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  1. Sanctuary Lake is a quirky little course, but it's fun. The routing is bizarre, but when you are converting land built on 1 billion poopy diapers, you have to work with what you've got. I do like the iridescence sludge in the creek in front of the 15th hole. It could be a much better course if they would reshape the 1st and 11th greens. Those greens are stupid. As for maintenance, they don't care. It's been that way for years and that course gets the most play of all the courses in the Billy Casper network. The people will come no matter what condition, so why bother? I play it when th
  2. Looking at the forecast it's pretty safe to say that 2020 Michigan golf is a wrap. Got in one last round yesterday at Sanctuary Lake (not my favorite course, but it always seems to be open). The place was fairly busy for Dec 23, but still played in 3 hours and 57 minutes. For some reason they decided to punch the greens in December, which is unusual and probably not very effective as the grass is dormant. Then again, course maintenance is not exactly a priority at that course.
  3. Last Friday might have been it for me for the year. There is a massive amount of cold air illegally crossing our border from Canada! Twin Lakes did a 36 foursome shotgun start last Friday for $30, which was very cool of them. That course is so much fun and I don't find it too difficult. The greens were in amazing shape for Dec 11.
  4. Not many courses open this week, but I just got emails that Cherry Creek and Twin Lakes will open on Wed for a few days. Twin Lakes appears to be a single time around 11 for a shotgun start, so once those are filled there will be no more that day (trying to get friends to play there Friday). If you want to play with Teeoff for later this week, you better get busy booking because there are very few courses open and very few deals. I'm playing both of the Troy courses on Wed and Thursday (which I only seem to do when there are no better choices...you can tell I'm not a fan of the T
  5. I think there is some golf on deck this week for the macho! Unfortunately the only person who has confirmed (so far) they will play is a female buddy, but she is by far the most macho and will play in anything this side of a hurricane! Last year I got the last round in on Dec 28. I don't think that record is going to fall this year.
  6. Lyon Oaks is closed for the season. We did have about 10 golfers go out on Sunday at 42 degrees, gusts to 30 MPH and a few serious downpours (they stopped and the sun did come out). They were brave and macho and I salute them!
  7. Golden Fox is groovy. I started playing it the year it opened and was my first Arthur Hills course. Then Lyon Oaks opened and I've not been back, but next summer I'm going to make a point to play the Golden again.
  8. Played Played Huntmore today, as you got me interested in it again. I'd forgotten about how far you have to hit it to reach a couple of the doglegs. I hit some good drives from the blues and I didn't get the angle right and had to pitch up before my approach. I do like that course. The greens were in nice shape and reasonably quick. Played 18 midday in 3 hours and 34 minutes. Good course that I wish was a little bit closer.
  9. I love Bluffs. For some reason that 9 just fits my game. The Huntmore has a thing. I like it, but have not had a chance to play it this year. One time we were paired with a couple from Scandinavia and the guy lost his mind and helicoptered his driver deep into the swamp on that strange par 5 (is it 15?) that doglegs left over the little creek. Totally mild mannered and polite guy that apparently reached some volcano point and just lost it. I've played Mystic Creek twice in the past month and I must admit, they have greatly improved the course from where it was in
  10. The greens at Lyon Oaks are in very good shape and the quickest I've seen them this year.
  11. No love for the U of M MacKenzie? My favorite Detroit metro course.
  12. Thanks for the course reports guys. I just bought two passes as it sounds like it worth playing. The guys that designed that (Conroy-Dewling I believe) only did three courses and I really like two of them. I used to play Mystic all the time, but then something happened out there and they just didn't keep it to the original high standard. It is a very fun course, but Lakes is my least favorite...although I do dig hitting from that hilltop over the lake.
  13. I could set up a round at Lyon Oaks at 12:50 because they have an outing in the morning. Room for you and two more. And, you get my employee rate to boot.
  14. Has anyone played Mystic Creek this year? I played it back in 2017 and it was poorly managed and the course was in fairly rough shape in places. I've got a buddy that wants to play it, but I don't want to book it until someone gives me the low-down on conditions.
  15. Northville Hills is in very nice condition. Quick greens that are rolling very true. It had been a few years since I had played it, but now I remember how good a course it is.
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