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  1. Okay so I haven't seen this happen a ton, but the last 2 weeks it's happened to me 3 times playing afternoon rounds. My group is finishing #9 after an hour and a half front, with no one in sight in front of us, get to #10 and look off the tee box to see a foursome in the fairway and on the green. Back 9 ends up taking nearly 3 hours. Checked with the starter after the rounds and they tell me it's new policy to send groups out on the back if they're only playing 9 or the front is backed up. I normally don't get bothered much on the course, but this really gets under my skin for some reason. Anyone else ever heard of such a policy?
  2. That's some high quality advice. For golf and life.
  3. All great points, one of my friends from high school has a reciprocal at his club with Oak Hill in Rochester. The stories of how people who aren't members end up on exclusive courses are always entertaining to me.
  4. Can you shoot over some armpit to armpit and neck to bottom measurements? I was all over the place with sizing of Masters gear the last time i went.
  5. **Starting this post with a disclaimer that I'm aware this may be an unnecessary and fruitless topic. For those that have played some of the top exclusively private clubs in the country, which you are not a member of, how did you happen to get on those courses? I've heard of getting in on corporate outings, or certain tournaments that they set up at those courses, but after learning about some of those entry fees or even the winning bid for foursomes at these types of clubs, that will more than likely not be a way in. Would love to hear people's stories of getting on exclusive tracks and the circumstances that lead to them happening. On a slightly unrelated note, if anyone happens to know of anyone at Oakmont who wouldn't hate a single tagging along, feel free to message me.
  6. Titleist. Solid clubs, access to Scotty CT items. Can't forget the FJ clothing/footwear that comes along too.
  7. Probably a little early to be asking, but does anyone know when they usually put out the coupons for the month?
  8. Really love the swings of DJ and Luke List. Both guys seem to have effortless power. I don't think I've ever seen DJ really go all out on a drive and when he's on with wedges, those swings are uber-smooth.
  9. Best thing to do if you think you're looking at a fake set is to go to DHGate.com and check the pictures. You can pretty much buy a counterfeit anything on there.
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