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  1. Please tell me you've seen this $41,000!



    Amazing I guess if I was a multi millionaire I would consider this as a gamble---- Kinda like those old $5 grab bags you used to see in stores wanting to get rid of unsold merchandise. If I was wealthy I would offer him 30K cash and take a gamble


    Guys gotta be crazy to expect someone to take a gamble at that price... like you say though if you had the money burning a hole in your pocket then why not.

  2. I will join the choir on the Button backs, and I assume you are holding on to the PC's for home use. I recently acquired a set of PCs and like them. I have a set of 79 Staff Tour Blades (that I've owned since 79)as well.


    I'm thinking the PC'S can go abroad. Im happy with how they play and I know my distances (or I know the loft more to the point) with them. So I should be able to pick up and play them with relative ease. Other than that I'm all over the place with what I want.


    The next thing is convincing the Mrs that I need all the new clubs I'm looking at ?

  3. Hey Craig, whereabouts in the UK are you ?


    There is a Persimmon Golf Society group on facebook FYI, and some UK persimmon/blade meets are in plan for 2019.


    If I see you at one of those, I'll try and sell you about 300 clubs to give your collection a quick boost LOL I'll still have about 600 left ... that's how it goes with this hobby :)


    Thanks junkie, I am a member of that Facebook group. Love looking at all the old equipment everyone has. My ultimate goal is a complete set of late 50s early 60s equipment in good playable condition let's wait and see what 2019 brings! I'm in southern England btw Berkshire to be exact. How about you?

  4. Indeed welcome to this corner of the internets. Great to read a young(er) fellow finding appreciation in taking older implements afield. For the challenge, the history, the simple enjoyment of the pursuit. Learning how to play as well as possible with clubs that 99% of golfdom view as relics. Would agree with others, take the Buttonbacks. They are a rather iconic set of irons in the classical realm.


    Good luck moving forward with this endeavor.


    Thanks fella! I love playing the game the way I feel it should be played! If only my playing partners felt the same!

  5. Tough decision, but I'd probably go for the buttonbacks myself.


    By the way, you didn't buy the PCs from a Japanese auction site, did you? There was a 2-E set of them with Apex 4 shafts up fairly recently for a recent price. I was tempted but didn't bid because I know my Christmas present is going to be a set of Hogan Apexes :pimp: . Anyway, someone did snap them up and I think they got a bargain.


    I brought mine a year ago I'd say, they satisfied the itch for a little while but now I want to expand more of a collection I'd love some old 60s stuff but don't really know enough yet to know what I'm looking at/for


    This forum is the best place I've found for like minded people though!

  6. Hi all! As a late 20 something I had no experience of the true joy of golf until this year (despite playing weekly for over a decade)


    What changed?


    I brought Mr Hogans five fundamentals and have since fallen in love with classic persimmons and blades from yester-year


    I have brought a set of Hogan PC irons 2-E (apex 4 shafts) and I have a generic set of macgregor tourney woods that I am unable to find any info on (or markings apart from the aforementioned)


    I am now planning my second set (one has to go to Spain with my dad for my holiday clubs)


    I'm currently torn between two sets of wilson dynapower irons and can't decided for myself which are better... please help me!


    Attached are a picture of my Hogan's (along with my Gary player anvil putter and mismatched hogan 1 iron plus a picture of the two sets I'm torn between


    Btw love browsing this forum this is such interesting stuff!!

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