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  1. What do you play now? I would say the ZX5 soles are pretty narrow compared to traditional GI/SGI.
  2. Experiment did not work. Selling a Tensei AV Raw Orange shaft. 65s with Callaway adapter. Measures 43 and 5/8” from end of grip to end of tip. Would play 44.75” installed. Lamkin crossline standard grip. $180 shipped in CONUS.
  3. 1. Charlotte, NC 2. 10.2 3. ZX7 3. Yup 4. P790 standard L/L/L, Modus 120S 5. Hiding some forgiveness in that sweet, sweet looking package. 6. Obviously
  4. I don’t have new Srixon ZX series but am eyeing them and had the same question as you. Couldn’t find p790 sole width published online so did some at home measurement. Sole on my 2017 p790 4 iron is somewhere between 22-23mm. Srixon ZX7 4 iron stated as 16.8mm on their site. ZX5 4 iron listed at 21.5mm ZX7 seems to be quite substantially thinner than 790s. Though also worth noting that the X5 cavity back extends a little deeper than the sole width in those low irons, whereas that’s not the case on 790s. 790 head basically same depth as sole width.
  5. Totally. I bought mine then before they sold out. Was way too good to pass up. Just happened to see them on there again this morning. Even at $129 shipped it's still great. Have found it to be more rewarding/challenging than most generic putting mats.
  6. Costco.com has Perfect Practice Mats in stock. Selling standard size 9’6” with an alignment mirror for $129.99. Great deal. That set is $189 on the Perfect Practice site.
  7. Selling an O Works #1 putter with standard specs, playing 35”. Black and white sight lines on top to aid alignment. Super Stroke Pistol GT grip. Head cover included. Sole and face in excellent condition. Played for 2 seasons. $79 shipped to CON US.
  8. Thanks. Will try to blow these out and clean the connectors as a first stop but I’m slightly skeptical since the adapter seems to work fine in another Callaway head. Though when 4 people have all said adapter, it’s possible I’m just wrong.
  9. Thanks. May try to post in clubmaking as well. This SOUNDS logical but I tried the shaft (with the same adapter) in another Callaway head and it’s not happening. Why would the adapter behave differently in two different heads? The adapter is fixed to the shaft, not the head. Am I missing something?
  10. Yeah that was my first guess too but I ruled it out. I put the shaft into another Callaway driver head and the noise was not happening. Leads me to believe it’s something in the Mavrik head itself.
  11. Have a Mavrik Max driver and played about 5 rounds with it. The last 2 times out I noticed a tiny “click” or “ticking” type sound coming from the head. Seems to happen pretty sporadically and mostly when the club is changing directions (ie. As soon as i take the club away or as soon as i start the downswing). If I had to pin down the location it seems like it’s the very back of the crown on the bottom of the head. Have ruled out loose epoxy because it doesn’t rattle. Have ruled out shaft because I tried my existing shaft in another Callaway driver head. Have ruled out issues with the hea
  12. Selling my Epic Flash experiment. 10.5 degree, standard head. Amazing shape. Has only been played for 4 rounds. One small scuff mark on top of crown from a RH friend who tried to hit it. ?? See very last picture. $225 shipped in CONUS. Can throw in head over and wrench if needed.
  13. **City and State: ** Charlotte, NC **Handicap:** 10 **Current Irons:** 2017 Taylormade P790 **Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: ** That sweet sweet "T" logo on the back. Just kidding. ICT is where it's at. Original P790 are forgiving, but every little bit helps, especially in those long irons. **If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? ** Without a doubt. Can you say, "Portrait Mode"?
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