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  1. SOLD 2 cartridges are over 3/4 full and 2 cartridges are brand new. Heating unit works well, but this gun requires a torch to heat the tip of the cartridge so hot melt can flow.
  2. Yeah, I’m not too impressed with autoflex. In my opinion, it favors slow swingers or high level ball strikers with very smooth swings. Slower swingers could probably see similar results out of the cheaper shafts and high level players can adjust to do decent with most shafts. Those of us who are faster but more aggressive wouldn’t be fit to a long/light set up anyways.
  3. It’s from Tom Wishon’s software. I had a profile and closest match analysis done on the 505x profile and got the numbers and that chart.
  4. If I had to guess...if you’re the type of player that struggled with the auto flex with high launch and spin (aggressive transition), then these shafts will be more of the same. If you are the type that hit the autoflex well and got low spin, maybe these will work.
  5. I like mmt 125tx for feel and performance much better than steelfiber in 125x. Steelfiber 110x felt nice for me but was too light.
  6. Demo one first to see if it is to your liking. I won’t ever use anything other than MMTs in 125tx from now on. @J13 posted a good review and I’d back everything he says for how well they worked for me.
  7. Thanks for the mention, OP. Please edit your post to quote this part below, as it has the actual profile information for the autoflex here. C Kua 39a is the closest match. Here is the information on the 505x shaft: Weight - 54.3g Raw Length - 45" Balance Point - 21" down from the butt so this is a butt heavy shaft 41" beam length frequency with 205g tip weight - 207cpm Bend Profile measurements - 146/163/182/212/265/368/647 Notes: When bend profile was measu
  8. Looking for one in decent shape.
  9. Looking for this shaft tipped 1" and able to play at least 45".
  10. Glad it worked out. Hopefully the shaft itself fits you. If I could do it over again, I’d try a 505xx at 45.5 built to my MOI and experiment with tipping. That might be the only way I’d make this shaft work for me.
  11. Completely different/almost opposite profiles. Tour V is stiff butt/mid and softer top, modus 120 is soft butt/mid with a very soft lower mid and stiff tip. If one of these fit you, the other will probably be terrible for you.
  12. If you’re borderline in speed or transition, go up in flex. I posted the bend profile of the 505x earlier. You won’t not load it and I’ve seen people at 85-90 mph make some of those hyped gains from the 505x.
  13. Sounds like you favor Aldila’s version of the blue profile in some form or another. I wouldn’t even be considering the synergy green if I were you, but I hope it works out. The newest rogue black could be a good option for you.
  14. I guess that’s part of the fun. I ended up settling on the new rogue black in driver, fairway, and hybrids. Something about that shaft just works for me and it performs just as low/low as anything else out there because I can center strike it more often than not.
  15. They are two very different profiles. If blue in 90tx worked, look for a tour blue/atx blue/rogue black in 80tx. Not to say this shaft won’t work, but it isn’t similar to what you said worked before.
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