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  1. Sorry, if I don't reply to your offer it's because I don't want to waste my time and energy entertaining your nonsense.
  2. This is set #4 of 81.Make this the greatest gift for that Tiger fan you know!!Everyone remembers where they were. As golfers, we all shared in the moment as Tiger claimed his 15th major championship in Augusta. Now we’re giving you an opportunity to relive that moment and capture a piece of history for yourself with the commemorative P•7TW irons. In honor of his 81st career victory, there will only be 81 of the sets in the world and each one uniquely stamped to signal its rarity (i.e. 1 of 81). Co-designed by Tiger Woods and TaylorMade, these irons are defined by a craftsmanship that meets
  3. I purposely play it on the inside of my foot in order to get consistent high strikes on the face Maybe the solution is further forward... I get the feeling you're doing something w the low point, assuming everything else is fine w shot shape besides launch and spin. What have you already eliminated through trial and error? I've tested various shafts to help bring down launch like, X-stiff and heavier weighted shafts but still not doesn't get me to my preferred launch of 14*-16*. I know it's mostly definitely my swing style (I swing hard from the inside and hit up on the ball) but it'll
  4. I purposely play it on the inside of my foot in order to get consistent high strikes on the face
  5. With the driver I do indeed hit high on the face but that is with the knowledge that it does help me achieve lower spin characteristics. But if I were to hit one ball vs another with those same numbers, what ball do you think (brand and model) would flight lowest/lower vs what would flight higher? (So I can understand the difference in the ball materials, cores, etc.)
  6. Hey guys, I've always had a an issue with trying to get my ball flight down. Have been slowly working on it, but what ball would you consider to be the lowest launching? Help? Swing details: 7i Avg launch angle 21* Avg club head speed 83 Avg ball speed 120 Avg distance 164(34* loft) Avg spin 7000 Typical shape Draw Driver Avg launch angle 19* Avg club head speed 107 Avg ball speed 155 Avg distance 265(9.5* loft) Avg spin 1800 Typical shape Draw
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