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  1. Hey everyone, I know the z785 heads tend to test as lower spin heads relative to players cavity back heads, but I can’t find much data on the z forged blades. Do they tend to spin less than other blades or as low as the z785 heads? All things considered, the cog measurements are pretty similar according to the mpf charts.
  2. He wouldn't have an EI profile chart like Russ Ryden on golfshaftreviews, but on each shaft's page, Tom lists the frequency measurements of each shaft at multiple points on the shaft. That will give you an idea of how stiff each section is and can give you a way to compare different shafts in his line.
  3. Looking for one in good condition.
  4. Give the Tensei pro red a try. You’ll want anything that loses stiffness rapidly and runs into a long, uniform tip section.
  5. The Rogue Black 130 in 70tx had a balance point roughly 19.5” from the butt end of an uncut shaft. I’m guessing that 23” would be neutral for a 46” shaft, so this fits in the 3.5” range if I’m doing this correctly.
  6. I may have to measure a rogue black uncut for its balance point. Might have one somewhere. I’ve always been under the impression that this was counterbalanced similar to the old fubuki line.
  7. But none as counter balanced? That’s one selling point of rogue black that I like. Maybe thinking of trying VA Composites Nemesys too.
  8. Hoping to get in touch with @Fujikura Golf since I know they are active here, or anyone else with the knowledge base to chime in. I’m starting to feel a bit old. I’m a rogue black player, 70tx in driver, 80tx in woods, 105tx in hybrids. I’m thinking about kicking down into stiff and maybe even giving the ventus line a try. The rogue black profile was a good fit for me but I’m not feeling like I load it as much anymore in the tx flex. What are the best matches here? Doesn’t look like aldila offers the black in heavier softer flexes.
  9. Dry rot? Would make sense that they'd be in stock forever if they're pricing them to sell them like that.
  10. There was a member here that was trying to replicate some of the comparisons to the 505x that I posted awhile back. I believe his thread was "Autoflex at a 95% discount." Might be worth reaching out to him and seeing if anything came of it.
  11. Not just that, but some swing types will never match up well with a long, light, low head weight set up required for this shaft to perform. If you're fit to a certain club MOI, that becomes harder and harder to build at extreme lengths and the club itself can become unplayable if the head weight is too light. I've maintained that it isn't a bad product, but it isn't for everyone.
  12. Russ Ryden has posted an EI Profile of the 505xx on his site golfshaftreviews.info. Most similar to the Bassara GG 53 stiff according to his numbers.
  13. This is a good route to go. The cheap set from golfworks will crack and rattle though if you ever play in the cold. I have the 700 dollar champ kit from hotmet.com that comes with an amazing gun that’s really easy to control, melt that remains malleable in cold, and a 3” needle attachment. I’ve probably done 15 heads since I bought it and I figure it pays for itself when you factor in the cost of a quality job and all the shipping costs. To the OP, I’d say that if you ever see yourself in a position where you’d do double digit heads or would do it for other people locally,
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