7 iron called for 2 inches of tipping and you only tipped it 1/2 inch it would effectively become a senior flex?
  9. Yeah top line. Not flange. I guess removing the head isn’t the end of the world. It’s just that I have the shaft and grip aligned perfect lol.
  10. I have a Carbon Masterson and am looking for someone who can mill a sight dot on the flange, preferably without having to remove the head.
  11. Any way to get a raw carbon putter head to quickly take on a nice dark patina?
  12. I know it has been rumored that UST makes most of the stock shafts for PING. Any idea what shafts are comparable to the new Alta cb shafts in G425 Driver, FW and H?
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