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  1. Good info here with the drill and photos.. I will give it a go and do it!
  3. I have s super short backswing. Today I took a video on my cell phone of my backswing and WOW I did not realize my backswing actually only went about knee high and then wham to the ball. So then I tried to just get my hands to my ear height and also thinking bend my right elbow but really could not do it ball after ball and it is not due to physical issues with my back.I do have some flexibility issue in the torso. I don't think I have long swing Yips. Practice swings I can do it and it looks great , but can't make a fuller backswing when really hitting the ball. Being self taught for 35 years of golfing no doubt was not good so after a zillion bad swings it is hard to change. In my new efforts to have a longer backswing just going back 24" more maybe to hip higher with left arm parallel to the ground I had an increase of 5-10 yards hitting my 9 iron 110 yards up from usual 90-100 yards. So I'm thinking if i could get my hands head high my driver carry now at 180yds might see >200 yards carry which would help get 5 woods out of my hands on par 4's. Handicap is 18 as I much too much pressure on my short game to get up and down from 30 yards out and in then 1- 2 putt. I have tried saying Hundred and One for backswing or "take longer to complete my backswing per Danny Maude You Tube tips /did not work. Per Nick Faldo, stop backswing when left shoulder touches chin,...did not work for me as I cut it short. Can anyone offer some suggestions or a good timing device thought to say to myself to help me to complete my backswing? Thank you,
  4. Got the MG senior golf balls delivered to me this week and hard to tell yet if any longer as course conditions are still so wet zero roll. Carry might be a little longer but need more time and good weather to find out for sure. Sunbeltgolfer you are right the MG does have a very click sound. Seems like the ball has an exploding sound when hitting driver. The MG senior super hard cover reminds me of the old 1980's Top Flite "Top Rocks" /Slazenger/Pinnacle balls?
  5. BIONIC RELIEF GRIP very good glove that really helps wear and tear on the hands with the padded areas/helps get the proper grip on the club too.
  6. I read the info on this ball as non-conforming due to it being 10-15 yards longer off the tee? Has anyone hit these balls in just playing for fun as anecdotal evidence or do you know if there is any actual test data if these golf balls for seniors go longer or it is all just marketing? Are the MG golf balls senior listed on USGA as non-conforming? Thanks, Per MG Golf- "Hit it Past Your Buddies! Start Enjoying Golf Again with the MG Senior Ball. (Ladies version also available!)The longest ball for golfers whose drives are less than 250 yards.Expect more distance. Astonishingly more. The MG Senior and Ladies version flies higher and longer, with a hotter feel off the face and a sound you aren't used to hearing anymore. And you can expect at least a club longer with your irons too!Putts feel more solid.USGA non-conforming. The MG Senior (unlike our other balls) is not legalfor most tournament play. It is for golfers who want more enjoyment from the game.USGA SpecStatusConstructionConformingWeightConformingSizeConformingSymmetryConformingInitial VelocityToo FastODS (120 mph)Conforming"
  7. Great info here-The recent Golf Channel series Swing Expedition with Chris Como featuring PGA great Chuck Cook breaks down the right shoulder back swing move so it makes it easy to do. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
  8. 2020 new driver Titleist TS-1 Super lightweight to add some mph to my slow swing speed.
  9. Cleveland HB Launcher 4 iron is very forgiving and easy to hit.
  10. Really a good 30 minutes on this Cameron McCormick The Skill Code Golf Channel show for finesse wedges. Flighting the ball 30 degrees with hands ahead with right wrist cupped to hit it crisply vs scooping high shots with hands too far behind the ball were all helpful tips. Hold that finish. Would love to see my buddies faces if I can get the 2 hop and stop wedge shot after I work on these wedge tips with my new Cleveland CBX 56.
  11. Good tip to swing at something instead of air.
  12. Location (City, State) Handicap 18 Have you tested equipment for GolfWRX before? NO If yes, please describe. What ball do you currently play? Callaway SuperSoft Which color would you prefer to test: Both Since it's still winter, are you in an area where you can do on-course reviews? YES Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Titleist Tour Soft golf balls and add you review, photos, stories and updates? YES Briefly describe how your would test in 200 words or less. Play 9 holes and hit Titleist/then Callaway and take notes on all parts of the game from tee to green. as to how they compare/feel/distance/check.
  13. Need some tips- Have been training on SuperSpeed golf sticks for 3 months and finally had some decent weather today to play a quick 9. 18 handicap Other than me needing a sports psychologist, anyone have any suggestions to help translate the SuperSpeed swing speed about 85-90 MPH regular swings and 95 MPH to 100 step drill speed to my real driver? Looking at a poor 75MPH today as I brought my radar to the course. Thank you,
  14. Hey all I'm new here first post! I like the forum. Lots of interesting discussions. 3 Jack Parr- I'm just about right with you on the start on Protocol 1from 12-17 and you are right, this is a tough demanding workout. I do a treadmill walk every day to get my Fitbit 10k steps goal but this is all out go hard type exercise. I have been very good in sticking with the program even though it was 12 degrees in my garage last week where I need to do this program. Don't want to bore everyone with my stats especially as I am starting out way slow with my last summer 180 yards drives 75mph senior swing speed, so this is really exciting if I can get to increase up to an 85-90 swing speed mph for 220 yard drives. No more 3 and 5 woods in hand for long par 4's would be super.
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