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  1. hcp 9 cobra forged tec (gen1) C Taper120
  2. I game the Black just because Blue was launching n spinning too high. Great shafts anyway!
  3. oh my.... Dustin Johnson WITB 2020 yes he did... 283 yds carry WTH That sim max hybrid must be a Beast
  4. Isn’t the XS more accurate (more spin) and the X longer (less spin) ? i mean, not that this changes anything for me, but it’s the first time I noticed that on the bottom of the ball package
  5. rails came with the f7, which is in my bag. it´s a absolute rocket off the deck. And F7 was the last adjustable with two weight settings. I would say that F7, F8, F9 and SZ should perform equal. but yeah something definetly is about those rails
  6. i mean, i came to cobra because i found a beautiful set of irons with the perfect shaft in it. after the set of irons UT, Hybrid, FWY and Driver was added... always loved cleveland wedges!
  7. Yep few years ago it was Callaway, now it’s Cobra! Everything cobra beside wedges and putter are Cleveland!
  8. I also play it at 42,5“ .... Phil would say „hitting bombs“ shaft is muuuuch more important then head.
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