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  1. Brand new TSI3 3 wood head 15 degree loft brand new in the package. Head only $old shipped from Canada
  2. Bought these a while back and never wore them. Size 8 $200 shipped from Canada
  3. Basically brand new used maybe 2-3 round just don’t hit a hybrid well (not sure why I try) all work done by Modern Golf in Toronto. $old Shipped from Canada
  4. Mizuno MP20 MMC 4 Iron head professionally pulled used only 3 rounds. $old shipped from Canada
  5. Yeah whole heads rust. The MG2 are better then the Vokeys if the grinds fit you. The only thing that Vokey has that they don’t is choice on grinds especially on the specialty end. I have been eying this grind for quite some time and while yes you can go get one from Artisan that’s a process until recently and then there is the Covid situation in Texas plus I think if i went the Artisan route I’d want the fitting.
  6. Been waiting for this puppy for a while. My Hi Toe is just about toast and this will make a very nice replacement
  7. Up for sale a set of Mizuno 919 Forged with Accra ICWT 95 shafts. Clubs were used for exactly 28 rounds and are in very good condition. Shafts alone are a $75 upgrade plus install. They are standard Mizuno length and loft and 0.5 degrees upright which is 0.5 degree flat in most other companies. Looking for $old includes shipping from Canada (will ship UPS or Fed Ex) to avoid the USPS delays. No trades at this time.
  8. Brand new In the package. Never used and no longer have a Cameron so this should go. These sell for $48 brand new mailed to your house (USPS) for $22https://www.scottycameron.com/store/product.aspx?zpid=725
  9. I have 8 dozen mbrand new white Taylormade Project A golf balls in sleeves up for sale. Two Options: Buy 4 Dozen for $80 and get a bonus sleeve of Titleist DT Trusoft. If you buy all 8 dozen for $160 will include a whole bonus box of Titleist DT Trusoft all shipped from Canada via Canada Post/USPS
  10. Good article by MGS recently on the various options available to companies. Mizuno was not the focus but seemed to think TM might keep SIM another year and that PING and Titleist launches will get pushed. What I found interesting was that they make almost 50% of revenue during these months leading up to the season. I guess that shouldn’t be shocking as people are getting new gear for the season but I guess how high it was caught me off guard. I honestly can’t see them moving forward with September. I think people’s spending will be reduced and with all the inventory on hand it makes sense to
  11. i am not a club engineer so I don’t know why but the versatility for me was the reason I went with the lob wedge in hi toe
  12. Well for me on trackman it was averaged about 500 rpm difference and got as high as 750 on some. Yeah I was testing the 56 against each other and that is a full face as well. I have love the combo of MG2 50 and 56 with a 60 Hi Toe the lower spin on he hi toe is also consistent with what MGS found in their testing
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