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  1. Not a weight question but I figured this would be the best place to ask this. I just bought a Las Vegas H7 in 35" as well from Callaway Pre-Owned; I've wanted one for a while and I couldn't pass up a 'Like New' condition for $225 out the door. Question is, if I wanted to try out a shorter shaft, particularly the KBS in a 34", would I void the 90 day warranty if I took it to a professional club builder to switch it out? I'm hoping that does the trick and I won't need to worry about returning it. But if it doesn't, would I be screwing myself by simply taking the head out and having it put back o
  2. I think you are an avid player who walks a lot from the beat up sun mountain. The wood shafts make me think you’re some kind of lumberjack and same with the wedge gaps. 8 degrees between PW-54 and then you go up to your 64! Old trusty irons with S300s, you’re an above average iron player and you were a titlesit fan boy back in high school. Either incredibly good short game or it’s the worst part of your game, can’t tell. You probably keep the 2 iron in memory of your dad or grandpa and you lose a lot of balls. Love Snell, but we know why you’re buying them ;)
  3. Jordan Trainer ST. Best golf clothing purchase I’ve ever made.
  4. Toulon Las Vegas 35" like new from CPO for $225 total. Just got it yesterday, I'm pretty sure it's brand new from the plastic still on the shaft. Can't wait to get it on the course
  5. I’ve gone through 2 sleeves of the left dash so far and I have mixed feelings on it. It feels incredible of the driver and full iron shots. It’s noticeably harder feeling coming off the face. Also notice the hard feel when putting; it’s like a rocky-click sound. I putt well with it but I was not in love with the feel. On chips and short shots is where I really didn’t like it. I want to say it spins similarly to a prov1/x or any other tour ball for that matter. But the contact always seemed to make me miss a little long before the patented prov1/x soon kicked in. It did spin as much as the
  6. Would also like to hear some thoughts. Reviews are limited online and so are the pictures, even on Mizuno's website. Love the look of the black and gray, but it's hard to justify $280 when you've never seen it in person and there aren't that many solid reviews.
  7. Would also like to know what the other "no up-charge" offerings will be besides the Atmos line they've been showing so far. Is there anyone with any experience buying brand new Mizuno drivers? Or will this year's offerings have more/less options than usual?
  8. I have to say I've had the exact opposite reaction to this shaft. I initially bought a set of $ Taper 125 S+ because I'd been looking for shafts in the 125+ gram range with anything that could give me less spin than an S300. The $ tapers might feel a little smoother when flushed but actually play a little firmer than the shaft states IMO. It does offer less spin but for my fading ball flight it just turns into leaky shots
  9. Fourteen TC-888. Finally found what I was looking for in these. Players shape, incredibly soft feel, cavity back forgiveness
  10. Queen B 5 34” 3 degree loft 68 degree lie Standard grip Thanks for doing this!!!
  11. You guys win, I do believe they are good shafts. In fact I have one, came in my TS3. Actually I've had many tensei pro and non pros, Kuro kage dc, xt, and xm, and hzrdus shafts. I will say there is a big difference between the Tensei pro and Non pro's. As far as the Project X shafts go isn't one made in china and the other the USA? I think people are just saying that the HC vs non-HC versions of the PX shafts are very similar and not worth shelling out the extra $$$ for. Now, for other brands you might have a case but telling the OP his shaft isn't an "upgraded shaft" because it isn't HC
  12. I'd be willing to bet it's the lighter shafts. I bought a used set not knowing the shafts were 95g and I was hitting the exact same weak, push fade you're describing. This is after playing DG S300 all of my life. Recently went back to a 125g shaft and I'm back to normal. For me, I think it's the fact that I have a quick transition and the lighter shafts caused me to cast it more without the extra weight helping the shaft fall into the slot, if that makes sense. Buy one heavier shaft and have give it a go to see if that helps. D4 is not exactly a low swing weight so I'm more looking at the stat
  13. Read this thread but thanks for posting it again because it deserves a bump for anyone interested in TP putters. That's the only reason I knew anything about the cast vs forged but so glad I read that. I'm very new to TP Mills anything and just liked the overall design and thought it was a decent price. I've been buying older, cheaper, putters lately just for the sake of restoring and giving it my own paint fill. This is definitely on the higher end of what I'm willing to pay for a restoration because if you look at the pictures there's a weird bubble mark just shaft side of the alignment line
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TP-MILLS-HAND-CRAFTED-TOURING-PRO-MODEL-039-TRADITION-039-PUTTER-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-/173513671045?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=54fzqU10mHBuJAsvMO3jMRHL1zE%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc Here is the link. If it is the real deal cast version, how much you guys think its worth?
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