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  1. Went from a 120 to a 98g. Made a difference in distance, dispersion, and trajectory.
  2. My god that thing is beautiful. LH offering?
  3. Ahh makes sense. So you use a pw to chip. I understand now
  4. interesting theory. Am visions as to why though
  5. Im doing a lot of lower body- trying to get my legs stronger
  6. Chromesofts spin a lot for me. I have about the same driver swing speed
  7. I just feel like I drive my left elbow forward (lefty)
  8. I wear a golf shirt and shorts. No shoes though. Would likely wear spineless shoes if I needed the traction
  9. Love the Q star. Anxious for the new model to drop
  10. Talked to ping yesterday. They told me to take it to a ping retailer and they would handle it. Took it to golf galaxy, and they are going to send just the head in monday (I have an aftermarket shaft). Ping said that they will just send a whole new driver back. Now I don't know which of their factory shaft offerings to go with
  11. > @Nessism said: > Is this a stock Ping adapter? My G400 adapter doesn't have that fancy mark on it. If the adapter is aftermarket that may be the reason the head cracked. > > > The adapter says 'Ping' on it... so i guess so. by the way, thanks for posting the pic for me, I couldnt figure out how to do it Here's a pic of the adapter w/ the head removed. Would the fact that it is a LH adapter change the markings?
  12. Long story short I bought this head off of the BST a few months ago. Have played 6 rounds with it, and noticed a small crack at the hosel today. I don’t have the OEM shaft, as I put my HElium in it. FWIW, I had the club built by a very reputable builder in my city. Is there anything that I can do aside from buying a new driver? https://i.imgur.com/cfXUyXC.jpg
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