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  1. Played Played Huntmore today, as you got me interested in it again. I'd forgotten about how far you have to hit it to reach a couple of the doglegs. I hit some good drives from the blues and I didn't get the angle right and had to pitch up before my approach. I do like that course. The greens were in nice shape and reasonably quick. Played 18 midday in 3 hours and 34 minutes. Good course that I wish was a little bit closer.
  2. The greens at Lyon Oaks are in very good shape and the quickest I've seen them this year.
  3. No love for the U of M MacKenzie? My favorite Detroit metro course.
  4. Thanks for the course reports guys. I just bought two passes as it sounds like it worth playing. The guys that designed that (Conroy-Dewling I believe) only did three courses and I really like two of them. I used to play Mystic all the time, but then something happened out there and they just didn't keep it to the original high standard. It is a very fun course, but Lakes is my least favorite...although I do dig hitting from that hilltop over the lake.
  5. I could set up a round at Lyon Oaks at 12:50 because they have an outing in the morning. Room for you and two more. And, you get my employee rate to boot.
  6. Has anyone played Mystic Creek this year? I played it back in 2017 and it was poorly managed and the course was in fairly rough shape in places. I've got a buddy that wants to play it, but I don't want to book it until someone gives me the low-down on conditions.
  7. Northville Hills is in very nice condition. Quick greens that are rolling very true. It had been a few years since I had played it, but now I remember how good a course it is.
  8. My friend just bought a new Bushnell and it failed in the first two weeks and had to be replaced. I taunted him with my 21 year old Compact Pro 600. And you know what happened next...the unit failed two days later after 21 years of service. Karma on me. Well, I took it apart and repaired it. Took me three attempts, but it appears that 21 years will not be the end of service for the beast! Inside a very tiny two way mirror has become dislodged. Now we mix up a two part epoxy and reposition the mirror. Took 3 tear-downs to get it working again, but still the best $239 bucks I ever spent o
  9. I'm a big fan of Blackheath too, but I wish they would get some active rangers. We played today at 11 and it was a 4 hour and 44 minute round.
  10. The greens are so slow right now on several courses I'm playing. I was told they are letting them grow a bit to help with the heat. Saw something today I've never seen before. A guy on the 18th tee hits his drive and is looking in the air for his ball. It was behind him. Never seen anyone actually hit a ball behind themselves, but this guy (against all known laws of physics) accomplished it. He was quite embarrassed when his playing partners pointed to it, 10 yards behind the tee box. And no, I do not know how he did it. But I was rather amazed by the whole thing.
  11. I use Birdiebug and Teeoff.com. Birdiebug is having real problems. This booking was just a freak and was with Teeoff.com. What happened was they cut the rate for a last minute golfer to 16 bucks. Then the 15% off coupon worked. And because it was at 12:01 I was able to combine those (mostly useless) 10 off reward codes. Just a pure freak that all those things lined up and I was able to make it to the course in an hour.
  12. Just set a new personal record for the lowest cost ever paid for 18 holes with a cart. Using last minute booking, the new discount code, and the multi-booking reward (which you can stack), I'm playing 18 today at one of my favorite courses (Blackheath) for $2.80. Hilarious. Of course I do have to drive through Rochester, which is filled with zombies, idiot drivers, horrible roads, and pedestrians. It's just like Ohio, but fortunately much smaller.
  13. Heads up. The last Group Golfer coupon for the year for Lyon Oaks is offered today. https://www.groupgolfer.com/deals.php?id=1015046&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=lyon-oaks-mi-1015046&utm_content=baseline
  14. I feel for you man. I'm not sure I could put up with that grind on a daily basis. Appreciate the invite, but I believe I'm rangering that day. Boulder Pointe is such a fun course. I love the Bluffs the best. A good course for an outing.
  15. I am basically in agreement with your opinion. There are a several holes that seems to be really punitive (the par 3 third...especially for a guy that plays a draw and has no ability to fade it into the hill/green). The par 5 with the big pond is certainly not my favorite design, plus that green is just brutal. But, many of the holes are very playable...it's just those four or five that make big ugly marks on the card...sometimes when you think you deserve a little something better, you know, for the effort! I have certainly learned my lesson on the approach to the green on 10. Yikes, that
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