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  1. Used or new, head only or tx/x shaft 70/80, let me know price and setup if anyone is looking to unload one. Playing mavrik sz 70tx now but considering making a change. Thanks
  2. Long title but looking to change up my 3 wood, playing the ZF 60tx in my driver thinking about putting same in the 3 wood. Other possibilities possibly pro white or pw raw,blue. Let me know prices and what you got.
  3. Anybody with some insight? Flat out forgot if I tipped my ZF driver shaft .50 or 1 inch, if anybody has the info on the tip to graphics I would apprieciate. Todd O
  4. Clearing out some stuff, feel free to make offers....honma and shafts left 1.Sold Sold Honma tw-4 52....ended up keeping 56 and 60 that came with set a purchased. I wasnt going to keep any of the wedges but ended up liking the sand and lob ended up making the switch. Wedge in good condition, few range sessions and a round. Midsize plus 5 tv with 125 modus wedge shaft. Standard specs 2. SOLD sold for both Wilson hi toe 56 and pmp lob wedge. I play mainly a 56 around the green and the hi toe was great for me this season, solid club, nice sole. Picked up the 60 pmp just to
  5. So my father is finally wanting a new set, lefty swinger so not sure what options are available for the mavrik irons in lighter weight version. Full bag change so also looking for Driver and woods. New to very good. Thanks Todd O
  6. $225 for 7-pw Wilson Staff model blades heads. Standard specs. Staff model 7-pw Played for 3 months so has normal bag chatter but still in good condition. v6 4,5, 6 iron sold.........7-pw left. sold sold $125 Dynamic gold 120 x100 4-pw. Standard lengths, playing with head 38.5 -4iron, 38- 5 iron and so on.
  7. honma proto rose or titleist 620 cb's are what I'm looking around for. Play .50-.75 long in stiff and also can softstep x's to get length to work . Heads only also an option. Let me know what you got. Thanks Todd O
  8. Seems to have worked itself out, no troubles today.
  9. Got a message from a fellow member and normally after you click and read notification it dissappears, getting the notification popup box of the same message appearing on everypage and every time I click on new item, forum link, open site, every reload it appears. Todd O
  10. Looking for a trade Nippon peening blue stiff flex shafts. Playing in my wilson staff model blades .25-.50 over standard. 5-38.5 6-38 7-37.5 8-37 and 9,pw play a 1/4 longer 9-36.75 pw-36.25. Used one round, testing out heavier shafts but rather stick to the 110-120 range. Looking to trade but I'll set price at $160. modus 105x, 120x or kbs $taper lite or kbs $ taper (x or stiff)
  11. 105-120 range.....I've been using some soft stepped 120 x100 and looking to test out some modus 105x,120x , kbs $ taper lite (stiff or x) soft stepping 1x a possiblility ......playing at least .50 long. Thanks
  12. Ripx left 1 $110 Aldila ripx Tour stiff driver shaft, tipped .50 Played 45 in Sim driver. Thx 2 $105 SOLD Taylormade MB's heads 4-pw. Clubs have held up pretty good, soles and hosel have wear but heads, faces still in decent shape. Used as backup set.
  13. .355 taper. I re-shafted twice, first time I had to taper down some parallel .370 graphite shafts to fit and second time I replaced with x100s .355, no problems.
  14. Wondering for if anyone else, non TX users has been gaming this shaft? I've been gaming the 75 Stiff for the last 4 months and its been one of the best shafts I've used. I'm around 107-110 and I bounced back and forth from the Pro white 70tx and Ventus black 6x for the past yr and took a chance on the 75 stiff tipped .75. Hear all about the success of the TX users just curious if anyone else is having positive results in the Stiff flex? I have it in a Sim 9* and its been a solid mid flight with low spin even in the stiff flex. T
  15. sold Ping 3 iron- $60Ping 4 iron $65 4 iron is in good shape. yellow dot (1.5 up) and standard length. 4 has the stock alta shaft (73g) r flex. If you want head only I will gladly pull and sell seperate. $55 Any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks
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