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  1. What shafts are in the t100s, or are you selling heads only? Most of the pics show them shafted
  2. People’s clubs did the paintfill ad bb is just under 41.5
  3. All prices are obo and shipped to the con us. My only trade interest is a titleist fairway shaft. Mostly a Ventus Blue 7s but I will consider similar options. taylormade p770 5-pw mmt 105s. Ordered from people clubs. .25 short and 2 flat. Custom blue paintfill to match ferrules. $925 cobra Ltd 4-5 wood. Ventus blue 8x. the grip is currently aligned with the +1 position but shaft graphics line with std. $200.....SOLD 2 ball ten, 33 inch, flatso 3.0 grip. I added 20 gram weights but will send the stock weights as well. $185….. SOLD Cobra king 21-24 utility, tour ad di 85x currently in the 22.5 setting $150…. Sold Tour ad bb 7x fairway with TM adapter $75….sold Pin 7/23
  4. 52F, 56S, 60S. Standard L/L/L with stock vokey grips and dynamic gold wedge flex shafts. Would really prefer to sell together. $225 shipped to conus. No trades at this time.
  5. https://sacksparente.com/configure/series-39-true-blade-putter
  6. As far as public goes, I think AC and ballamor are the best options. I played both last month and they were in great shape. I’ve heard both Twisted dunes and harbor pines were also in good shape this year but haven’t played either recently. Do you know anyone at stone harbor cc? They did some renovations this year and I’ve heard all good reports.
  7. I live in the area, what info are you looking for?
  8. What weight, flex and driver head are you playing?
  9. PO is counter balanced so something like Hzrdus yellow will keep you counter balanced and launch higher but it will spin more. You will have a hard if not impossible time finding something to launch higher while spinning less.
  10. A comment on the Instagram post said it was a proto version of the original sim before they decided on the sim name. He pointed out it has face screws and TM has since moved the port to the toe side
  11. Yeah I wasn’t sure if you were talking parkway or turnpike
  12. Cape may county? Nothing that I am aware of outside
  13. I love ACCC and it’s worth it if you can get a tee time in the $100-$125 price range. I think they get up to about $250 in prime season and not so sure it lives up to that. To the OP’s question, there isn’t much left in cape may county that’s worth playing and public. Atlantic county has a few though. I would check out ballamor or twisted dune.
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