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  1. I bought one of these custom with a 79* lie angle. I can say with complete honesty that my distance control has never been better, and there is a good chance that in any given foursome, I'll be the worst putter in the group. Everything seems to stop 6" before or after the hole and getting my line correct is the only thing I really have to think about. After that, it's just setting up and putting. I think lie angle is going to be the key here.
  2. It’s a blank graph like golfshaftreviews, but it overlays 4 at a time. It will give you the optimizer’s top 3 picks and then one from the rest of the list if you select it. Gives you a good idea of how the bend profiles are relative to each other, but not anything detailed.
  3. The optimizer software has the bend profiles. Download the app and put your swing speed. Make the rest of the numbers up. On the shaft selection page, it should have an option to show the EI graphs.
  4. So far it has given me height back in my lower lofted single length clubs. I’ve had swing speeds from 80-120 on the driver test it out and they all can elevate the 4 hybrid (20*) and 5 irons (24*) as well as any other club in the set. Everywhere from single digits to 25 hc players seem to like the feel and performance. I had a 75 year old senior player take my 5 iron and stick the green 160 yards out when his 6 hybrid came in short, low, and rolled all the way off the back. I think you might have a real competitor to the autoflex and can really capitalize on the craze. I’m going to b
  5. If you’re looking for an autoflex feel in an iron shaft, I think the Fujikura MCI practice fits the bill. I put the 70g .370 shaft in my eq1-nx 5 iron and I’m crushing it. It might only have viability for single length set ups, but I honestly think I could game it pretty easily. @Fujikura Golf do you have any insight into the viability of gaming the practice shaft? Seems to me like it’s accomplishing what the autoflex does in woods better than autoflex can in irons.
  6. With a decline in swing speed and inability to elevate a 5 wood, I'd say this is a fitting issue. You should probably test a variety of lofts and find the one that you are able to elevate consistently. A Callaway Heavenwood followed by a divine 9 would probably be a good place to start, then go into hybrids that gap into the highest lofted iron that you can consistently elevate.
  7. Unless there’s a decimal before that 4 that I’m not seeing, I’d be concerned mostly about that head being 4* open at 13.8* loft. If you’d square that at address, you’re looking at a sub 12* effective loft, and if you don’t, there’s a chance you could leave the face open coming into impact. Without knowing your skill level and ability to elevate a fairway wood, I’d make sure that head is truly a fit before removing that plastic. Otherwise, I’d consider a shaft that you know could help add dynamic loft.
  8. If you want a Gankas swing, join his site and let his coaches monitor you. There is a lot that could be misinterpreted and nothing anyone says on here would be applicable unless there was video and they understood his stock model.
  9. 505x fairway shaft ($625 version) is going to stay in my fairways. Build a wishon eq1-nx 4/7 wood combo at 40.5”. Tipped 1” with a head weight of 230 grams. Both fairway woods are automatic. I have to try hard to not make center contact and hit a high, soft landing shot. High end distance isn’t much longer, but the consistency can’t be beat.
  10. I’m going to move on from the 505 irons. To me, they’re a bit too firm for as light as they are and it’s throwing me off. I prefer a bit more kick and I keep waiting for it but it’s just not there. Have 6 uncut shafts left if anyone wants to try it out. Send me a message if interested. Next I’m testing the fairway wood 505x shafts.
  11. Can’t find information on this shaft but I’m looking to build a set for someone who plays cfs 65g sr flex shafts. I’d imagine the logical reason is the current ping alta cb iron shafts, but those aren’t readily available. Any idea who made this shaft for ping or what would be the most similar comparison?
  12. I tried the 505 iron shaft today. Trying it in an eq1-nx set up at 36.5” at an moi of 2740 kg:cm^2. The head has to be 300 grams on the dot to make this work, so I tipped it to wedge spec and it’s essentially a slightly heavy wedge head at 8 iron length. I play my wedges at 36” and my pw at 36 3/8, so this was hardly unusual for me. With the shaft being so light, it’s tough to make up that heft without adding head weight. When I connected, it was long, high, and slight fade biased in a 6 hybrid. The Wishon 6 hybrid is 28* and I start my hybrids at 27* in my regular set, so I figure
  13. The manufacturer says you can tip the driver shafts the same way you’d tip the fairway wood shafts for fairway use. Tipping it won’t break it, for lack of a better term. Would just allow you to add more head weight, most likely.
  14. I hear you on that one. The club was bent 3* up which I’m assuming offset some of the additional deflection. I hit it as a what the heck kind of idea and it occurred to me that this level of ease dialed in a single length set could do wonders to make the game significantly easier. Would be fantastic if the game became as simple as point and shoot from 220 yards out.
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