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  1. Hey All, Thanks for checking out my ad! I have three sets of pretty highly sought after heads for sale. I'm not looking for any trades at the moment, prices are pretty firm, and I ship the heads very well protected with priority mail within 24 hours of payment. Feel to free to ask any questions or request other pictures but these are all pretty self explanatory. All completely brand new and never even been outside. 1.) Miura 1957 Small Blades (baby blades) 3-PW with paintfill. Heads are all weight sorted with the weight of each written directly on the plastic in perfect sequential
  2. > @bluejeeprubi said: > > @"A.G. Pennypacker " said: > > > @bluejeeprubi said: > > > Are the new baby blades hard to find are the available at most Miura dealers? > > > > You know, I bet if you phoned a Miura dealer you'd get a solid answer. > > I did today. Was a little late to call Chip when I made the post. But appreciate the wonderful tip. For anyone else wondering, second release should be in December. > > Has anyone confirmed if these are the same iron with different badging or a different design altogether?
  3. I've always had great luck communicating with them via facebook message. Their customer service went above and beyond for me more than once and I was really happy with them. With that said this was 1.5 years ago and I've heard enough negative reports to know my case might not be all that common.
  4. > @sirparalot said: > Absolutely love the Eye 2 wedges. Yep they look funky but the originals just plain worked. Not only will those find a place in my bag but I would take an entire modern set of Eye 2's and play them if Ping decided to make them. The Eye 2's are still the most accurate irons I've ever played. I saw a few people on that twitter post comment 1-LW and 2-LW please so I'm going to piggy back onto this post and say I would also be in for a 2-LW set if they decide to make them. Ping has been known to listen to their customers on these platforms so it can't hurt. Prett
  5. > @cz13X4 said: > i want to see this next to the bp 2 iron I haven't compared the 2 irons but overall the staff blades look downright GI compared to the BPs. Bigger all around but especially heel to toe. That's a combination of the BPs being on the smaller side for blades and the Staffs being on the bigger side if not the biggest blade on the market. Srixon z forged is the only one I can think of in the same ball park.
  6. > @buckeye440 said: > > @bladehunter said: > > > @buckeye440 said: > > > I hate **** like this. I hate when players talk about "we" did great/bad. It just allows players to shift the blame when they lose. Caddies contributions to the game are way overrated. Who caddied for Jack, Arnie, Tom Watson, Jones, Hagen, Hogan, Sarazen? 99.9999% of golfers have no idea. I mean could anybody tell me the caddies for the top 5 OWGR players right now? Does it really matter if the caddie says the shot is 140-145 or 142 yards exactly? I would argue no, do to the fact that &
  7. Ft Worth Hi's are great. I used one as a 3 iron replacement with my baby blades and I hit a lot of memorable shots with that club. As a high ball hitter my only gripe is it went a little higher than I wanted. It is a very high launch club as confirmed by MGS who had it rated as the highest launching utility in their tests. For what you are looking for and from the bit I understand about your taste in clubs through your posts in the JDM forum I think you will really like it. Worth a try for sure.
  8. Any names of non Srixon players bagging it? I know some but not all Srixon guys are playing it which is a huge step in the right direction. I haven't seen or heard of any in non Srixon bags but if that is true then that would be an even bigger step for them!
  9. > @kro88 said: > Question for all: I currently have the Modus 120s in my CB57s and KBS Tour 120s in my BBs. To be honest I don't have have a definitive preference for using either shaft however I keep contemplating putting the Modus 120 into the BB's for consistency when transitioning set to set (as I can often change sets week to week). I have Modus 105x in my Mizuno MP25s and that is a shaft I love and am also considering. Has anyone swapped from KBS to Modus 120 or 105 in their BBs? If so what changes have you felt in feel, seen in ball flight? > > Thanks > I've
  10. Congrats they are beautiful! That white chrome looks great on them. I had a km 008 in that finish and it was really nice. Looks better on the BBs though! I take it the players cavity experiment didn't pan out? I'd be curious to hear your experience if you feel like sharing. Enjoy the BBs!
  11. > @"St Jimmy" said: > > @kro88 said: > > > @Bigmean said: > > > That is just disgusting. Nice complete set! > > > > > > Agree, the thing about playing small blades as your gamer set is they make all other clubs feel wrong visually, you can get used to them, but it is like driving on the wrong side of the road in another country. And when you go back and hit a BB it just feels like home. > > > > This is a great take. I'll go between my BBs and CB57s all year long and my analogy is - its like switching between an air cooled 99
  12. Carl's Golfland has a full demo set. If you liked the 100s you can pretty much order the Staffs blind and be confident you will like them. Didn't look different, didn't feel different, didn't perform differently. Literally felt like I was hitting the same exact club. Personally I like when companies don't fix what isn't broken on their players clubs. Cobra does the same and I'm a fan of both for that reason.
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