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  1. Another vote for buying it from people’s clubs
  2. Having hit all 3(z785 not the zx7) last week, I’ll agree that the feel of the srixon is like the p7mc but that’s the only area that its more comparable then the 770
  3. In this test the numbers on the z785 are much closer to the p770 then they are the p7mc. Say what you want about the tech but the performance is what matters.
  4. Looking to see if maybe someone ordered a single iron to demo that they are now ready to sell. Anything 5-pw with a stiff or lighter x flew shaft.
  5. A srixon employee chimed in on the txg live review this morning and said no new blade until 2022
  6. I feel like I went back in time to the early 2000’s and I’m in an AOL chat room with a bunch of dudes asking for pics
  7. Sooo you’re saying you have seen it. Do you have a pic you could email me?
  8. Are you sure he didn’t say playing 1/2 inch over length is like having the club 1 degree upright? I’m not a fitter but everything I have ever read says a shorter club plays flatter and longer plays upright
  9. I play a black 6x untipped in my driver and I only swing 100-102mph. At first I thought it felt a little stiffer then previous x flex shafts I have played but now that I’ve put some time in with it I’m driving the ball the best I ever have.
  10. Prices are shipped in the con us and I will listen to trade offers. Items of interest would be a sim ti 3 wood head or 5-pw iron heads. Iblade, i210, 718 ap2, or other similar options. cobra sz tour 3 wood. Aldila nv 70x shaft. $160 cobra king 3 utility. Kbs hybrid 80x shaft $120. It has a left handed adapter and a ferrule that doesn’t sit flat.
  11. Why are you still gaming them? Sell them and pick up a used set of i210 or iblades.
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