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  1. Really eh…I think that would be out of character for Scotty to do that. Guess we will see soon. I mean I won’t even lie I would love a Squareback 2 with the insert and the Button back. I think the recent putters have been the best in years going back to at least 2012
  2. Is this not just champions choice without the USA paint fill? I would doubt that is going to retail. You might get the 7 and 7.2 as it just looks like a different neck just like 5 and 5.5
  3. how did this experiment go for you thinking of doing this with the new rogue 4 iron
  4. I live locally and was there when Ian started the business out of the back of a simulator location called faraway greens. Never did a fitting with Ian but Mike did a lot of stuff for me. To address some of the speculation on lockdown and impact to business ( there had been none hard stop) both TXG and Modern golf another local establishment have done really well and had banner years. I believe this has to do with expansion for additional locations. Ian had a hell of a time finding the location in Mississauga that they recently put up and I am guessing financing was tough too. I don’t get the sense that Ian had deep pockets to start but was instead was a great fitter working his craft. Modern golf the other Canadian fitter is very heavily backed and has popped up 5 plus locations across Canada. we will see what this means for their YouTube channel but I like many enjoyed their honest data driven takes.
  5. A couple things up for sale today: 1) Mizuno MP20 MMC used for 25 rounds. 5-PW, $ Taper 120 shafts, standard loft and length, 1 degree flat, Larkin Sonar Grips standard. $old 2) 4 Iron HMB same specs as above. $old or $old if bought with the set 3 Titleist TSI 18 degree HEAD ONLY used 7.5 condition one faint high ball mark (not noticeable address) $old 4) Jordan V low white. Brand new in box, size 8 $old only trades would be Circa 62 in mint condition and Apex UW 21. Other then that cash is king.
  6. Special Select is his best in years. Not really a fan of the insert era 2016/2018. Squareback 2 has been my most consistent putter by a long shot. Not crapping on the small boutiques but it’s unreasonable to think mass production is going to be able to have a million options. putters are 100% a personal feel thing so to each their own. would not surprise me to not see a new real see this year as supply chain issues are breaking the traditional release cycles and I think that’s just fine
  7. Brand new in wrapper Scotty Cameron Monterey. Right hand 34 inch. Has some small peeling on the shaft label and headcover is from the select line of that year (store mistake but in mint condition) looking for $430 shipped from Canada
  8. This putter is brand new in the plastic with original head-cover. 33 inch length $450 shipped from Canada
  9. Great seller here bought one off him previously…GLWS
  10. Price drop on the 5’s let’s get these moving
  11. Up for sale a couple Jordan all in size 8. All items will ship from Canada. First up Jordan 5 In Fire Red brand new in the box $210>$200 Second a pair of Jordan 11 worn twice but in mint condition. $old Jordan 3 Black and Green glow worn only once $old Tried to base my prices on available resale factoring some use. Let me know
  12. Brand new TSI3 3 wood head 15 degree loft brand new in the package. Head only $old shipped from Canada
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