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  1. Sold Ts2 11.5 driver head w/headcover. Club in really good shape, no topline marks.
  2. New or pulls, 4-pw or 5-pw....softstepped also an option. Wanting to play around .75-1.00 long, let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  3. $80 Wilson D7 forged 4 iron. Vgood condition, tensei white 90x. 39.5. Will considered splitting if any interest in both. $65 head $55 shaft
  4. Looking to swap out from steel to put in 23* utility head. Taper iron or hybrid shaft. 100-110 or somewhere close. MMT, catalyst, accra, etc. Stiff/x stiff and soft/hardstepping flexes an option. Thanks
  5. Looking for a speeder V in stiff flex 569 or 661. Shorter length is fine, playing around 44 or longer. I can trim and cut so with or without adapter is fine. Thanks
  6. $sold Ping lst 14.5 w/ ping tour 75 X flex. New, standard spec. Let me know if you need a wrench, since they didnt send one, I have a ping I can throw in. Midsize grip, still in plastic. $sold. Nippon Modus 115 "Wedge" shafts. (122g) pair of pulls, though grips and heads might differ I played in TM wedges around 35.75-36, so can be shortened if needed to play standard. Had in a 54, 60.
  7. $115 4 dozen Bridgestone Tour B RX balls. Order showed up today and received the wrong model so they are up for sale or trade. Have initials tmo, opened one sleeve to take pic. SOLD Taylormade Mg2 50* black/raw face. Club is in excellent condition. Stock l/l/l dynamic s200 10-15 swings.
  8. Purely for looks, I've changed shafts twice and once more on the new wilson cb's. No issues
  9. SOLD Zipcore 56/6 low bounce Tour rack raw in excellent condition. Got it over the winter with intention of putting it in rotation, never got it to the course. Club in great shape. Stock specs, dg spinner shaft tour velvet 360 standard.
  10. FYI: Just got email from my guy that ordered my 425 lst fairway back in Feb that the holdup for me is the Aldila Rogue white and is 4 more months.....80x, not sure about the other weights.
  11. I know when I got a set of P7mc's I took off the heads and removed the bullet weights that are found in the hosel, they're almost hidden. Anyways, I play at .50 or a little above but with removing a 10g weight I was still only down around d2-d3 range. Let us know if you ever find out what happened.
  12. $sold Taylormade P7mc 5-pw heads. Can combine shafts (Dg s300). $sold Dynamic gold s300 standard length, one time pull from new set of Wilson Cb's. Standard gold pride grips, new $sold both. Shipping UPS
  13. $65 MMT 70X fairway 41.75 tip to grip. Standard golf pride align. Pulled from epic speed fairway. Message if any questions.
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