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  1. I would try to make it.
  2. Has anyone done one of these events? I was interested so I signed up for Tedesco, Ipswitch, and Kernwood. I am curious to know what your experience was with this the event and what I should expect.
  3. If you're living in Berkeley look at joining the Player's Club at Tilden (located in Berkeley hills). For 29.99/mo you get a large bucket of balls per day and reduced greens fees. You can also use the PC membership at Monarch Bay for reduced fees (but not free balls - you only get them at your home course).
  4. GLWS - we got hit hard with vet bills related to surgery over the fall and unfortunately lost the dog anyway. I know the feeling of a bottomless pit of bills..
  5. I don't see why people think of him as a villain. I like watching him play and want to see how his next few seasons turn out. He could be a major part of this new generation and maybe, for some of you, he just needs to mature a bit. I personally see no problem with his behavior based on what I've seen in coverage.
  6. Much appreciated on your response here, and thanks again for helping out before. I saw Gannon offered a membership but I was hesitant because I don't know that I would get the full value. After I posted this I realized neither is an option to keep my GHIN (looks like Beverly is most realistic option). Only problem with that is that I will probably never go there based on reviews I saw.
  7. I posted before and got good suggestions from the group here so I am hoping for some more good advice. i wasn't able to get out at all in the fall due to the weather here on the North Shore in Massachusetts, but I am now looking to setup a Mass Golf and move my GHIN over to it. I have the option to choose a home course, and from where I am located in Marblehead, the two closest courses appear to be Gannon in Lynn or the Meadows at Peabody. Can anyone give me an opinion on the two course or a compare/contrast of the two? How are the conditions on these courses throughout the playing season? W
  8. I'd give the guy another chance given the history. I see you're in Massachusetts. The weather here has been pretty unfavorable for golf for the past few months and you admitted you've been getting the better of him and he was clearly not enjoying the round. I would have called off the betting and taken the last few rounds of the season as being on borrowed time. I could understand why he was miserable out there. He didn't handle it well and that probably needs a conversation at some point, but realize he didn't pull this mid-season.
  9. I think I might have a 910 Fd 3 in storage, but it will be a few months before we move and I can dig it out. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. Why did you switch to the M3 in the first place?
  11. Every time I go out as a single I pretty much expect some level of weirdness occurring. I think a lot of guys are uncomfortable with having a random stranger paired with them and get socially awkward about it. I've even had one or more guys in the group flat out ignore me the whole round. I find it amusing and it doesn't bother me at all because I am really there for the golf. With that said, I've made plenty of friends on the course by going out as a single and getting paired up.
  12. What's the worst shot you've ever had? Maybe it's missing a 2 footer for your personal best or shanking the ball on the first tee, but mine was rocketing a drive through the reception tent I was to be married in later that day. I'm curious to what everyone else has experienced.
  13. If eBay doesn't suspend the Seller they are not doing their job. 3 times this guy has done this !! IF Ebay suspends the seller they will be losing money. Ain't going to happen This is the way I view it as well. eBay would rather sweep an issue with a high volume, low ethics seller under the rug because they don't want to lose the revenue. Since eBay can just stand back and act like they are just the middleman, there's plausible deniability.
  14. This happened to me a few times and it always made me angry, so I started looking at prices around the web (such as 2nd swing). I figured out what the general value was for something I was looking to buy, bid under that to save more money (because I could always just get it from the other site if I wanted to). If I won something at a value far below what was listed elsewhere, I just expected the auction to be cancelled somehow. I'm not saying the seller was right, I am just saying it made it easier for me to set expectations.
  15. He's not saying you took the putter outside, he's saying you introduced some foreign element to the putter which caused it to oxidize. And because he's saying you caused the oxidation, he's refusing the refund.
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