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  1. This club has worked for me and go ta 3W back in my bag after playing without one for a long time. I get a fairly reliable draw off the tee with this, which makes me welcome dogleg left holes. I have used a couple Pings (410/G) and a TS2 but this one is a little more consistent for my swing.
  2. This GolfDiscount.com deal works out the same as $20 per dozen https://www.golfdiscount.com/srixon-z-star-6-performance-pack-golf-balls-6-balls?___store=default&nosto=nosto-page-category2
  3. 12HC - after not playing a 3 wood the last few months, have had a nice start with a used Cobra King F9 Speedback with Atmos Blue 7S stiff flex that I picked up. Playing it at 14.5*/42.75" in the draw setting. Never thought I would use the draw setting since I rarely slice the ball but it has been a great match thus far for dogleg left tee shots. Last year I messed around with the TS2 16.5 and a Cobra F7 3W. They had their moments but ended up selling them and just going with my beaten up but trusty F6 Baffler. Even tried a G410 5 wood for a month, but it didn't work out as well. I still will probably used the F6 for the Par 5 second shots but already like the F9 better off the tee. Have also determined that I play the F6 Baffler better at 18.5* versus the lower loft settings.
  4. Back in late 2018 I nabbed a nice looking 5-PW set of Ping i200 red dot irons for $269 on ebay after a 10% off coupon deal they were offering at the time. This was before sales tax was being charged. I can easily sell them now for well over that and it's 2 1/2 years later.
  5. My biggest problem is forgetting to wet the towel before the first tee. And it's easier to do that because the bucket of water you used to see where I play has disappeared since the pandemic. Compounding the problem is the ball washers without water now. Find myself looking for a pool of water from the last rain to clean up the ball. Having one of those brushes with a squirt gun of water is a good backup plan.
  6. You should change your title and description to 5-GW instead of 5-PW, so people will know there are seven clubs in this set, not just six
  7. I would also be curious to see if anyone has done real comparisons of the G425 3 wood versus the G410 version it's replacing
  8. Thanks, I will probably try to pick one up this spring. It's just a hassle when you play a shorter length (44.5") and have to cut it down and have to figure out the swing weight adjustments. But might be time to see if it will work a little better.
  9. Jealous, way too much snow here in the Midwest to think about playing for awhile I play my 400 Max with a Ping Tour 65 stiff and it works fine but I will be 59 this year and thinking about trying it with the Tour 65 in regular flex. Anybody know if there's much of a difference?
  10. Another vote for this driver and recently I've been going straight from the Max to another cult classic, the F6 Baffler. Currently playing it at 17.5 with a 41 1/2 inch Chrome Elements + shaft that I found worked much better for me than the stock shaft. Even picked up a second F6 Baffler head for insurance as the current one looks like it's been hit about 2,000 times (but still performs as good as ever).
  11. Like most European clothing, a bit smaller than the like size in USA. I often have been between L and XL here and I ordered the XL in their rain jacket and it fit perfect.
  12. I recently had a ebay sale of a pitching wedge take over three weeks to get from Indiana to Maryland on 2-day USPS Priority Mail. Buyer asked for refund and refused delivery when it finally arrived.
  13. First place right now is a used F6 Baffler I picked up. It has knocked a TS2 16.5* wood out of my bag for the moment. Shorter shaft helps a bit and the Chrome Elements shaft is pretty close to the Tour 65 stiff shaft in my G400 Max driver. Second place is a Ping Glide 3.0 60* SS wedge I picked up in my red dot specs. I wasn't sure I could play 60* but this is a pretty easy swinging club and saved a couple holes for me just in the last 24 hours.
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