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  1. The Apex Pro's look amazing, very curious to see the offset though. The Apex Player combo with blades looks very enticing.
  2. Can anyone speak to the characteristics of these clubs?
  3. I hope they're not a true players distance like p790 or forged tec. I am hoping for a players style iron like the T100, King tour, or Zx7 style clubs. Great performance matched with more forgiveness than it looks.
  4. It would be perfect if the Apex pro was right in between the p770 and p7mc in terms of performance, forgiveness etc..
  5. Feel was similar as well? I’ve heard great things about the mmc and 50/50 for the t100
  6. What are the differences for you between the t100S and the MMC? And which do you like better?
  7. Also kind curious to know.. I have seen a lot of people commenting on other threads and around the internet that the mp20's are very forgiving blade. How do they compare in forgiveness to the average players iron?
  8. That’s another very good looking set. Those and the King Tour MIM’s are the unexpected sleeper hits imo.
  9. From a looks perspective I 100% agree. The first thing I thought when I grabbed the X Forged CB was "man what a great looking club, but why with the offset."
  10. Srixons seem to always be a little lower spinning compared to other players irons. Can't ignore the fact that there is a 1-2 difference is loft compared to "typical" players lofts. I have a good amount of speed and the tendency to get steep every once in a while, so I know the v sole could help me out with that. I have hit the 765's on a course once and really enjoyed those. On a different note, I am very confused as to why there isn't more reviews from the larger YouTube channels on the X forged CB. Almost all of them have the UT reviews but only smaller channels (other than TXG) ha
  11. I have yet to see those in person either, the only drawback to the Srixons for me would be what seems like kinda a meaty top line for the Zx7’s. I hope that’s not the case because they seem to tick every box, and look perfect to combo with the Zx5 long irons. One of my issues with the Mizuno’s is that while I love the look of the tours, I hate the rest of the line when it comes to looks.
  12. Looks wise p7mc would be my #1 choice, however I have yet to see them in person or hit them so not sure if they offer enough help in the mid to long irons. If I combo I don’t really want to combo anything after 5 iron for like 770 or zx5 etc.
  13. Have you hit those vs any others? Very curious to hear about them.
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