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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CS9ThF4Hsib/?utm_medium=copy_link For those who don't know him, Josh is a great coach and pro long driver. Beat Berkshire head to head in the finals to win one of the pro events this year. He thinks Bryson will contend.
  2. All brand new, never worn. Nikes do not have original boxes. Nothing wrong with them just a little narrow for my feet as usually wear 14 wide. -Nike Roshe G sz 14 black/grey/green $60 $55shipped -Nike Roshe G sz 14 grey/red $60 $55 shipped -Jack Grace sz 14 black with interchangeable saddle in purple camo $90 $85 shipped $185 $175 shipped for all 3 together $115 $100 shipped for the 2 Nikes together
  3. For the guy asking for source, confirming I heard the same thing directly from someone at srixon corporate, much to my disappointment. They separated the blade line from the zx line purposefully so they didn't have to keep making a new blade every release cycle. I would be fine with that normally but I'm just not a fan of the z forged aesthetic. It's a good club, just don't like the way they look. IMO if they are making a blade that will be around for a few release cycles at a time they would be better off making it more of a classic. Either way though, I wouldn't expect an update anytime soon. Again, much to my disappointment.
  4. Price Drop for the driver. $290 shipped! You can't even tell it has been hit!
  5. Hey All, For Sale is a nearly brand new left handed Srixon ZX wood set! 3 wood is still in plastic and others have been hit only a few times. All 3 are shafted with Project X Evenflow T1100 white in 6.5x. Golf pride tour velvet midsize installed logo down. -Driver $290 shipped SOLD! -3 wood $185 shipped SOLD! -5 wood $165 shipped SOLD!!
  6. Hey All, Thanks for checking out my ad! I have three sets of pretty highly sought after heads for sale. I'm not looking for any trades at the moment, prices are pretty firm, and I ship the heads very well protected with priority mail within 24 hours of payment. Feel to free to ask any questions or request other pictures but these are all pretty self explanatory. All completely brand new and never even been outside. 1.) Miura 1957 Small Blades (baby blades) 3-PW with paintfill. Heads are all weight sorted with the weight of each written directly on the plastic in perfect sequential order. $1125 shipped 2.) Miura 1957 Small Blades 4-PW w/o paintfill. Again heads are weight sorted and written on the plastic covering. $975 SOLD! 3.) Wilson FG 100 Tour Blade 3-PW. Still in the shrink wrap. Very highly sought after set and identical in size, shape, and appearance at address to the newest Wilson Blade offering. Very friendly and easy to hit blade that is larger than some cavity backs out there. $350 shipped. SOLD! Pin 9/22
  7. > @bluejeeprubi said: > > @"A.G. Pennypacker " said: > > > @bluejeeprubi said: > > > Are the new baby blades hard to find are the available at most Miura dealers? > > > > You know, I bet if you phoned a Miura dealer you'd get a solid answer. > > I did today. Was a little late to call Chip when I made the post. But appreciate the wonderful tip. For anyone else wondering, second release should be in December. > > Has anyone confirmed if these are the same iron with different badging or a different design altogether?
  8. I've always had great luck communicating with them via facebook message. Their customer service went above and beyond for me more than once and I was really happy with them. With that said this was 1.5 years ago and I've heard enough negative reports to know my case might not be all that common.
  9. > @sirparalot said: > Absolutely love the Eye 2 wedges. Yep they look funky but the originals just plain worked. Not only will those find a place in my bag but I would take an entire modern set of Eye 2's and play them if Ping decided to make them. The Eye 2's are still the most accurate irons I've ever played. I saw a few people on that twitter post comment 1-LW and 2-LW please so I'm going to piggy back onto this post and say I would also be in for a 2-LW set if they decide to make them. Ping has been known to listen to their customers on these platforms so it can't hurt. Pretty please ping :blush:
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