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  1. Played Srixon 965's up until this year. Started this season with Mavrik Pros (Due to Covid) and just got in my Ping Blueprints. Played my first round with them Friday. Loved em!
  2. My local golf galaxy in troy michigan received them in store yesterday. Beautiful putters!
  3. Does anyone know what putter Bryson has been using the past two days? I saw he started the week with what appeared to be a Odyssey Exo #7.....but the past two days its something different.
  4. Just received this grip. Superstroke ultra slim 1.0 p. Looking at older posts, I don't see many others that have the tour symbol on the sides of the grip. Wondering if I have something rare here. Thanks for any information everyone!! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/bj/dake0oichenn.jpg "")
  5. Love seeing all these guys use the new Las Vegas Toulon. Unfortunately mine has been on back order since the release. Callaway told me end of March/early April....so bummed!
  6. Hit them today. 7 iron with the tour issue s400 shaft. Rep had them in hand. I only got 3 swings in but man they were smooth! Sole was all milled. Perfect sound and feel. Also got to see Spider Mini with the bronze paint scheme and updated insert.
  7. Rolled the retail version a few weeks ago.....hate the sound. Only thing I can equate it to is the sound of a Ping Crazy-E series. Sounded like a block of wood. All the other new scotty mallets sounded fine...there is no way I could game the 5.5 solely on sound
  8. I was able to place order at local GG and as far as the computer could tell it said expected ship date of the 22nd of Feb. Hope its true. If not I cant imagine getting it much later than March 1st.
  9. Those AP2's are sexy. I'm always hesitant about a black finish..especially on the face and sole of irons. What is everyone's experience with the different processes the manufacturers use? Any one brand's finish last longer?
  10. Swung the M5 with HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 70 gram tonight and it is a beast. My warm up swings on the simulator were going longer than my current gamer. Initially launched high but after moving the weights around and dialing it in I was seeing some crazy numbers. Almost 6-7 yards longer carry than anything I've hit so far in 2019. I don't want to like it but its hard to argue the results. I was so baffled that I put it head to head with Flash Sub Zero and F9 all set to 9 degrees / Pro V1 X ball / Neutral hosel settings / same shaft HZRDUS smoke 6.5 70 gram shaft. Spin and launch was highest on Fl
  11. My local G.G. got them in yesterday. 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 in all styles I believe. Look and feel is nice.
  12. what is the head size like on the Vegas, smaller #7 profile? I want to say smaller than the current O-Works Black/Red line....but it could also be the finish making it appear smaller.
  13. Rolled the Vegas flow neck this morning....they cannot take my money soon enough. Have played quite a few # 7's over the years but they always had an insert. The looks and feel of the milling was incredible. The Exo # 7 Mini wasn't bad if you wanted to save a few bucks.
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